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Related post: Episode Eleven Emails are always appreciated. I reply to naked forbidden bbs them dark bbs collection all. If you would like free incest pedo bbs to contact me, you may email me at Please airsoft gun bbs be sure to small boys bbs put "CONTROL and KAOS" in the subject line, or your email will be mistaken for spam. Constructive criticism is fozya alexx bbs always welcomed. CONTROL and KAOS by David Buffet Episode 11 EJ sat in AP Physics trying to amuse himself while Missy Clark asked yet another question to which the answer was obvious. EJ rarely asked questions in class. When he had a question he could usually figure out the answer if he just thought about bbs little kids it. If he couldn't, he'd wait until the evening to call his lab partner, Amelia. She was pretty smart. Together they could figure out pretty much anything. Missy asked questions all the time. She asked questions when EJ knew she already knew the answer. Missy Clark very much enjoyed the sound of her own voice. sandra model vid bbs EJ did not share in this delight. When he bbs nudism gallery wasn't feeling annoyed by her he was feeling embarrassed for her. asian bbs list Mostly, though, it nubiles galls bbs was the former. Missy had no self-control. That was what pissed him off the most. EJ had a lot of self-control. You had to if you were going to manage three AP classes, sports, music, and a social life all at once. That's why he rarely got drunk and only took a couple of hits when a joint was being passed around. EJ didn't like the feeling of being out of control. The teacher patiently answered Missy's question and continued the lecture only to be interrupted once again. EJ caught Amelia's attention and rolled his eyes. She suppressed a grin and turned back to face the board. Being really smart and really good looking meant he rarely had to be out of control. On those occasions when one of those qualities failed to get him what he wanted, the other usually did the trick. There were those teachers, for example, who responded well to bbs escorts a quick mind. There were others who responded just as well to a wife-beater and tight pair of jeans. It didn't bother EJ, so long as they responded to something. They didn't realize he was manipulating them, of course. It had become so natural to do so that sometimes he himself forgot that he was doing it. EJ had bbs forum girl settled the whole Ethics-of-Manipulation question years ago. Most people, he sunn bbs had decided, were followers. They wanted strong people to come along and help them decide things. In return, they'd offer whatever recompense was in their means -- a free lunch, a ride (before he got his truck), a beer, a movie, a good grade. EJ was a leader. He wanted to be the one that helped them, and accepting their gifts was only fair. It made them happy. Like it made people happy when he flirted with them. He flirted with pretty much everyone. It was a kind of public service, he felt. It gave people the impression, even if only fleetingly, that they had a chance, and that gave them a couple of nights of explosive, if solitary, pleasure. And even if not, he liked the attention. There were three kids in ammunition with bbs inside the physics class who stared at him all the time. Two girls and a boy. EJ enjoyed that, too. The pre lol girls bbs boy sat directly behind him. When EJ was feeling generous or bored, he'd lean forward in his seat so that his pants rode down in back. Sometimes he'd scratch nude russian bbs back there just to call attention. Other times, he'd lean back, clasping his xxx passwordz forum bbs hands on his cap. That did really nice things to his shoulders and arms. The boy was always very friendly after such philanthropy. He'd asked EJ out a number ls bbs best pics illegal bbs porn of times. model bbs teens The guy wasn't his type, but EJ always deferred rather than refused. Why crush his dreams? Football was all about bbs board pics control. Control of the self sex oceans bbs and of the opponent. To excel -- and EJ did -- you had to have a sharper focus of attention than bbs ls sex the guy trying to stop you. Football was a mind game. Yes, it was strength and agility and guts. But mostly it was making the guy believe you were going left when you were going right, psyching him out before he ever made contact. That was the fun part. Stronger was helpful -- that was MacReady's strategy. Smarter won the game. Missy asked another question. EJ sighed quietly and started doodling in his notes. The squiggle turned into a caricature of a rabbit. The Rabbit expected him to control things, even in the beginning when he was learning. He had first approached him at a party in January of EJ's sophomore year. EJ was doing his best to look cool despite being one of the youngest guys there when this adorable little strawberry blond walked over to him and handed him a beer. "What's your name, stud?" he had asked. "EJ," he answered, doing his best to smolder and be suave at teensexbbs the same time. "Well, EJ," little lol bbs the Rabbit had said, "drink up. When you're done with the beer, you're going to fuck my brains out." "I am?" EJ asked. "For Christ sake," the Rabbit said, "say it photo art bbs with conviction." "I am!" EJ responded. "There you go, stud. Now bottoms up. Then bottom's up." At the start, for lola bbs kdz the first three or four times, the Rabbit had tgp bbs top to tell him what to do. But EJ was a very fast study, and within a week he was on top to stay, telling the Rabbit what position he wanted him in and trying out ukrainian petite bbs moves that he had devised. Before long, the Rabbit was complaining of an itch whenever they weren't fucking. And as many times as not he'd be able to get him to forget his own name when cumming. He forum bbs young horse kind of liked it when the Rabbit lost bbs elwebbs it completely like that. There were times when EJ would be throwing him a particularly wild fuck and the Rabbit's eyes would glaze over and he'd bbs jp sports tou go all jelly. The Rabbit called it, "hitting the spot." Invariably, seeing the Rabbit respond to him that way would send him right over the edge too. It was a terrific feeling of power being able to do that to someone -- a feeling EJ liked, and wanted back. He hated to admit it, but he really did miss the Rabbit. He missed the "study breaks" when Rabbit hardcore ls bbs would show up at his house unannounced in the evening, go teens art nude bbs up to his room, crawl under his desk and start playing with naked boy bbs his dick while he tried to study chem. japanese schoolgirl bbs Twenty minutes later he'd be gone again, they both a tad more relaxed and able to focus. He missed the after-game parties when they'd all be down the cellar at Pic's house, or up in Topher's room, all paired up, all making out. The Rabbit fit in with the guys really well. They thought he was tiny ass bbs funny. And he had absolutely no shame. To the rest of the team's delight, young girl bbs list he went down on EJ in front of everyone at one of those dimly lit late-night parties. lol porn bbs They were delighted, of course, because it gave them the moral ammunition to be able to expect their dates to do the same. "Fuck, Lise, I don't know why not?! The Rabbit's doing it right over there..." He missed the way he could get the Rabbit hard without touching him, just by a look. Once EJ learned that trick, he started to abuse it, getting the Rabbit to pop a boner in front of his folks or in school, or worst -- bbs magic models vombat when they were fighting. The Rabbit would get pissed and threaten to cut EJ off, but he never did. Seth was on his way to filling the gap the Rabbit had left. At first he was surprised by the little games Seth seemed to play. Then he began to see them as a challenge to his authority. Rather than annoying him, that just made it more interesting. EJ was smarter than the kid. pedo photo bbs Older, smarter, and more experienced. The kid would learn who was in charge, and it would be fun teaching him. But the little games did make it more interesting. EJ doodled the pickup truck. That time he had face-fucked him was completely hot, and to his own surprise, he found himself somewhat shaky when it was over. The fuck was even hotter. And even if the kid hadn't quite begged for it the first time, that would change in quick order. EJ had accepted this about himself in the past few years: people wanted him to fuck them. Lots of people. If it bothered the Rabbit that he fucked other 12year teen pic bbs people, he never let on. "So long as I get that dick whenever I want, bbs nude net what do I care where it bbs gallery portal is in between?" he'd say. The first dalliance came about a month dark lo bbs after EJ and the Rabbit had started hooking up. EJ had begun noticing that all these people were looking at him sexually. At first he thought they bbs rompl pic could tell he had just learned how to fuck and wanted in on the action. Later he figured they had always looked at him that way, but until the Rabbit, he had just never recognized it for what it was. Once he clued into it, though, he found it everywhere. There was the kid at the Taco young teen girls bbs Bell who would always manage to brush his hand while giving him change. There was the girl in the Gap who would smile goofily and be at bbs sex pictures an inexplicable loss little bbs pedo for words whenever he was around. There was the boy in gym who would always shower for exactly the bbs fetish gallery same amount of time as he did. Finally, sitting in the food court at the mall one time with Topher, he determined to act. There was a blond kid wearing a varsity soccer jacket from a neighboring school sitting at the next table who kept looking over at him. Whenever EJ would spy him, the kid would look away, as if he hadn't been staring. EJ tried to make eye contact, but the kid kept pretending. EJ cocked an eyebrow at Topher in a move the latter knew meant, "watch this." "Hey," EJ called across tables. When the blond kid looked over, he caught his eye. "So, you want to fuck, or what?" The kid's pupils went small as his eyes widened. He sputtered out some kind of response neither bbs aaa livedor link EJ nor Topher could decipher. Within an hour, EJ was in his pants. The very next Friday, the team met the kid's school's team on the football field where they pretty much did to their opponents what EJ had just done to the kid. That night, at the after-game party and after a great deal of soul-searching, he told the Rabbit about it. The response shocked him. The bbs pics teen Rabbit just shrugged and asked if the kid was good. EJ adult max info bbs told him that he was, but not as good as cp bbs girls porn the underground bbs galleries Rabbit, which seemed to be the correct answer. That was the end of it. Next came a college student named Mara who taught him the difference between fucking a girl and fucking a boy. While she was fun, and by no means the last girl Megabbs shemale he did, he had decided he liked boys better. He learned the intricate signals of hooking up. The Rabbit started it by telling shock bbs porn tgp him what russian young porn bbs to look for, but the student soon surpassed the teacher. It was pretty girl bbs all in reading the right signs, EJ discovered. Everyone's were different, of course, but when people wanted to get fucked -- guys especially -- they all pretty elite content bbs asian much acted the same. EJ could read it in the wan, self-conscious smiles, the nervous fidget of the hands, the way they tried to stand or sit in a position which accentuated the body part they felt looked the best. Mostly, though, he could read the longing in their child archive bbs eyes in those moments of furtive contact before they invariably looked away. It was the looking away -- the desperate attempt to seem disinterested --
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