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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Dec 2009 14:29:18 +0000 From: A. B. Subject: Keri Doll - For TG/TV or Bisexual/IncestDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. However, any similarities to real people is entirely purposeful as the idea for the story was inspired by a friend. (You know who you are, doll). midwest teen sex show This story involves bisexual incestuous relationships teen porn thumbnail gallery and transgender characters. It contains explicit sex scenes and if you are under age and shouldn't be reading these sorts of stories, then don't._____________________________________________________Part IKeri quickly walked through the airport security check and made his way to the check-in counter in the boarding area. He (or rather "she") could feel butterflies in her stomach. She couldn't wait for the plane to take off so she could get on her way to see her step young teens sex brother George and her girlfriend Sara in London. They'd moved there almost a year ago when Sara's family moved on business and Keri missed them both terribly. It had been Sara who'd first helped the young sissyboy explore his true nature. Her openess and acceptance of Keri allowed the little faggot the courage to dress up as a girl and be the woman he knew he was deep down inside. Sara had helped him hide clothes and let him change into a skirt or dress and fix his hair and make-up before school so that no one realized that she was anything other than a cute little teen girl.From those early beginings, Keri had learned and experienced so much. She and Sara had gone shopping for clothes together and even went on an all-girls cheerleader school trip together. No one but Sara knew that the pretty, flirty dirty blond girl hid some extra special parts erotic teen sex stories between her legs. They'd had such fun together on that trip rooming together. Trying on each other's clothes at night in the hotel room and giggling and laughing and doing each other's hair and make up until they began snuggling and kissing and rubbing each other until they were both naked and rolling around on the bed sucking and fucking all night. But Keri knew it was more like two lesbians making love than a boyfriend and girlfriend and she knew that as much as Sara loved her, Sara really needed a real man to fuck her pussy. That's why, when George offered to go to London with Sara as her boyfriend, Keri knew she had to let him go. For Sara's sake. So she could experience being loved and sample teen porn free fucked by a real man. but it had still been hard to see him go. George had beent he first of Keri's step brothers that she'd come out to and he'd been so supportive and helpful, telling Keri she was beautiful and sexy, that Keri couldn't bear the thought of him leaving. Even though Keri seemed fun and outgoing, there was still a side of her, japanese teen porn archive as with most white teen porn ass young teen black porn girls her black free teen porn age, that was shy and lacking in self esteem. Try as she might, there was still a side of her that saw herself as that gawky, skinny, sissy boy whom other kids made fun of. But as a girl, she was beautiful and teen movie sex sexy and adorable in her lime green crop top sleeveless blouse and teen nude model light flower print flip skirt that only came to about mid-thigh. Her four inch high "fuck me" pumps were hurting her feet but she bore the discomfort with a smile knowing she'd be able to rest her feet on the long flight and knowing that she was dressed this way for George.Keri was so excited at the korea teen porn nude prospect of seeing Sara and George she was almost bouncing with joy. When Sara had left, taking George with her, Keri was depressed. Thank god for her other two step brothers, little Johnny and her older brother Jacob, who were there to console her. Johnny and Jacob pretty teen porn tabo much knew about Keri's....situation....since the sissy boy was so effeminate at times, but when she'd finally come out to them after Sara had left they were happy she'd finally told them and were thrilled to have a new "little sister". As Keri sat in the boarding area next teen white porn to a goodlooking older gentleman of about 45 dressed in a business suit, she reflected on those early days last year after Sara and George were gone.That first night, crying in Jacob's arms as they lay together on the sofa, Keri shook her head now wondering why she'd been so scared to tell her big brother everything. He'd always been there for her. Protecting her. petite teen interracial porn Sticking up for her. Letting her live with him and Johnny and basically supporting her. And that night, as she snuggled up close to him...feeling so safe and warm and protected in his big strong mechanic's arms...she couldn't help but thank him in that special way that only girls can....Keri looked up into her big brother's loving eyes. His strong masculine face staring down 89 teen porn at her with a sweet lopsided grin. She could see the very noticable bulge growing in his pants and she involuntarily reached for it. Caressing it outside Jacob's jeans. Jacob made a half hearted attempt to resist until Keri looked at him pleadingly and whispered, "Please...let me love you...." Realizing that this was what Keri deep throat teen porn wanted, Jacob stoppped trying to push her hand away and watched as if outside his body as tiny teens sex the young teen sissy unzipped his fly and reached in. Her hand was cool on his hot turgid cock as she reached into his boxer briefs and grasped the shaft. He gasped as he felt her touch...pulling him out of his pants and unbuttoning the top. Jacob lifted his hips to make it easier for the little faggot to pull teen pussy his pants down and as soon as they were pooled around his ankles he felt Keri's mouth on his stories from gay teens hard 8" prick. Keri kissed her way up and down the shaft, loving the feel of a big hard man cock on her lips. Her hot breath sent shivers down Jacob's back and made the hair on his arms stand up. Keri giggled as Jacob gasped and she planted little butterfly kisses all over his cock and balls. Licking her way up the shaft to the soft pink mushroom head she flicked the tip of her tongue across Jackob's piss slit and tasted her big teen porn angels brother's precum as it oozed a dropplet out. Unable to control herself any longer, Keri opened her mouth wide and sawllowed Jacob's hard fuckstick till she felt it hit the back of her throat. She controlled her gag reflex by swallowing over free black teen porn and over as she began to suckle her big brother's tool. Feeling his pubic hair tickling her nose as she swallowed him deep teen titians porn and inhaling his masculine musky scent as his cock slid out till only the head remained in her slutty mouth. Caressing the pink mushroom cap with her tongue she swallowed him deep again and began to bob her head up and down on his gorgeous cock faster and faster."Oh shit Keri," Jacob said, "Oh shit....oh my god....that feels so fucking good. I can't believe it. You're amazing. No other girl has ever sucked my cock like you are." Jacob closed his eyes relishing the feel of teen bikinis porn Keri's throat muscles as the worked his shaft and her hot slippery tongue as it swirled around the head sucking him. Loving him with her mouth. Her slutty cunt of a mouth. very young teen porn Jacob couldn't hlep but thrust his hips upward in time with Keri's cocksucking. He fucked her face harder, and and out...up and down Keri worked his tool, gripping the shaft in her had as her ead came up and stroking him. She reached down and rubbed his tight wrinkled ball sack with the palm of her hand. Gently squeezing his balls as he fucked her mouth. "Shit you're gonna mke me c-cuuuuuummmmmmmmm..." And just that fast, Jacob was shooting a load of thick, salty, hot spunk into Keri's mouth and throat. the young porn teen young cocksucker swallowed as much of his babyjuice as she could but some still leaked out of the corner of her mouth and dripped down her chin. Keri continued to suck Jacob's cock as he emptied his balls nude teens having sex into her. She squeezed his sack firmly but gently and slid a finger below it and porn blond teen into the crack of Jacob's ass. Jacob gasped again and let big cock teen porn fly with another spurt of creamy cum.His balls finally emptied, Jacob's head fall back against the sofa and his body relaxed. Once his cock had soften in her mouth, Keri released it and looked up at her big brother. A drop of cum dripped down form her chin and onto her blouse and she smiled. Jacob looked down at her and smiled too and then shocked the sissy boi by leaning down and kissing her full on the lips. His tongue slid into her mouth and tasted his own spunk and he hungrily sucked Keri's tongue into his mouth and licked the drop of cream from her chin. Their lips pressed hard together, they urgently kissed and sucked each other's tongues and Keri knew she was loved...really a woman. but she ached for something more and Jacob knew what it was. He stood up and kicked away his pants and underwear and then reached lesbian teens lick down and lifted Keri in his arms as though she weighed no more than a child. Keri wrapped her arms around his neck and looked questioningly into his eyes. Jacob smiled....oh Keri could just melt in that smile....and began to carry her to his bedroom."Keri doll," he said softly, "tonight I'm going to make you a woman..." Part II"Flight 1441 for London Heathrow is now free porn teen pic boarding" a voice teen porn movies clips said over the loudspeaker. Keri shook herself out of her reverie and stood india porn teen with her carryon bag and got in line. Her face blushed with the remenants of her memory of that first night with her big brother Jacob as he carried her into his bed and made love to her as a woman. She discreetly reached under her miniskirt and pushed her semi-hard little cockette further back and up between her asscheeks since the teen ass galleries memories of that night were begining to arouse her. The little sissy boy tried, instead, to focus on boarding the plane.Keri smiled at the clearly effeminate flight attendant as she handed him her boarding pass and made her way down the jetway. Finding her seat towards the read of teen porn in beac the hot greek teen porn plane, Keri settled down in the middle of the three seats of the middle section and took out the magazine from the seat back and aimlessly flipped through it. Finally, the flight attendants closed the doors and began their latina teen porn free pre-flight duties. Keri looked around and was pleasantly surprised to find the plane grandpa fucking teen porn only half full. One benefit to the weak economy, she thought. The well dressed businessman she'd sat next to in the boarding area young european teen porn sat in the same row as Keri but on the other side of the isle to her black teen girl porn right. He had striking blond hair that was shading to silver and had bright blue eyes. Across the other isle to her left there was no one and no one granny vs teen porn sat behind them either and the closest person was two rows ahead in the middle row of seats. Keri noticed the businessman checking her out and she smiled at him. She noticed the wedding ring on his finger and thought to herself "Too bad, he's kinda cute."Soon enough, the plane taxied downt he runway and soared into the air. As Keri watched the monitor above her begin to play some romantic comedy, she felt herself drifting off and was soon sound asleep. As the little sissy dreamed, safe free teen porn she found herself again in the arms of her big brother. In her dream she was porn sex teen a real girl with a pussy and big tits and her brother was fucking her, not in his bed as they had that wonderful night, but rather outside in a field of wildflowers. They rolled around until Keri was on top riding Jacob's cock and feeling it deep inside her. Keri could feel her tits bounce up and down as she rode her brother's big cock. She could feel the weight of her tits and relished the feeling of his prick sliding in and out of her cunt - so different from the feeling of being fucked in her asspussy. Suddenly, Keri realized the setting of the dream had changed. They were no longer in a field but were now fucking in their middle of the airport boarding area. Keri was on virgin teen porn
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