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Related post: Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 19:39:26 +1000 (EST) From: Country Mouse Subject: Katya's Training Chapter ThreeStandard Squib redux: Welcome to my first story published on Nifty. The themes and subject matter in this story are adult, including but not limited to both consensual and reluctant (including coerced) sexual acts between persons preteen nn fuck of the same gender.This is a fantasy. In reality, I advocate the principles of Risk Awareness; Safe,Sane and Consensual BDSM and always observe safer sex guidelines. Safer Sex is a way of life.If reading about power dynamics and graphic smut between women is illegal in your jurisdiction or offends you, please leave now.One of the characters in this fantasy is sixteen, the age of consent in my jurisdiction. Again, I point out that this is a fantasy. In real life, my personal preference is for older women.In my fantasies, anything is possible.I am the feedback whore from hell. If you like my tale, please write to me and let me know. Don't bother lecturing me about my sins. I already know that I'm a pervert. I rather like that about me. Katya's Training: Chapter Three preteen boy twinks copyright 2006 by dr_country_mouse_top Story codes: F/g, F^g, M/g, teen2, BD, anal, reluc, spank, sm Nifty category: Lesbian/authoritarian The author grants the Nifty Archive a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, preteen bestiality and non-cancellable license to display the work. All other daddy topless preteen rights reserved."Oh, may I show them, daddy?"I chuckled. Katya was adorable, the smug little brat. She loved showing off. "Gloating is not attractive," I chided her gently. We were at a gathering of perverts in Sydney, one of the smaller play parties surrounding Leather Pride week.Katya flashed her dimples at me. "Oh, come on, daddy," she pleaded. "Let me show off. You indulge me shamelessly and I love every minute of it." We were surrounded by a group of leather dykes. It was a mixed crowd, the amorphous tribe of kinksters who had the reputation for the nastiest parties and the raunchiest private lives. There had been questions about us.My boi was a fine, fine thing to see. I was proud to have her at my shoulder. She followed at my heels without any need for a leash, although she did wear a collar. Katya was 5 foot ten inches tall in her bare feet, so the cowboy boots with their undershot Cuban heels brought her to an even six feet tall. She wore faded denim jeans that clung lovingly to her legs and ass.Katya had somehow fixated on James Dean in Giant. It was funny as hell. She dressed like a 1950s cowboy. Her teeshirt was sleeveless, to show off the muscles in her arms, with the slogan Daddy's Boi printed across the front. preteen rape videosw The tee shirt was thin and tight, clinging to her small firm breasts, proudly displayed on a muscular, gymnast's upper body.Her jacket was black leather, cut in sharply at the waist, with fringe on it. Her hair was cut like James red head preteens Dean, a rough mane of thick blonde hair. Katya's dog tag, attached to her collar, proudly labelled her Daddy's Fuck Toy. Katya strutted, the cocky little shit with her bad boi smile and wicked eyes.She made people blink, look twice, and then look again. I thought she was sexy as hell. I looked around at the curious group around us, judging the temperature of the room. We might shock a few people, but I didn't think Katya's display would endanger us in any way. Hell, there were preteen mariages two girls in 1940s glamour gowns pissing on people over in the corner and somebody getting fisted in the sling."Please, daddy?" Katya wheedled. "You know you wanna..."I laughed. preteenmodel forum "You're a spoiled brat. Go ahead."Katya flashed me a grin and promptly whirled to present her ass to our little group of kinky dykes. "You want to know about me and what I do with daddy?" Katya preteen girl upskirt began, tossing a playful look over her shoulder at the watching women. "Take a look. What we have here is a world class piece of boi butt."Katya shrugged out of her jacket, and presented her ass again. Hell, she arched her back, arms raised like a gymnast at the end of a routine. "Daddy likes boi butt," Katya explained, spreading her legs wide, bending at the hips to lean down and grab her ankles. "Daddy likes my butt a lot." Katya wiggled her ass impudently and grinned boyishly.Standing up, Katya unbuttoned her jeans and wriggled out of them, revealing her cute boy cut knit briefs. "Aren't they cute?" Katya gloated, wiggling her ass again. "Uke briefs, like something out of a yaoi manga!"She pushed her underwear down and arched her back, holding the pose as if it were part of a gymnastics routine. "See my hole? Isn't it pretty?" Katya reached back and held open her buttocks. "I used to shave but then we changed to waxing and finally the laser stuff. Now I don't have any hair to clutter things up and it won't grow back. See how pink and pretty my hole is? And do you see how it shines?""I'm all sweet and clean inside and slick and ready for daddy to use my hole." Katya slid me a hopeful look. "I've been really good, daddy. Will you use my hole? Let me show them how good I can be.""Not yet, baby. Finish what you're doing first."Katya sighed, her hips wriggling impatiently. "I'm a boi, and boi love having things in their ass. It's how daddy gets me off. I love getting fucked in the ass. You have absolutely no idea how hard and how often I come when daddy plays with my hole. I make sure I'm ready for use all the time. I don't ever want to miss a chance for daddy to use me. I even carry stuff in my bag whenever we leave home, just in case. It doesn't matter if we're just going to the grocery store or into town just to pick up the mail. I carry the basics with me whenever we leave the house."With her pants down around her knees, Katya leaned down with a gymnast's grace to show them the contents of her toy bag. There were two prepackaged Fleet enemas, which were convenient in a pinch although we rarely used them at home. Katya received so many enemas that we used sterile saline and electrolytes to keep her extremely well irrigated bowel healthy.There was lube in numerous varieties, including several squeeze bulbs, as well as condoms, examination gloves and dental dams. Katya never left the house without her training belt, although she was only permitted to wear it as a special treat. Just having it near focused her concentration california preteens nude wonderfully. There were naturist photo preteen an assortment of plugs alt preteens and dildos and a variety of specula. A tawse, a slapper, several paddles, a riding crop and a small latex whip were also included, all pain toys of relatively modest dimensions and thus easy to transport. There were clips and clamps and a TENS unit with numerous attachment as well as several vibrators of various sizes and function.Eyes widened as Katya displayed her travel supplies, with wolf whistles, catcalls and applause for each item, the crowd coalescing into a hunting pack, predators scenting prey. "I'm daddy's fuck toy," Katya explained proudly, turning to display her ass once more. "I don't care if daddy spanks me or whips me links preteen nude or fucks me or ties me up and teases me. I just want her to play preteen pussy shots with my ass and make me come again and again."She cast me her best entreating smile, winsome and so sincere.I think we've already established the fact that I spoil her rotten.She came twice as I was fitting her with the plugs I had chosen for her to wear in the training belt. Katya was perfectly darling, shouting 'I'm a good boi' and shuddering and squirting all over the place as she did when she was really excited.I locked the belt around her hips and let her crawl up on her knees to straddle my boot. She rocked herself to another three blistering climaxes, rubbing her well trained clitoris and gushing cunt against the polished leather, riding the plugs in her holes until she came, convulsing and crying out.Having assured that Katya would continue to look forward to wearing the training belt, I let her settle down a bit and simply enjoyed the company of my peers. I was approached somewhat later by several leather daddies who had admired my boi's performance. They were intrigued by Katya's avowal that she was a boi, although quite convinced by her reactions that she did indeed love getting fucked in the ass like a proper boy.Katya boldly informed him that she gave one hell of a blow job too. The little shit was bragging, taunting the guys, offering to give any or all of them blow jobs to prove that she was as good as their best boy. One of the older guys smirked, and unzipped his jeans.Katya grinned like the imp she is, and hot footed it over there, already gloving up, a condom between her teeth. The gentleman in question raised his eyebrows at the glove and Katya laughed, the cheeky brat. "If I'm giving you a blow job, I'm playing with your prostate too. What's the matter? Aren't you man enough to take it in the ass? I do."She reduced him to a whimpering puddle of goo. The utter lack of a gag reflex seemed to surprise them, as did her avid hunger for having a cock down her throat, hardly quantities one expects to find in the average dyke. The gentlemen were fascinated by Katya's training regime.I explained that Katya had been sedated, a training tube inserted down her throat while she was unconscious. When she slept off the sedative, her found herself with her head was bound to the table, mouth clamped open with a whitehead gag, throat filled as she breathed through the training tube. The usual probes filled both her holes and poured current through the clamps to erotic nude preteens her clit. As long as the training tube was in her throat, Katya was stimulated non-stop. She came dozens of times.After several hours, we advanced to swallowing the tube down, ruthlessly ignoring her gag reflex, pairing the moment the tube was beyond the choke point with her favourite settings for stimulation. It wasn't long until she was preteen euro models lunging down the dildo to take it as deep as she could, shuddering and convulsing as she orgasmed. We even preteen model sharon made it a form of breath play, pairing the oxygen deprivation with arousal and orgasm.The boi had a damned good mouth. Her thighs were wet to the knees before she was done as she rocked herself to several orgasms on the plugs in her training belt. She was painfully aroused by the process of giving head, a pretty trick undergrund sex preteen that would stand her in good stead preteen cherry someday. Butch dykes love watching pretty bois get off on giving head.Besides, it was a fun party trick for mixed parties. Gay boys can be so self righteous about their cock sucking skills. I rather enjoyed blowing their minds when they met my pet. shocking pics preteens preteens bbs models * * * * * Katya loved her training. She loved long term bondage, self hypnosis and mind control games. She adored the medical kink and the high tech electrical video girls preteen toys. She also had a very clever mind and a seriously twisted imagination."I know I need to study and become useful," Katya assured me earnestly. "I don't want you to grow bored with me. But I also want to step up my training. I think I can do more; I can be a better boi with a little discipline."I certainly would nn preteen ls never want to discourage self-motivation, preteens model nakeds particularly when preteen dutch it results in something so deliciously kinky. Despite having to build an addition to the playhouse to handle the expanded wet area and toilet facilities, I found Katya's new routine highly entertaining.After much discussion, planning and the necessary preteens panties models renovations to the facility, Katya's new training discipline began. baby preteen nude Beginning this time with three days of celibacy and meditation, Katya asked me to help fasten her into the bondage to begin her new conditioning program.She slept in extreme bondage, as she would through the entire length of the more disciplined and rigid training program. There was a choice of layouts but generally they were all positions that took advantage of her extreme flexibility. The suspension cuffs and medical restraints held her securely in any variety of poses. Regardless of how she was slept,
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