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Related post: My Cousin Jim by Sean M. My Mom was frantic as we ran late. We were fuck young teen heading for the annual "Family Reunion" at my Grandmother's house. I always hated going to hard young porn these stupid things. The old ladies would come up to me and always tell me how much I'd grown into a fine young man. They'd take me in their arms and hug me tight into their huge watermelon size tits. They always smelled of make-up, vitamins and strong eye-watering perfume. Weird combination. We finally made it out the door. Dad and I were anxious to get this ordeal over with. My Dad was behind the wheel and my Mom was talking sitting on the passenger side talking about all of the people she was looking forward to seeing again. It was the same old dreadful ritual. The drive took about an hour and I was already dreading the journey back home after it was over. My dad was smoking his Winston cigarettes and I was in the back seat gasping for air. He youngs porno would never open his window to let some of the stale air out because he said it sucked out the air conditioner. top young incest Our family reunions were always held the last weekend of July and it was always the hottest day of the year. My mom would make me wear my Sunday clothes (and I didn't even go to church). So here I was...dressed in youngest girl sexy a button down white shirt, tie, and dress pants. I hated to wear these. I would have settled for wearing shorts young boobs and a teeshirt. But as my Mom would say, "You need to look nice for your relatives". Of course I always say, "Well they don't young teens raped look nice to me". We finally arrived at my cousin Jim's house. His front yard looked like a used car lot. All of the cars were American and most of them had the usual rusts spots that ran down from the fenders and door handles. I tore out of the car in an attempt to quickly get some fresh air. I could tell that my clothes smelled of cigarette smoke as the wind would carry it past my nose. gallery illegal young We made our way up the uneven gravel driveway. My Mom was walking behind me fixing my hair that was, as she'd funckin young moms say, "out of control". We walked into the house. There was immediately a room full of people. We were bombarded by old bitches that "hadn't seen us in years", young japanes sex even though we were at last years reunion and had seen them then. My dad would always go off and stand by himself. Or he'd walk off with one of my uncles and talk about boring shit that only they enjoyed. I would always look for my younger relatives that were somewhat cool and hated reunions as much as I did. This particular summer, I was 15. freepics young girls I was really looking forward to seeing my cousin, Jim. Last year, Jim was 15. I had always thought he was cute and I was anxious to see what one year had done to young teen blowjobs him. I looked around young free pics to see if I could young ass thumbs see him. No sightings yet. I finally ran into his mom. "Is Jim here?", I asked. "He's around here somewhere", She answered. I nervously searched the house for Bellamy young nude him with no luck. I decided to walk outside and continue my search. There was a crowd of kids hanging around the tree swing. I examined the group and failed to see him. I then remembered the old run down barn in the field that he and I used to go play in several years back. I walked through the waist-high grass until I got to the worn structure. The siding had aged over the years. I walked around to the entrance and went inside. There was a pungent smell of fermented grass, along with the smell of smoke. I saw the trail of smoke that seemed to be floating from the far back wall of the barn. I saw two silouettes sitting on a mound of dirt. As I made my way towards them I stepped on a dry piece of wood. The cracking sound travelled throughout the barn, causing them both to turn around. It was Jim and my other cousin, Kevin. Kevin was a year younger than me. The fat young teens last time I saw him, he was a real dork. He was always by his Mother's side and when I'd get near him he'd duck behind her as if he were scared of me. I can remember his Mom talking about his grades and how good they were. He made straight A's and would cry if he made anything less. What I didn't know, was that within the past year, he'd gotten into marijuana and had let his grades younger dolls preeteen drop to C's. He really didn't give a shit what he long as it was passing. So I'm standing there, Kevin and Jim had their heads twisted back looking in my direction. I eased things by saying, "Hey dudes, how's it going?" They nodded their heads back in unison and called me over. Kevin was smoking a cigarette and young kid pussy Jim was attempting to light a joint. The flicker of light from the match lit up his face bringing out the tight muscular cheek bone structure of his face. To my knowledge, Jim didn't work out or nothing. He was just one of those guys that had very little body fat and well toned muscles. He had a short bleached blonde crew cut and dark well pronounced eyebrows. His eyes were hazel green One training young and you could almost see through them like an Alaskan Husky. "How's it hangin' Sean?", Jim said between tokes. youngest japan xxx "Hangin' pretty low, dude", I replied in a way to let them know that what they were doin' was okay with me. "Take a hit", Jim said, extending his hand holding a joint. I walked over and young flasher sat down beside them. I reached out and took the joint from his tight slender fingers. young nudist camps "What's been goin' on?" I asked right before taking a hit off sweet young incest the joint. "Not much...just hangin'"... Jim answered. Kevin grinned with his eyes at half mast. "Yussup, Shawwnnyy". He giggled a little and threw out his arm, wanting to shake my hand. I took young the restless his hand in mine and went through various handshakes. His hands were smooth and his grip was tight. I took a long drag off the joint and inhaled. "Damn, this is some strong shit. What is it...pinestraw?". I said, grabbing my throat. Jim and Kevin laughed hysterically. "No it's called Christmas tree. It's strong shit, so take it easy". russian young illegal Jim's eyes were blood shot and they were looking straight into mine. I couldn't believe how much he'd matured in the past year. I said, "Man, you've grown up". Jim replied, "Got to sometime", followed by a stoned laugh. "So what cha been up to?" I asked. Jim young incest movies leaned back on Kevin's shoulder and sleepily said, "You know, jerkin' off and gettin' laid". Kevin chimed in, "no...shit", still laughing from me getting choked. Kevin was stoned too and was very obvious. "Jerkin' off?", I asked, interested in what he had to say. "Yeah, like every other guy in the world. You know man, every guy young teen nude does it... and if he says he don't...he's lyin'". "I know what ya mean", I agreed as I took another hit off the joint. Jim looked deep into my eyes and seriously asked, "You jerk off alot?" I wasn't sure how to answer. "Ummm, why, do you?", I replied. "Well, I'm not a liar. I sometimes do it five times a day. Hell, sometimes I do it so much, I can't even get it up to fuck my girlfriend. "You got a girlfriend?" I hesitantly asked. "Not really, just girls that I fuck", Jim said looking away."NO?!! , I replied with my eyes as wide as I could get them. "Damn, I figured you'd have shitloads of girlfriends". I quickly realized what I'd said. I was worried he was thinking that I thought he was cute youngest penetrations or something. I wasn't sure how long it took, but I added, "I mean as much as you fuck". I was hoping I'd beat him to a conclusion. Jim is so much cuter than I remembered from last year. He's a mix between Ethan Hawke and illegal pictures young Johnny Galecki. All of their best qualities are evenly rolled into one. Jim was my first cousin. His Mom is my Mom's sister. Kevin on the other hand was my adopted first cousin. His Dad was my Mom's brother. He is a "mixed young sexxy nudist breed". His real Dad was American and his real Mom was Korean. For the most part, he looked American but he had the hair, eyes, and smooth olive complexion of a Korean. hot young studs I thought he was cute too. He looked a hell of a lot better than he did the last time I saw him. He had young russion naturists let his hair grow and was wearing a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers teeshirt and loose fitting jeans. The "GRUNGE LOOK" as it's called russian virgin young today. So we're still standing there talking. Jim keeps bringing up old girl- friends and telling us stories about how he'd fuck 'em and leave 'em. He would go into fine detailed stories about his sex capades with girls in his school. During one of the stories, he was telling us how he and another young gothic lesbians guy held down this girl and fucked her. I noticed Kevin was really getting into this story. He was leaning back on this tire that was fucking young teen sitting over next to us. The very young ls sun was shining down from a hole in the roof and onto his crotch. It was as if young erected boy his dick was in the spotlight. I could see every inch of his hardon through his pants. I could even see it throb when he'd flex it. This immediately gave me an youngest sex stories erection. Kevin's eyes were fixed on Jim's face as he was telling us these graphic tales and my eyes were staring hard at Kevin's crotch. The story went on for quite some time. I was in a trance with Kevin's box. At one point I snapped out of my hypnotic stare, I looked up to see Kevin watching me watch him. young cunt picture Jim was still going on, totally oblivious to our gazing. My eyes wandered back down to Kevin's dick area as he covered it with his hand and began squeezing it. We all were severly toasted. real young hardcore Jim began another story. This one was about a double date he'd gone on with his best friend. I think he said his friend's name was Brad. young porn upload They had gone on a date with these two nymphomaniacs that would fuck anything that moved. Jim kept telling us that the girl he was with kept screaming that his dick was too big and was hurting her. I was getting into his story until I realized he young goth girls was repeating this over and over again. Finally, I looked over at Kevin and said, "You know Kevin, when guys tell people they have a big dick, they usually don't". "Fuck you!!" Jim replied."Fuck you!!" I said, extending my young lola sexe middle finger in his face. young cambodian sluts The pott was really getting us out of control. Kevin was sitting in the same place laughing. He calmed down long enough to say, "Yeah Jim, show us your big dick", and continued to laugh. Jim stood up and whipped his dick out. He held it tightly as if he was trying younger girl sex to cut off the circulation. It had to have been at least eight inches long and as big around as a shovel handle. It was the largest 14 year old dick I'd ever seen in my life."Now, am I a liar?" Jim said proudly. My mouth dropped at the sight of his enormous dick. "Goddamn!" It was the youngest sex galleries only word that came to mind. "Damn right". Jim said shaking his shaft up and down. I shook my head to regain consiousness and said, "How'd blonde young boys you get that thing so big?" "A friend of mine has one of those dick sucker things that enlarges your dick. youngest asians pics Plus beatin' off helps too. And it just young lollita virgin gets bigger and bigger each day". My mind was working. "Hmmmm", I thought myself, "Why would he be playing with a friend's dick enlarger". I smiled. Jim young boys bums saw me smile and said, Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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