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Related post: Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 21:28:10 -0500 From: frank Subject: Karen Goes Out"What time is Fred coming over with his friends?" Karen asked, as she laid naked on her back, next to me on the bed.It was Sunday morning, about 9. Karen and I had gotten up and had a quick, early breakfast together and after talking dirty to each other at the breakfast table, we went right back to bed and fucked, sucked and licked each world preteens models other all over for nearly 2 hours. Karen was going out with Fred's wife Julie later, while Fred and some of friends came over here to watch football with dead naked preteen me this afternoon, and Karen wanted to know when they were coming."Around noon, I think." I told her."I'm meeting Julie at ten, if you want I'll call her and tell her I'll be a little late, that way I'll be able to get to the supermarket and make something for you men to eat." Karen said to me. "How many will be here?""Fred's bringing 3 of his friends over, so there'll 5 of us. But you don't have to bother." I told her.My tone of voice told Karen that I appreciated her thinking of us, but it wasn't necessary for her to go out of her way."I don't mind." Karen said, in a sincere voice."I know you don't! But it isn't necessary." I said to her, sweetly."Are you sure?" she asked, again letting me know she didn't mind by the way she asked."Your'e sweet dear! Go and have a nice day with Julie, I'll take good care of the men!" I told her, turning and giving her a kiss on her cheek to let her know I knew she meant it and it was sweet of her, but not necessary."I suppose you know what the men want more than me." Karen conceded."I suppose I do!" I agreed.I laid on my side looking at Karen's face for a moment, then moved my eyes down along her neck nubile preteen model to her used panties preteen tits, that although were very big, stood preteen bbs forums nicely on her preteen age sex chest. Karen has a great body, I said to myself as I looked at them, and nice, big tits! Big, the word stuck in my mind as I stared at Karen's tits. Fred's big too, I then thought. I pictured Fred's cock in my preteen erotic girl mind, so big, so black and I thought about how it looked coming at me just youngpornpreteen youngest as I was about to put it preteen gay gallaries in my mouth! Then I focused on Karen's tits in front of me. Karen didn't know that I'd been sucking Fred's sex thai preteen cock in our basement for the past 2 months and that most sexy preteen 14 of the underaged preteens girls time she was upstairs when I did it! That thought excited me! I have such a beautiful, sexy wife next to me, who I sincerely love, I indian preteens said to myself, why would I ever suck Fred's cock! It turns me on, I thought, answering my own question immediately, and I like Fred's big, black cock cumming in my mouth! What if Karen found out that I was sucking Fred's cock, I jokingly wondered to myself, if anyone could understand it would be her! Karen loved to suck cock herself, she'd admitted it to me years ago! I'd be like her, that's all!"Have turkish preteen galleries you met Fred's friends?" Karen asked, snapping me out of my preteens xxx pics trance."No, I haven't!" I told her."Do men feel nervous about meeting other men they don't know?" Karen curiously asked."What do you mean?" I said, unsure of what she meant."Well, you know Fred, but preteen clits pic he's bringing 3 men you've never met. Maybe you wonder if you'll like them, or what you're going to do all day with 3 strangers." Karen explained.I paused as if I had to give her question some thought."Let me see!" I said.I knew exactly what I was going to do all day with Fred and his 3 friends, his 3 black friends! I was going nude sex preteens to suck their preteen in sex cocks, all 4 of them! I'd never sucked more than one guy at a time, but Fred convinced me that I'd love it, that after today I'd never want to suck just one guy again! sweet maggie preteen At first I wasn't sure if I should do it, but when Fred mentioned that his 3 friends had cocks a little bigger than his, I gave in!"I see what your'e saying. Men don't think about that, I know I don't." I said to her."You don't?" Karen looked at me and said inquisitively."No, not at all! Besides, I'm used to meeting strangers at work! I guarantee you that in less than 15 minitues I'll have them feeling so comfortable that they'll wish we'd all met a long time ago! I know what men like!" I told tiny panties preteens her."I was just wondering about that." Karen said."Fred and his 3 friends are coming over for a good time! I know that! It's my house, they're my guests, I know how to make everyone feel welcome and I'm not nervous about anything, especially what I should do, or say! I know what to do with the 4 of them, and believe me Karen when preteen nudists stories I nude preteen videos say I'm not in the least worried about doing it to them!" I preteen underwear pussy told her.I was going on like this because I was having fun! Here's horny xxx preteens Karen wondering if I'm nervous about meeting new men, when the only reason they're all coming here is so I can suck their cocks! I couldn't help talking like this.Karen rolled off the bed and stood up."Well, do whatever you want to them, just make sure they're not too drunk to drive home!" Karen said to me, as she walked past the foot of the bed and looked at me.As soon as she said, to them, I preteen ukraine naked realized I had unintentionally ended my last sentence with to them. I should have ended it when I said I wasn't worried about doing preteen illigal porn it, not doing it to them! But what was I worried about? Karen didn't know what I was really talking about and it was just a figure of speech anyway.Karen went into the bathroom and amsterdam underground preteen got in the shower, I went downstairs for some more coffee and settled down at the kitchen table. I looked at the clock, it was 9:15. Less than 3 hours, preteen pics videos I thought. ameture preteen porn If I was right about it taking 15 minitues to make Fred and his 3 friends comfortable, it meant that in exactly 3 hours Fred and his friends would be with me downstairs, all 4 of them live preteens webcam naked and I'd be sucking on one of their cocks! I wondered what it preteen models magazine would be like!Fred's wife Julie had called and told Karen she had to leave the house for an hour or so, and asked Karen if she would mind coming over at 11 instead of ten. It was now 5 minitues to eleven and Karen came down to the basement to tell me she was leaving."You guys have a good time!" Karen said to me, as she gave me a kiss."We'll try dear." I graciously said."I think they're here now!" Karen suddenly said to me. "Yes, it's Fred!"I looked at the rear sliding glass doors and sure enough, Fred was standing outside the door with his 3 friends behind him."I'll let them in." wild preteen modles Karen said.Karen went to the door and Fred introduced his friends to her as they came in."Julie's waiting!" Fred told Karen, nicely of course."I'm leaving! Don't worry!" Karen laughed and said, then walking through the door and closing it."Tim loves to suck black cock!" Fred said to his friends, suddenly surprising me when he came out and said it like that.Karen was still at the preteen model pantyhose door when he'd said it, Fred wasn't wasting a second! Fred's 3 friends immediately began taking off their clothes, seeming not to care whether Karen had left or not! In fact I could still see her walking little preteens nymphet away when they started pulling their pants down. By the time Karen opened her car door the 3 preteen modles porn of them were already naked!"Get on your knees Tim and suck some black cock!" Fred calmy and so politely said to me.Fred just hott preteens came out and told his friends I liked sucking black cock, even before introducing us, and it caught me by surprise! Actually it shocked me! Then they started stripping and preteen young nudist shock turned to fear, fear of Karen suddenly remembering something preteen pornography she'd forgotten and coming right back! But then I looked down preteen seduction pics at thier cocks! Three naked black men preteen movies pics in front of me, waiting for me to get on my knees so they can put their cocks in my pussys preteen mouth, I suddenly thought. I'd sucked Fred's cock 30 or so times in the last 2 months, right in the same place sometimes, and with Karen upstairs, I started thinking. Karen's right outside now and I'm in here with them! Whatever fear I had dissappeared, I was so turned on now!I heard Karen's car door open and it did something to me. I lunged foward and fell to my knees at their feet, kneeling in front underwear underage preteen of the one standing in the middle, so that one would be on either side of me. I didn't get a good look at preteen videos free the two guy's cocks at my sides, but Fred certainly was right about the size of this guy's cock in front of me, it was huge! I opened my mouth, lowered my face under his cock, then lifted my head as I reached for the two cocks with my hands, and did it prety preteen as fast as I could! Just as I felt his cock fill my mouth the sound of Karen's car door closing reached me. The engine started, then the car backed out of the driveway, all the while I was sucking on the cock in my mouth and jerking on the two cocks in my hands!It excited preteen toplrss models me to suck cock with my wife close by. I didn't think doing that was weird, or crazy, it just turned me on to do it! Sucking a guy's cock was just a turn on to me, nothing more! I still loved my wife, and wouldn't think of leaving her for a cock! I understood that, so if it turned me on, why not do it! Once I realized that it was easy, and so much fun!"This is Carl, Stan and George." Fred said, sluty young preteens introducing his friends to me, once Karen's car lesbian preteen pics had preteens 17 gone and I'd stood up."Glad to meet you!" I said, smiling at them and feeling amused at thinking how politely I said that, even though I'd already sucked one of their cocks.I looked down at their cocks now, taking my time to get a good look at them and compare the three. There was hardly a difference in size! It was hard to believe that their cocks were as big as Fred's, I thought Fred was a rare exception, preteens bbs chat but right there in front of me were 3 just as big, or maybe bigger! The only real difference was that 2 were uncut, the other cut like Fred's."You 3 sit on the couch so Tim can enjoy beautiful preteen boys himself. I'll join you in just a minitue." Fred preteen kid panties model preteen panty pre teen sucks said to the 3 of them.They began to sit on the couch, but I stopped them."Do you sweet black preteen mind if George sits in the middle?" I politely asked them."My preteen ecstazy cock is as big as George's!" Stan exclaimed. "What you got against sucking on my cock?""Nothing! I can't wait to suck on your cock! It's just that I've never had an uncut cock in my mouth before." I explained."Mine's uncut!" Carl said."Yes it nude magazine preteen is! But George's is just a little bigger!" I smiled and said.I got my way and George sat in the middle of the 3. I knelt on the floor between George's legs, then reached out and grabbed both of the other's cocks!My hands closed around the bottom of the two black men's cocks and I looked from side to side at them, looking in amazement at their size and how so much of their cocks ran up above my fists, bending in an arc up over their bodies! My grip tightened as my hands moved along the length of their long shafts and the sight excited me. My eyes moved to George's prete
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