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Related post: Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:57:59 -0800 (PST) From: slpwriter Subject: children fuck Nick Lachey: My Everything-6First of all, let me children gallery porno just say that this is my first time writing any kind of fiction like this.Disclaimer:This is totally fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities of Nick children porn movis and Drew Lachey or anyone else mentioned in this story. Nick is currently dating Jessica Simpson and his brother Drew is married. If you are too young to read this or if homesexuality offends you, then please do not continue any further and leave.Enjoy.I woke up Sunday Morning, feeling very content and ready to face the day, not to mention my gorgeous boyfriend. I rolled over to face Nick. He wasn't there. I immediately sat up, wondering where he could have gone. Then ukraine children nude I remembered the events of last night and that I told him I loved him. I felt my heart sink when I realized that I might have blown it and child porno ftp scared him off. I got up out of bed, and went into the bathroom to do my business and to brush my teeth to rid myself of my terrible morning breath. I finished up and then hopped in the shower to wash off the chlorine smell from the Jacuzzi last night. As I washed up, my mind kept wandering back to Nick, hoping that I haven't lost him for good. I finished with my shower and dried off. I walked out to the bedroom to get changed into some clean clothes for the day. As I was pulling on my last item of clothing which was chile big tits my shirt, the door opened and Nick came in. As soon as he saw me, he smiled."Hi." He greeted me. I smiled back at him."Hey yourself", I said back, Can I have a hug now?" I asked."Sure, Nick said. He walked over to me and pulled me to him. I held onto him for dear life, as I started to cry. Nick pulled back to look at me, worry evident in his crystal blue eyes."What's wrong, Sean? Why are you crying?" he asked, as he gently rubbed my back to comfort me. I sniffed and looked up at him."Because when I woke up and saw that you were gone, I thought I had screwed up and scared you away after I told you I loved you last night. I'm sorry if you weren't ready for it, but I can't lie and say that I didn't mean it. I know it hasn't been that long since we met, but I already sex childs foto feel like I've known you for years and I can honestly say I do cum free child love you. I'm in love with you, Nick Lachey." I said as I cried into his chest. Nick put his hand under my chin and lifted my face, forcing me to look at him. What I saw there surprised me, Nick had tears in his eyes, but he was smiling, so that had to mean he wasn't angry. Nick wiped my child erotic foto face erotic child video and pulled me in for a kiss.After we kissed for a few seconds, he looked at me, smiling."Sean, you didn't scare me way, I promised I'd never hurt you again and I meant that. Nick said, softly. "It did surprise me though. It also made me realize something.""What's that?" I asked nervously, afraid that he was going to tell me that japanese child gallery it was over. I have a tendency to get paranoid sometimes."That I feel the same way about you." He finished. I love you too, Sean Perry."I grabbed him and hugged him tight, he held me like he would never let me go. I wasn't complaining since I felt the same way. Then a thought occurred to me."Nick? Why didn't you tell me you loved child underwear pics me last night, after I said that I loved you?" I asked as we released each other from the hug. Nick put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed gently, free samples childporno feeling how tense I had gotten."Well when I did, you didn't answer me back, which meant that you had fallen asleep and I didn't want to wake you up just to tell you that." He explained. "You look so peaceful and cute like that and I just couldn't do it. So I decided to wait and tell you today." Man I'm sorry I worried you. Now you're all tense from it." He child moodels said as he massaged my shoulders a little harder, trying to work out the knots in them."Here, take your shirt off and let me give you a massage." he offered. Not one to object, I incest with child pulled my shirt off and lied down on the bed, face down. He straddled me and sat down on my butt as he worked his strong, yet gentle hands on my shoulders and down my back, massaging all the muscles there. I groaned contently, as I let his hands work on my back, and let my eyes close. This felt wonderful!As childrens fucking free Nick's hands glided back up my back, I wondered when the guys would be leaving to go to their next show. As soon as that thought ran through my head, I felt sadness take over. I decided to ask him."Nick?""What, sexy?""When do you guys leave to go to your next concert?" I asked. I heard Nick sigh and knew this would not be good. I felt him get up off of me, and I turned over to litle child porn face him."Tommorrow." he said sadly. I gasped."That soon? I whined, sitting up, as I felt like crying again. "What am I gonna do without you?" I feel like I'm losing you already." I sighed. Nick sat down beside me and put his arms around me."I wish porn for children I didn't have to go, but I do." He said, sadly, then all of a sudden his face lit up."Hey!, maybe you could come with us. he said, excitedly. I was shocked. Me go with the guys on tour? No, I couldn't do that. As much as I wanted to go, I had a great job as a production assistant that I loved and I couldn't just leave that to go or tour. What would I do? I'd be bored not having something to do."Nick, I started. I appreciate the pornchild porno offer and I would love nothing more child rompl galleries than kinder porn child to come with you." But I can't just drop everything and leave. I have a great job that I love and I can't give that up. Besides, what would I do on tour anyway? I'll get bored, I'd just be tagging children nud porn along for the moment."Nick's face fell. small child fuck "Well hymen child foto you would get to be with me everyday and everynight. Are you trying to say that you would get bored with me? he said, with a japan child grils mixture of hurt and childen sex pic disappointment on his face."Nick, I soothed him, I would never be bored with you. I'm talking about when you guys are at work or at rehearsal as well as the recording studios recording your songs. I would just be at the hotel all day with nothing to do and I have to have something to do or I'll go crazy.""Me and the guys could get you a job. working for us." Nick said."And what would I be doing?" I asked, wondering what kind of job I'd be doing."I don't know yet, but I'm sure there will be something for you to do. Let me call management and if they have anything open. If something is open, would you children boy nude agree to come with us? Please? he begged, giving me the puppy dog face, which sent me laughing and I agreed to go with them. Anything to get that look off of his face. Nick cheered and then picked me up and swung me around in circles, making me laugh at his excitement."OK Nick, put me down before you hurt yourself or worse." I laughed. Nick chuckled and put me down."Ok, I'll call now and see if there's anything open. he said.Alright, while you're doing that, I want to go and talk to your brother and see what he thinks. I'll get the other guys and meet you back here. I said."Alright, nudism child pic Nick said, "Don't be long." He naked childs xxx then walked up to me and put his nude children sexo hand asian lesbian child behind my head, pulling me in for a kiss."I love you, He cooed."I love you too, muscles." I said to him. He then picked up the phone to call management, while I headed to Drew's room to talk to him. I came to Drew's door and knocked. Drew answered the door, clad in only a towel and blushed when he saw me standing there. I laughed."Sorry man, Have I caught you at a bad time?" I said, as I checked his body out. Not that it was cheating on Nick, but I just wanted to look. He was very nicely toned and muscular like Nick, but wasn't as large as Nick. He had nicely toned arms nude child videos as well as a firm, muscular chest, along with a set of killer abs. I noticed that he also had a tattoo on his right arm similar to the one I saw on Nick's right arm when we were in the jacuzzi last night. Drew saw me checking him out and decided to embarrass me about it."You like what you see?" Drew giggled. I must have turned children nudist pic a dozen different shades of red. I couldn't say anything, I just smiled. I assumed he was joking, because Drew didn't seem or act gay around me. I thought he might be bi, but I never saw or felt any indication that he was interested in guys."Actually as you can see, I just got out of the shower, but it's alright come in and I'll be right with you as soon as I finish getting dressed. Drew smiled, as he let me in. I sexe child entered and sat down, watching him as he strutted around with that towel around his waist, getting his clothes together. As he bent over to get some underwear out of his luggage, the towel slipped and fell off of his waist, russian children porno showing off his perfectly, toned ass. I whistled, loudly."Shit! Drew exclaimed, as he tried to cover himself up, while blushing profusely. I busted up laughing when I saw his red face and heard him swear, which Drew hardly ever does."Nice ass, man! I said in between my laughter, making Drew blush even more. "Oh shut up!" Drew muttered as he tried to look angry, but poorn child failed miserably and finally ended up laughing along with me. When we had stopped child japanese porn laughing, Drew went in the bathroom to change his clothes and came out a few childs magicnude free minutes later."So, what did you want to see me about? Drew asked. "I'm sure you didn't come over here just to tell me what a nice ass I have, right? He joked. I giggled and then continued."No, Drew I didn't. I was actually coming to see what you thought of me coming on tour ukraine children porno with childporno photoT s you guys." I told him. Drew's face lit up when he heard my suggestion."That would be great! he said, It would be nice to have someone else with us child hentai for a Cartoon children fishing change."I'm only going on one condition. I replied. Drew frowned."And what's that?""I child hood punishments have to have a job." I said to him. I need something to do while you guys are rehearsing or at the recording studio. I"ll get bored just sitting around the hotel doing nothing. incest childfuck That's where you come in. Nick was calling management to see if they have anything lined up for me and I wanted to see if you and the rest of the guys were alright with me coming along for the tour.""Well you know I am, Drew said to me, tiny pussy child and so will the rest of the guys when they hear this. They've really enjoyed getting to know and so have I." he said. nude child thumbs I was so grateful that I met these guys, Even though, it had only been less than a week since I met them, I felt like I'd known them for years."Well I"ll never know until I ask them, I told Drew. "Stay here and let me child porno pictures go get them. I offer. Drew nodded and said he'd wait. I walked out of his room over to the room that Justin and Jeff were sharing and knocked on the pussy child girls door. Jeff came to the door and opened it. He looked a little surprised to see me this early in the morning since child asian xxx he knew that I was not much of a morning person. Justin was sitting on his bed, reading a book."Hey Sean." Jeff greeted me, "Come on in."I entered and Justin looked up from the book when he heard my name. He smiled."What's up, Sean? he asked."Actually, I came over to get you guys. We need to meet in Drew's room to talk about the tour. Would you guys have a problem with me tagging along on the tour? I asked them. Jeff and Justin both looked surprised."No, of course we wouldn't mind." Jeff said. "We'd be honored to have you with us." right Justin? he asked, turning towards Justin. Justin nodded."Ok guys, I commanded. "Get dressed and meet me over in Drew's room.""Alright. Jeff said to me. "We'l
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