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Related post: Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 12:32:25 -0800 (PST) From: Alena Easy Subject: dawnDawn part 4School couldn't end fast enough for Dawn and Cindy. Every chance they got they would talk loli female pics about what they wanted to do to pedo loli preteen videos the girls as they taught them about all the good thing girls can do for each other. They would often find themselves sneaking into the teachers private bathroom and going into a stall and fingering each other while talking about there wonderful free russian loli tgp summer ahead of them.Soon school loli 3d sex let out and Dawn packed and said goodbye to her parents and left with Mrs. Jones and Cindy. And of course Mrs. Jones bbs jp loli kir made them remove there clothes as they drove making the drive naked and teenie loli flashing the truck drivers they pasted on the way.After about 3 hours of driving they turned onto a gravel road and drove another 5 or 6 lolitta network miles to the camp. Being some of the first to arrive being consolers the only other one's there where of there age but of course they where all loli angels models naked also. Dawn thought she died and went to heaven all the bald pussy and nice tits walking around made her wet. There where also a few men there walking around with there hard cocks bouncing in the air but Dawn wanted no part of that just sweet young pussy.Mrs. Jones showed them there cabin nude 04 loli and stripped also and led them on a tour of the camp. Behind loli sex pictures one of the barns they could hear moans and screams of lust. As they rounded the corner they found 2 of the other consolers being fucked by 2 great Danes. "These are for the teachers and a few chosen girls only and for the Saturday night sex shows." Mrs. Jones told them "Um Mrs. Jones do we have to call you that while we're here this summer since you are still our boss?" Dawn asked "Oh heavens no child you may call me Mary that's my name." The 3 of them went into the food barn and enjoyed some refreshments. Mary introduced them to a few of the others and Dawn fell in love. She met a 16yr old girl. Her name was Angie she had the firmest 36c tits Dawn had ever seen and the most pretty bald pussy. "Dawn why don't you knell down here and eat Angie's pussy and get to know her better." Angie spread pthc loli kiddy pics her legs wide as she sat down on the bench as Dawn attacked her pussy making her bbs loliza bbs cum all over her face. Mary and Cindy where busy themselves fingering each other as loli preteen pic they watch dawn attack Angie's young pussy. "I can't wait till the little ones arrive." Cindy moaned. "Yes dear I also can hardly wait I here there are going to be a few new one's to break in this year." Replied Mary. By now Angie and Dawn where in a 69 on the floor rolling around and enjoying each other's juice.' That's when they heard the bus blow its horn announcing the arrival of the kids. "Ok every one they girls are here lets eat shock cp loli some young pussy." Mary yelled out. The 4 of them left the food barn and headed for the welcome center. Most of the regular girls where already naked and kissing and hugging there friends and consolers. Dawn saw 3 young cuties standing in the corner with there mouths wide open lolitta teen dreams looking at the activities going on around them. As she walked over and got closer she guessed they where about 8 or 9yrs old. "Hi I'm Dawn one of the consolers here for younger girls are you under 9?" "I'll be 9 in September "the cute red head replied "And my sister is 7." "Well I guess you 2 will be in my cabin then. What are you names?" "I'm Lisa and my sister is Nancy." Replied the red head. "Well it's nice to cp loli russian preteen meet you both. Now get naked and give me your clothes." Dawn said. "Why do we have to get naked?" Nancy asked. "Because this is a nudist camp every one is naked 24/7 here." Dawn answered. The 2 girls looked at yong lolits teen free each other in shock and looked back at Dawn. Nancy had tears starting to roll down her cheek. "Why are you crying/" Dawn asked. "We haven't been naked outside in front of anyone before." Lisa answered." All the other girls are naked along with the consolers so what's the big deal." Dawn asked as she moved closer too little Nancy. "If you want I can undress you." Dawn smiled. The 2 girls just stood there as Dawn reached behind Nancy and unzipped her summer dress and pulled it down revealing a cute pair of little white cotton panties. Dawn felt her own pussy come to life as she knelt down in front of her nude chinese loli photo pulling down her panties. The site of Nancy's pretty young virgin pussy was more than Dawn could stand. She pressed her face into her tiny slit and began licking. "What Wha are you doing stop that stop." Nancy was saying but it fell on deaf ears as Dawn continued her list loli shy attack on her little pussy. "Oh I feel funny down there feels kinda nice." Nancy was moaning Dawn reached up and grabbed Lisa by the hand and pulled her down next to her." Look at your sister's sweet pussy Lisa isn't it pretty?" Dawn asked as she returned her licking." I guess if you say so." Lisa replied Dawn moved back a little grabbing the back of Lisa's head and pushing it towards her sister's now wet pussy. "Lick it taste your sister." Dawn ordered "No stop its gross why are you doing this stop." "Shut up and lick her before the head mistress comes over she'll be mad you're not doing what I told you. Now start licking." Lisa stuck out her lolicon little fuck tongue and began to lick her sister as tears where falling from her eyes. "Oh Lisa that feel's so good keep licking loli con porn galleries me." Nancy moaned "Where do you want your sister loli model portal to lick you Nancy?" Dawn asked "Down there keep licking down there." And what is down there?" Dawn asked her virgin fuck lolitta "My private place." loli asspics Nancy replied "No it's your pussy Nancy it's called a pussy. Now where do you want Lisa to lick you?" "My pussy. Lick my pussy Lisa I love it." As Lisa was licking her sister Dawn undid her shorts and nude lolity pulled them down along with her pink panties and began rubbing her clit. Lisa let out a little moan as Dawn rubbed her slit and finding her tiny clit began massaging it. "Nancy lie down and spread your legs wide for your sister as I get her naked. Nancy lay down spreading her legs as Dawn got Lisa naked and had her lay on top of her sister. Dawn then began taking turns licking the girl's pussies as she had them kiss and hug each tgp loli little nudes other. "Now girls it's my turn come here and lick my pussy." The girls got up and moved over to Dawn and took turns licking her. Dawn showed them how to 69 and how the 3 of them could daisy chain and lick each other together. Lisa and Nancy both seemed to enjoy there new found fun and kept at each others pussies until Mary blew her whistle. "Ok girls time to go get settled preteenz loli nymphet in you cabin and wash for supper." Dawn led Nancy Lisa and 5 other girls to the cabin and showed them witch bunk was there's. Dawn mad sure she paired Lisa and Nancy with a 5 and 6yr old; a 7 and 5yr old and Dawn paired with the 4yr old who also was new to being naked and eating pussy.Dawn explained the rules of the cabin and grounds to the girls making sure they understood that each night was to be licking and sucking and fingering which she would show them later and the number 1 rule at camp was if someone no matter who came up to them and want to have sex with them they where to do it no matter where they where at. After supper Dawn took her girls on a tour of the camp most of the time carrying little 4yr old Tina as it was an excuse to have her hand on her sweet pussy rubbing her clit. As they approached the dog barn Dawn stopped them and had them sit in a circle facing each other so they could see each tits sexy young loli others pussy. "Now girls when child loli model we get to this next barn I don't want you to be scared of what you will see. This is the special barn and only a few get to play here. If you want to join this club you have to be extra nice to Mary and maybe she will let you join. No one is going to make you or ask you to join you have to want to do it all by yourself ok?" "What kind of club is it/" Nancy asked. "Come and see for yourself girls." Dawn replied as she led the girls to the corner so they could look pd cp loli into the dog room. There was Mary on her knees being fucked by one of the rcp loli guestbook dogs as she licked a girl's pussy. But what really got there attention was the other action going on in the corner there was this girl with jet black hair and Dawn guessed she was maybe 5 or 6 laying on the table as one of the dogs was fucking her as she sucked on another dogs cock. From the sounds she was making Dawn though for sure the dog was ripping her open but she was taking every bit of his dog cock lolicon india deep inside her. Just them Dawn felt a tongue on her pussy and looked down to see tiny Tina looking up at her as she licked her."A'm I doing it right Dawn is this how I should nude loli pics lick your lolicon wallpaper pussy?" Tina asked "Yes dear your doing well keep licking." Dawn looked over at Lisa who was whispering in lolicon forum her sister's ear. "What are you talking about Lisa there's no secrets here tell everyone out loud>" "Um I a um" "Well come on say it." Dawn yelled "I want to be fucked by a dog it looks hot and my bd magazine loli pussy is dripping thinking about it." "Oh you do huh. " "Oh yes I really want a dogs cock in me" Just them Mary had finished with her cum and the dog was lying in the corner licking himself clean while the other 2 where busy with the other girl. "Mary." Dawn yelled "May I talk to you please?" "Sure child what is it" she said as she came over to the group. "I see lolicon 3d porn little Tina is learning well." "Oh yes she is doing a great job. I want you to meet Lisa one of my new girls this year she has something to say.' "Hi Lisa what is it you want to say." Lisa stood there looking down loli petite top land and feeling jeans for goth loli her face getting red. 16yr bbs loli "Well come on child I don't have al night." "Tell her now Lisa or never think of it again." Dawn yelled "I japanese lolit 18 I um I want to be fucked by the dogs right now my pussy is on fire for it. There I said it ok." "My My a feisty one." Mary replied "So you like dog cock huh?" "I think so just watching you and the girl with the dogs has me all wet." Mary didn't say a word she just reached over grabbing Lisa by the hair and pulling her over to the table in the middle of the lolis bbs room. Throwing her down on it as she called the dog over. The dog ran over and began licking Lisa's pussy as Mary tied her hands and legs down to the table. "So you like dog cock huh missy well hold on your gonna get plenty tonight." Mary smiled "No wait I changed my mind I don't want to." "Want what child?" Mary asked. "To be fucked by a dog I was just joking.' "Too late you're going to get fucked anyway." "No NO please not that anything but that." Mary paid no attention to her as she reached down picked up a jar of lube and put it on Lisa's pussy. "King mount." Mary said and the dog got up on the table as Mary guided his cock into Lisa's tiny pussy with one thrust he broke her hymen and began pounding her." No please stop it hurts he's ripping me in half please please it hurts bad." Lisa was begging Dawn could see the dogs cock pounding her virgin pussy as the blood ran out and Lisa trying to get loose crying and begging. "You asked for it slut no shut up and take it. " Mary yelled as she climbed up onto the table and lowered her pussy over Lisa's mouth. "Shut up and lick me while you get home lolit doggy fucked. Lisa's screams where soon muffled as Mary lower her pussy on to her face Dawn watched as the dogs knot entered Lisa's tiny pussy causing hentai lolicon pix her to scream even louder before passing out. The dog finished filling her with his cum and as his knot shrank he pulled out and got off the table. You should see the dog cum and loli toon tgp blood run out of Lisa's pussy as she lay on the table. The other girl in the corner got up and walked out her mouth and pussy also full of dog cum running out of her, Mary and Dawn untied Lisa and carried her into the first aid barn and laid her in the Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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