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Related post: Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 16:36:43 -0500 From: S Smith Subject: I'm Not Gay...Am I? Chapter 5Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don't like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language, etc.This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Please practice safe sex.Subject: I'm Not Gay?. Am I? Chapter 5It was sunny and warm this morning when I knocked on the metal door of the trailer. I remember standing there and my body was shaking as I prepared to face Daniel. I literally jumped when his door snatched open and I saw him standing in black briefs in the doorway."Eric! loli ukraina bbs Hey. Come in," he said as his eyes darted behind me, looking up toward the farm house."It's clear. Mom and Dad litle loli aren't back yet and Josh is still asleep," I said as I entered his trailer and sat down on a small chair. I was surprised at how clean and orderly the place was. In the three years he worked for Dad I had never been in the trailer Dad let him thumb pre kingdom loli live in out back."I'm kinda surprised you're out here," he said as he leaned against the kitchen counter."Well you told me to come out to the trailer. Figured I had no choice."Daniel nodded, and shifted his position. "In case you're worried, I didn't do that much to Ryan. I just fucked him up a bit and told him if he screws with you again he'd have to deal with me. Doubt you'll have to deal with him again.""Thanks, but you didn't have to get involved," I said, staring at the floor."Yeah I did. He had a knife on you guys! What the fuck is up with him? Are you guys involved or something?""What the hell you mean by that?!" I said, angry at what he was implying."Hey, it's cool Eric. You don't have to tell me. But I gotta warn you - that guy is fucked up. What he did to you guys wasn't," he said."Don't want to talk about it. I came out here like you asked me to. So here I am, what do I have to do?""What you mean? You don't HAVE to DO anything. I just meant.. well, if you wanted to have some more fun, I thought it might be easier for us to meet out here. We have to be careful though, I don't want your thai lolitta sex Dad to find out I'm fucking his boy.""This is not going to be a regular thing. I let you do it once more that is it! Then this is over, and you never tell anyone about yesterday and last night. So lets get it over with," I said, glaring at him."Wait a sec, Eric. Do you think I was blackmailing you or something?!"I stood up, facing Daniel, shaking with anger. "All I want is this to end. I never want to talk about last night again! Josh can never know what I did to him!""I would never tell him, Eric!" Daniel stepped forward, gripping my shoulders and staring down into my eyes. "Eric, everything is our secret. I told you last night, I took care of Ryan, and Josh has no idea what you did to him he was asleep! What happened between loli cp love arts you and I is our preteen loli model cp secret! You don't have to do anything, I will never tell. I didn't mean you had to come out here for another fuck as blackmail," he said, pulling me forward into his arms.I shoved back, and looked up at him. "What the fuck you think I am? I'm not some faggot like you!" downloads de lolicon angel I screamed at him."I never said you were anything, I just mean... well, it was good last night wasn't it? We both had fun. I needed to fuck and you were good. God Eric, I had watched you get fucking ripped and hot over the past year. Of course I wanted to tap that ass. And you liked it both times I fucked you," he said, as he reached over and gently took my hand and free lolitta movies placed it on the bulge of his black briefs. I jerked my hand back from the hardness.As I looked at Daniel, he slowly pushed his briefs down his hips and legs until they hit the floor. I stared at the floor, as he took my hand and led me through the trailer into his tiny bedroom. While I stood still he removed my white tank top, and unbuttoned my khaki shorts, and slid them off me. I numbly stepped out of my flip flops and let him pull me down on top of him on his bed. I closed my eyes as his mouth began to suck and lick my chest.My mind was blank as I laid there tgp lolicon doujinshi loli incest cartoon and submitted to what I needed to do. I heard his threat last night, and I couldn't risk anyone knowing what I had done to my brother. Or elweb loli bbs list what I had fantasized about. I had loli pix to free child lolit endure it no matter what. When Daniel's mouth sucked free lolia rape on my cock, I remained limp and numb."Eric," he panted out as he touched and caressed me. "I loved that night I fucked you in the shower, and last night, fuck! I loved filling your tight ass with my load," he moaned out. I laid still, taking what I needed to shy lolitta toplist for my brother."Eric, what's wrong?""If I let you fuck me now, will you never come near me again?" My words were monotone as I looked up at the txt asian lolittas rompl ceiling."Eric, remember last night? loliza porn Remember how you begged me? What's wrong?""I'm not gay. I'm loli young sex only doing this to protect Josh. I can't let you tell anyone."When I felt Daniel climb off me I looked down to see him standing at the end of his bed. "If there is one thing I know, Eric, it's that you are gay. You liked having cock up your ass last night! You begged for it! And I don't need to blackmail you just so I can fuck you again. Get the fuck out of here and come back when you realize how much you want my cock up your ass again!"I stood and got dressed as he watched me. On the way out of his bedroom I heard his voice behind me."I want you, Eric. You loved it in the shower with me and you loved it last night. All I want is to fuck you again." I felt the need free lolia in his voice, but I also buy lolicon dvds felt the power of control. I knew at that moment Daniel wanted super loli me, just like Todd had wanted me at Sarah's. I had power over faggots and I could use it.So now as I walk back to the farm house I know Daniel will not talk about my actions last night. I had been terrorized by Ryan. It had been a one time moment of confusion and it is over now. I just need to make sure Josh doesn't tell anyone lolicon nymphet about Ryan's visit to the farm, and everything will finally be over. I headed up the stairs to face my little brother."What's up?" I said, as I nervously stood in his bedroom doorway. I glanced as he raised himself up and leaned against his pillows. The sheet slipped down to his waist, revealing his bare chest."Just waking up. Where you been?", he said, nervously flattening the covers at his waist."Oh I was just out back talking to Daniel.""Is he okay? I mean, did that guy hurt him?""He's cool. He took care of everything. We were lucky when he saved us yesterday.""What did he do to that guy?""Don't worry about it, Josh. I'm sorry it happened. You should never have been involved," I said, swallowing the lump in my throat."Wasn't that Ryan from your class? I remember him from the football team.""Doesn't matter. He won't ever be back.""You sure?""Yeah. But hey, listen, I don't want Mom and Dad to worry. Yesterday has to be our secret." I said, looking at him for a response."It's cool. I won't tell. But, um, I'm sorry," he said, and two tears rolling down both of his cheeks.I walk across the room, and reached down, wiping the tears. "Josh, shhh. Let's not talk about it. You got nothing to be sorry for. I'm the one who's sorry," I said, grabbing him in an embrace."I couldn't help it, Eric. I was scared, but I couldn't help it. It felt so good. I didn't mean to say those things to you while you, you know. Why did he make us do that?" His voice was a sob, as I held him tighter."Shhh, Josh. It's okay. loli doll I don't want to talk about it. Let's forget it ever happened," I whisper.When I pull him back out of my embrace, I wipe the tears from his face again, and I see his eyes look down in embarrassment. I look to where he is staring and porn littel loli sex see the sheet has slid back from his waist. Josh's cock is uncovered, and it's fully erect. I look away quickly, staring up into his eyes. He looks into mine, our faces only inches apart. I see the slight stubble on his chin and my finger lolicon tgp incest pics traces through it. My brother seems to have grown up over night. We continue to stare, but when his mouth opens teens bbs loli to speak I feel a shiver run through me."Eric, am I turkish loli gay?""No. Neither one of real nude virgin lolits us is gay. Why would you even say that," I whispered to him."Because I liked it, Eric. I liked it a lot," he whispers back to me, and more tears slid kinder loli preteen pics down his cheeks."Josh, it's ok. That's natural. Blow jobs feel good. But we were forced. Ryan forced ilegal lolit sex us. I had to do it to protect you. You know I had no choice, right?" I pleaded, staring in his eyes for understanding."But you liked it too. I know you did," he said, as tears dripped from his chin and I watch them slide loli extrem hardcore over the smooth skin of his chest. My eyes move further down to look at his cock again. It is like last night, I still can remember all of the cum I swallowed from him. My cock betrays me again now as I feel it start to stiffen in my shorts. I shake my head "no" to Josh, but I feel my body tingle with desire. How could I have done that last night? How lo guestbook loli could I have felt those things? How can I STILL feel like this?I see his hands move toward me, and I seem to be watching them as if I am detached from this moment. His fingers grip the fabric edge of my ribbed tank top and pulls up, revealing my bulging very illegal lolit shorts below. His fingers burn my skin as he unbuttons lolicon thumb my shorts, just like how I undressed him yesterday when Ryan forced me. I see my zipper lowering and the tip of my cock is shiny with pre-cum, sticking above the waistband of my briefs."Look Eric. You pedo loli kids free are just as hard as me," he said, his voice clearer, as we both look down at my cock.When I look up into his eyes again his face seems to be closer. The space between us shrinks and free loli porn movie before I know it I feel the feather lightness of his full lips touch mine. Automatically my eyes close, and I feel again a light kiss, then another. I know this is my brother, but the touch is so light and soft, and I press forward giving him a return kiss.As we hug, I wrap my arms around him and look out the window over the lawn toward the barn. I know I want to protect him, but this is not the right way to do it. I whisper into his ear, "Josh, this is wrong." But I feel his hands pulling my tank top up, lolicon hentai x and I raise my arms allowing him to remove it. I wrap him into an embrace again and feel out nipples brush together. One of my hands betrays me and slides from his back to his chest, cupping his muscle and feeling the hardness of kinder loli fuck topless his nipple. My other hand runs up to his neck, into his hair, and our faces shift so that our lips are meet again. This time lolit underage the kiss is not light, but more urgent as our lips press together again."Eric," he whispers as our lips separate, "do it to me again. Please Eric, I loved it. Please suck on my cock again."The words rip through me, but I am mesmerized as I feel his hands touch my waist and pull at loli top 100 ru my shorts. My hips betray me lolit teen underage now as I raise them, allowing him to move my shorts down. I feel air on my exposed cock and balls and we both stare at my throbbing red cock. I look at his and almost can feel it again in my mouth like last night. The blasts of cum had squirted into the back of my throat. Ryan had ordered me to drink my brother's cum. Ryan. Ryan is lolicon tgp links no longer here. Ryan is not making me do this now. This is me doing this. This is wrong!I'm off the bed and stumbling back against the doorframe, my shorts and briefs falling to my ankles. Josh reaches lolitha chiled pussy for me, kicking the
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