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Related post: Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 20:01:56 -0800 (PST) From: Kent's Friend candid nude teen porn Subject: Kent 14Kent 14 - Morning with BrianMarcus' bedroom windows opened to the east. black teen riding porn From what I knew of him, I should have expected the drapes to be open. He paused in front of the window every morning, I imagined, selecting the day's clothes and admiring himself. free painful teen porn Maybe someone else would see him there by the window. boys teen porn He would regard it as his right to treat himself to an audience.Darkness faded into a cloudy dawn, reminding me that I hadn't slept very much. Brian was nothing short of athletic in his sleep. Aaron was a pillow thief, content only if his head was teen porn nude sex resting on my pillow. We came easily to an accommodation, but being in the middle required constant attention. Something worth noting could xxxx teen porn happen at any time. I recalled a long drive I once made through a part of the state to which I homemade amateur teen porn had no reason to return. Although there was nothing new to see, I felt like I had to free teen indian porn notice everything since I might never be back. The same forced low level of alertness had burned in me all night.Being up at early hours was nothing new for me. The hour before dawn often found me awake. I would listen to the birds, watch the light change, and from about age thirteen onwards, use this most private time of day to beat off. After packing the soaked wad of tissues into my briefs, I'd fall into the best sleep of the night. The sweet tiredness that followed a precisely orchestrated ejaculation would carry me in sleep until some hated device would demand that I wake up.Today the alarm was much more agreeable. Aaron flipped onto his back, eyes wide as they scanned the unfamiliar room. As he rolled his gaze onto me, his smile quickly took shape."Thank you." Aaron's first words were barely above a whisper. "I almost turned around for home on the porch last night. I came in just to see what would happen this time.""Go on." I propped hot teen porn pics my head up with one arm, giving myself a better russian sex teen look at his face. His skin was the vibrant hue of someone who gets more than his share of fresh air and physical activity. His brown eyes, framed in lashes that would sink the cosmetics business if they were more common, continued to search the room."Ryan got it last time. He guessed wrong and spent his evening bending over for Jim. I guess you know him?""Yes. Sure do.""Jim's a decent guy, but I was watching Ryan while Jim had him on the sofa. He wasn't looking too happy about it, probably because Doug was there to watch.""They're nude ebony teens together?""They act like it, but they aren't really. They are teammates and the best of friends, and protective of each other, but they each see other guys. I think Ryan just didn't like getting reamed in front of Doug. Lucky for him, Jim didn't keep him going all night.""Yes, the tale of Aaron and Deke. Fill me in.""Geez, sounds like you already gay teen boy videos know! Did Kent tell you?""Not a word of it. I just watched how the two of you interacted last night. That puzzle was gay teen male easy to figure out."Aaron fell silent for a minute and stole a glance at Brian, who was still sleeping soundly. thong teen porn young teen homemade porn I used the interruption free teen lesbian videos to slide my head off my teen video xxx own hand and onto Aaron's chest. I cast the corner of französische teen porn sheet, which still covered him aside, leaving him naked before me. His cock was at rest, but the exposure caused him to take an abnormal breath."Okay. You know the story so it can't hurt to give you the details. Deke and his buddies probably tell black pree teen porn it to everyone they meet anyway." Aaron pursed his lips briefly before continuing. hot lesbian teen sex "My turn, my initiation, was two times back. Same rules, only Ryan and you were not there. Otherwise it was the same party. I truly had no idea who Marcus made me blow, but I thought it was Deke. It was a mouthful, and Deke has got that. So do Brad and Tony, it turns out.""Did you notice how the three of them worked together last night? I bet they did the same for you.""Oh yeah, young teen lesbain porn they did all right. When I fingered Deke, the three of them went totally nuts. I'd been turned on by the game, and honestly liked the idea." Aaron paused to swallow, but his voice didn't fully recover before he continued.. "I even little nude teens liked the idea of getting fucked in teen pussy thumbnails front of the other jocks. Deke was great fantasy material for that. He has this intense sexiness to him, even if he is an arrogant jerk.""That's a big part of free teen cum blowjobs it. But go on.""Deke came over and undid my belt, then forced my pants and boxers down. I was still really hard, and kept it reality teen porn pics up until my shirt was porn girl japanese teen off over my head but still tangled around my arms. Then I started to get kinda scared."Aaron's breathing had become shallower. His voice came from higher in teen undies candid porn his throat."When they put me down on the floor, I thought I would just take it and enjoy it. I like being on new teen porn pics the bottom, but I hadn't ever gotten it like that. Deke just plowed it into me and kept piston ramming me for what seemed like an hour. Most of the other guys stayed around to watch free teen porn moves it get started, but sooner or later they all left me there. Even Marcus left. It was just me and those three."Another swallow made him pause. He remained motionless as he continued to detail the events."When he finally took a break, he let Tony take a turn. By that time, they had taken away my shirt and Brad came around teen dirtbag porn in front of barely leagal teen porn me."Brian stirred at this moment, making Aaron pause. I recognized teen modle nude art the slight twitch in my crotch. I might have felt guilty in taking pleasure at Aaron's admissions, except that they were so close to my own fantasy big titis teen porn about the same men. This was like hearing my own wild invention related by someone else, complete with the details of apprehension. amateur teen lesbian sex My dick was undeniably interested."When Tony backed off, Brad hung his cock in teen virgen pussy porn front of me. He kept telling me how I had been there nude teens galleries already that night, which kinda turned me on. I'd done something for all three of them. I was stated serving him, bringing Brad closer and closer to losing his load, until Deke demanded that I stop. Next thing I know, Brad was teen amatuer porn pics up my ass, happily emptying his balls inside me."I rubbed my hand over his chest. He kept looking forward, to the ceiling."Tony went next. By this teen threesome porn time they weren't causing me any more pain, in fact redhead teen strawberry porn it was almost boring for me compared to earlier that night. He pounded away pretty fast, and then collapsed onto me moaning and grunting. Then he just stayed there, like he was going to take a nap. By the time he got off me, I true teen porn thumbs was wet with his sweat."Aaron paused. The nervous highness in his voice had abated and he continued with his story. "Then Deke returned. He made me get up and go into the bedroom. He put on some sort of strap thing that wrapped around his cock and balls. It teen slut stories looked like it could be kinda uncomfortable, but porn german gay teen free teen angel porn he seemed teen porn brutal rape to like having it on himself. "I shifted in the bed to accommodate my own equipment. teen butt fucked series Aaron didn't need to know, but I was enjoying his story."He drunken teen porn taboo built this pile of pillows on top of some sort of soft back rest thing that Deke has. When he motioned to it, I teen readhead porn just climbed over it all and lay down with my ass in the air. teen porn dreier He moved me xxx lesbian teen porn around a bit, and started out by driving himself almost vertically up and down into me. The other two came in to watch, and he thanked them for opening me up and lubricating me with their cum. Deke seemed to really get off on sharing me, and on being where his buddies had been."Aaron looked babes teen porn at me, teen and old porn and I felt compelled to respond. "I would have expected it to be the other way around," I said. It was all I could come up with. I was still working on the image of Deke's immense meat in a cock ring, quite successfully in fact."Then it got even weirder. Brad came over and started pulling at Deke's balls, and then fingering his ass. Tony was twisting his nipples, really hard by the sound of it. All the while he kept pumping in and out of me. It only took a little of that until Deke lost his load, and I had the third load of the evening inside me. While they showered, I slipped out the door. It was already dawn."Without warning, Br1an swung his legs out from under the covers and stood up next to the bed. "That's exactly how I heard it, except you little teen dog porn left out the part about how they made you kiss Deke's ass before he fucked you the second time." Brian was enjoying some morning wood as well."Yeah, I did. I wasn't into that at all," Aaron teen ass fuck replied.Brian had sauntered over to Marcus' dresser, and daddy young teen porn was checking out the assortment of stuff piled on it. teen porn 15 He selected Marcus' cap, tried it on, and inspected himself in the mirror. Brian and I came to the simultaneous conclusion that it free teen porn latin should stay on. teen porn pool I decided to share my good mood with the others, and teen sex girls threw the covers sandra teen porn aside.Brian paused in front of the bedroom window, bathing in the early light. He saw what he wanted right away young latina teen porn in Marcus' closet. As he put on the short-sleeved jersey, slightly teen girl porn lesbian large for him, he turned towards the two of us still in bed. He didn't button it, allowing the tails to hang freely next to his crotch."It's morning, so I don't have to be your boy anymore," Brian announced. "Now which one of you is going to take care of this issue?" Pointing to his erection, he continued. "Looks like you passed on your chance to ream my hole, but that doesn't mean I am going to let you two get out of here so easily." He placed his hands on his hips. teen sex xxx Blood continued to engorge his beautiful rod.I looked over at Aaron and winked, flipping over forced teen sex and sliding halfway amateur interacial teen porn off the end of the bed. After teen home porn video hearing the story, and after watching Brian put on a few select items from Marcus' closet, I was definitely ready for more."Throw some pillows down here," Brian demanded. After stuffing them under me, Brian seemed satisfied with the adjustment. He moved in, forcing my legs wide apart. There would be no foreplay, excepting the previous several hours.Aaron scrutinized my face as Brian forced his way into me. rave teen porn Aware of this, I arched my back slightly upwards and drew in a breath as Brian's dick pushed into me. Softened by recent use, it barely resisted his progress. The fabric of Marcus' shirt brushed against my thighs. I let myself imagine for a moment that it was Marcus behind me, though I quickly returned to the pleasant reality of Brian as he placed his hands on my shoulders."Yeah," I moaned. "Latch onto me and cram it in, Brian." I could see him in the mirro
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