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Related post: Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 18:37:34 -0400 From: laura adams Subject: Kelly's InterviewTo my Readers: I ventured down a new road awhile back. Not sure whether it's my forte' or not; will judge by your responses. This was written under my old pen name at another site. I've modified it somewhat; hope you enjoy.-- LauraKelly sat nervously in the outer office of a potential client. She was hoping to sell black preteen photos her fashion designs to Designs Unlimited, in hopes they'd like her work and be willing to produce her clothing line. The secretary introduced herself, as Jean, and asked her to take a seat until Ms Tynes, her boss, was available to see her. Kelly, being a designer, always observed how other women dressed; after all it was her profession and she was always looking for new ideas to create new outfits from. She continued to observe Jean as went about her work. She was dressed like a person in this profession would expect; very fashionable, and sexy. She guessed her to be about 35 years old, noticed a wedding ring, so assumed she was married. Her straight red hair was her most striking feature. Kelly believed her to be a natural redhead, because of her fair, smooth complexion. She appeared to be about five foot five, and 115 pounds. For a woman of her size, she had quite a chest. Kelly guessed at least a 34 inch bust, with probably a C cup. Her dress was form fitting and it highlighted her breasts, actually they appeared to be on display as the bodice accentuated their fullness. Her desk did not have a front panel and afforded Kelly a clear view of her legs. The dress was cut just above the knees, so as she sat, it rode up quite high on her thighs. Kelly thought she caught a glimpse of a garter belt peeking from under her dress. Very fashionable thought Kelly, I wonder if Ms Tynes, her boss, requires a dress code for her employees.As she waited, Kelly noticed Jean's legs were parted somewhat, and they were facing in her direction. The view was very erotic, Kelly thought. Kelly, being in the fashion industry, would openly admire other women to evaluate how well her fashion preteen world bbs designs would look on the figures of different women. She had never really thought of them as sexual objects, but merely objects for her creations. Jean, however, with her long, nicely shaped legs so exposed to her, seemed to hold her gaze longer than normal. Jean went about her work, apparently oblivious to Kelly's stares.Jean had been instructed well by her boss, Ms Tynes, to evaluate each female who came to see her, in order to determine whether they could be sexually aroused by their own sex. tgp candid preteen Jean, thought this to be an odd request when she was first hired, but Ms Tynes explained that those females who displayed an attraction toward their own sex usually turned out to be the best designers and the company made the most money off their line of clothing. Hearing this explanation helped alleviate Jean's fears that her boss wanted only to find out which of her visitors were lesbians or at least bisexual.Jean continued to put Kelly through some tests. She casually looked up from her work and caught Kelly looking under her desk, observing her legs. Jean looked back down at her work and decided to continue further with her experiment. As she got up, she spread her legs to stand, giving Kelly an eye full of her crotch area, should see decide to look. Sure enough, as she stood, she looked directly at Kelly and saw her eyes travel down between her legs. Jean immediately felt her juices begin to flow. She enjoyed performing these tests for her boss. She liked to tease those women who admired her feminine form. It was exciting to her to put her body on display, she always knew she was an exhibitionist, but before she started working here, she only thought it exciting to display herself to men only.Kelly wondered how much longer she had too wait. Her boredom caused her mind and eyes to wander. Jean presented a pleasant spectacle to keep her from becoming too bored. As she watched Jean stand, she couldn't help but notice how far she spread her legs, offering anyone, her, a view of her private area. Kelly, a little embarrassed for the woman, couldn't stop herself from looking. She definitely wore an expensive garter belt, white straps which blended with her pale skin. Her inna preteen nude thighs were shapely, not a sign of fat anywhere. As her legs continued to spread, Kelly had a clear view of her panties, they appeared to be made of red silk and very form fitting. Jean held that pose long enough for Kelly to get an eye full. Staring directly into Kelly's eyes, Jean saw `that' look, she thought she might have a possible candidate for Ms Tynes business.Kelly, shocked by her interest in Jean's crotch on display, preteens nude board forced her eyes to move away, redirecting them up to her face, only to find Jean staring at her. Kelly quickly looked down. Had Jean intentionally put her private area on display for her viewing. She was the only one in the office, so it had to have been done for her alone. Kelly wondered models preteen asian why a married woman would do such a thing. Maybe, she wasn't aware of how she looked and was just checking on her to see if she needed anything. That was horny preteen model probably what had happened. What concerned her more was `her' reaction to what had happened. Why had she taken such an interest in Jean? Did she have some deep-seated desire that she was unaware of that was being brought to the surface by Jean. Kelly was very content, sexually. Her live-in boyfriend kept her satisfied sexually, when he was there. He worked long hours and sometimes didn't come home for days.Jean, now standing, went to the filing cabinet to do some filing. The cabinet was positioned so that as she bent down to open the drawer, her short dress would ride up her thighs, only inches below the cheeks of her ass. Putting herself on display like this really turned Jean on. She proceeded to bend over, keeping her legs straight as she bent down to place a file in the bottom drawer. Her actions caused her dress to ride up and tighten across her ass. xxx hardcore preteen She was well aware that her garter belt would be clearly visible. Kelly watched intently as Jean began her filing. She was openly admiring her figure as it was placed on display right before preteen underage board her eyes. She noticed how nice Jean's dress clung to her backside, how it provided an unobstructed view of her garter belt caressing her shapely thighs. She also wondered if Jean was wearing a thong, because she didn't see any panty lines showing through her skirt.Kelly felt her pulse quicken and her breath shorten. Her dress seemed like it was becoming more constricted around her body, especially her private areas. Her bra seemed to shrink on her 34C breasts, her nipples poking into the lace bra cups. The more they grew, the more they became stimulated by the lacy material. She hated that, her nipples were very sensitive to anything rubbing or squeezing them.Jean, pretending to be having trouble finding the right file, as she bent over further to expose more of her backside to Kelly. Sure enough, Kelly thought, Jean must be wearing a thong. The bottom of her butt cheek was clearly visible in the position Jean was in. Bending over just a little further, Kelly password preteen porn gasped at the sight now presented to her. Jean's red silk thong had slipped into her slit, exposing her completely bare sex, her vulva was smooth as a baby's bottom. Kelly was mesmerized by the sight of Jean's exposed sex. Didn't she know what she was doing, that she was displaying her private parts to her? As she stood up, Kelly was relieved that she didn't have to look any longer at this extremely erotic woman. Why was she having these feelings, and for another woman, thought Kelly?Jean walked provocatively back to her desk. She was certain that Kelly was interested in her little show and had decided to let he boss know that Kelly was definitely a candidate for Design's Unlimited. She stood and excused herself to Kelly, going behind the big door to what Kelly assumed was her boss's office.Jean reappeared and told Kelly Ms Tynes was ready to see her. Kelly, took a deep breath, trying to compose herself and control those desires which had been brought to the surface by Jean's little show. Now, under control again, she met Ms Tynes. Kelly had to get this contract, her monies were running low and if she didn't sell her fashions to Ms Tynes, she was probably going to have to give up doing what she loved so much and find an ordinary job just like everyone else.As she passed Jean, preteen model dolls she had to turn sideways to slip through the opening. As she turned, Jean took a step forward, causing her breast to brush against Kelly's. The touch was electric, Kelly's nipples were already in an aroused state, but when they touched Jean's breast, they swelled even more and her nipples felt like they were going to break off of her breasts. Did Jean intentionally rub her breast across hers? Surely she was just imagining things again. She had to colombia preteen model keep her concentration on the interview; she had to get this contract.As she entered office, she noticed a plush leather couch, and a chair with an ottoman off to the right. As her eyes swung around to the left, she was impressed with the view. All the walls were solid sheets of glass, windows encircled the room offering a spectacular view of the LA skyline. "Welcome Kelly, said Ms Tynes. I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long, but you know how telephone calls keep interrupting one from getting their work done."Ms Tynes extended her hand to greet her visitor. She was impressed by the woman who now held her hand, a Meg Ryan look alike. She judged her to be about 20 years old, about five foot two, she had what looked to be natural blonde hair that hung to her shoulders. Her big blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight shining through the windows. Her breasts, however, were her most striking feature. Her white silk blouse accentuated their fullness beneath her suit jacket. Her skit hugged the curves of her hips and shapely buttocks. Kelly's smooth, tan legs were stunning, enhanced by a set of high heels on her pert little feet.Ms Tynes gaze made Kelly feel uncomfortable, as if she was a model on display. Ms Tynes was a woman who looked the part of a company executive. Her dress was impeccable. The way she carried herself, exuded authority. She was sure that when she wanted something done, it would be done or else. Ms Tynes was wearing a pants suit, with a jacket that hid most of her form. What was obvious to all, however, was how tall she was. She could have been a model, her hair was jet black, smooth and fell to her preteen black porn shoulders. The difference was Ms Tynes appeared to workout with weights, her arms and legs appeared muscular, not fatty, much like those of a man. She presented a very professional appearance, one that commanded respect.Ms Tynes led Kelly over to a chair in front of her desk. She started in by saying, "Well Kelly, I understand you'd like Designs Unlimited to purchase your collection." "Yes Ms Tynes, I believe what I have to offer would fit well into the line of clothing your company manufacturers. I've brought my portfolio for your review should you desire to look at it." "That won't be necessary right now Kelly, I only have a few minutes before my next meeting, but I was wondering if you could return this evening to continue this interview? I've got so many meetings on my calendar that the only free time I have is in the evening, say around nine o'clock tonight?" That was strange, thought Kelly, meet again at 9 PM. Well, knowing how desperate she was to make this sale, Kelly reluctantly agreed. "Good, said Ms Tynes, I'll see you tonight, here."Kelly got up and left. On her way out, she thought she had better let Ms Tynes' secretary know she'd be returning later that evening. When she told Jean, a seductive smile appeared, and she said, "I hope you enjoy your "session" with Ms Tynes this evening," and european preteen whores she gave Kelly a wink. Did she really wink at me, or was preteens deflowered xxx that a nervous eye twitch, or maybe sometimes people just do that as part of their mannerisms, thought Kelly. Whatever it meant, Kelly didn't like the way it sounded. What had she gotten herself into by agreeing to meet Ms Tynes after normal work hours?Later that evening, Kelly and her boyfried Bruce, were sitting around discussing their day's activities. He asked how her appointment went. Kelly told him she'd have to go out tonight to meet again with Ms Tynes. Bruce made a joke when he said, maybe the old bat was trying to lure you into a trap to seduce you. Kelly laughed it off, jokingly saying, "you wish, I know how it's always been a dream of yours to see me with another wom
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