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Related post: Date: Tue, 09 Jan little girls upskirt 2001 10:44:56 -0500 From: Charlie Subject: David's Christmas Present 09The following story is total fiction. Any relationship to persons living or dead is purely accidental. This story depicts sexual acts between people of the same sex (male), some of whom are under age. If you find this concept distasteful, or if it is illegal where you live, or if you are underage, little russian please stop reading now. little petite nudes little pussy child little naturismchildrussiagallery IX. A New Year, New LifeDavid never did go back to his own bedroom that night. When he awoke at 8, there were still no signs of life in the house. Adam was still sleeping soundly, and there was no indication that the twins had yet stirred. David kissed Adam's forehead softly, then got out of bed carefully, pulled on a robe Adam had been using, and ventured into the hallway. Still no signs of life.He opened the door to the twins' bedroom. They were awake, sitting on their bed playing cards. They were wearing a pair of the new briefs they'd got: Jody's were a Spiderman print, Eric's depicted Superman. As they looked up and grinned widely, David suddenly realized that he could tell them apart already. He had no idea how, but he knew who was who. Even Mrs. Morrison couldn't tell them apart, relying strictly on their clothes. Wasn't this a sign? Didn't this mean that they had some sort of a connection going? "Morning, guys," he said. "Y'all ready for some breakfast?""Hey, Dad!" Eric answered enthusiastically. "We're really not that hungry, but... well... Adam told us we could use the pool anytime we wanted to. Can we? Can we go little teen modles swimming?" "Well, he was almost right," David said with a grin. "I don't think it's a good idea for you two guys to go alone, until we're sure how well you can swim. But yeah, long as someone's watching you, you can go any time." "Now?" they both chorused. "Sure, why not? I'll watch you, if you like. I might even join you."The twins didn't move, but sweet llittle teenagers rather eyed each other questioningly. David could see that they were communicating at some higher level, possibly available only verry little teens to twins. He'd heard of such things, and these two seemed to have an ample dose of whatever it was. They could seemingly carry on a perfectly normal conversation without making a sound, without even being in the same room! Finally Jody looked at David. "Adam... Uh... told us something else," he said. "He told us that he and you usually swim naked. Can... can we?"David wasn't at all ready for this question. He had thought briefly about his relationship with these kids, had decided it would be as open as possible. There would little girl fucking be no sex, of that he was determined; but swimming nude... that wasn't erotic, was it? That had certainly not been his intention with Adam, but look how that had turned out! Could he possibly have motives little ukranian sluts hidden so deeply in his mind that even he wasn't aware of them? How could he, in all good conscience, consent to these little boys gallery two beautiful little creatures tempting him in the pool? Would little daughter incest it be a temptation? And if it was, could he resist?If he refused, wouldn't he be denying the twins of the very thing he felt was important? Did he believe the human body was to be admired, not hidden, or didn't he? Wasn't that one of the mistakes he'd always said his parents had made, making him ashamed of his own little tiny kds body?"Say little girls smoking yes, Dad," a whispered voice came from behind. He whirled around to see Adam standing in the hallway, stark naked. "Please, Dad," he repeated, "let them go. Let's all go! Trust me? Please?"Perhaps sex girls little this was the little porno portal first time that David realized he was completely and totally in Adam's control. He simply could not say no to his young Indian adonis son! "Your big brother says he wants to go too," he said to the twins. "Is that ok?"Two little black faces brightened even more. "COOL!" they both little mermaid picture squealed. "You too, Dad! You come too, ok?"David did. He hesitated, but again Adam intervened. "They're little boys!" he coaxed. "They need self confidence! What better way is there to get self confidence than to be naked with a white teenager and a white man? It don't mean anything, Dad! At least not the way you think. But it means a lot to the twins!"New Years Day, 1999. David had always believed, he didn't even remember where he'd acquired this belief, but he had always blonde little girl believed that what we little kiddy mpg do on New Year's Day, we will do every day for the next year. So far this day, he had made love to his teenage son, his lover; he had made his two twin black sons very happy by allowing them to skip breakfast, and to go running through little rock lasik the house, stark naked, on the way to the swimming pool where they'd been told they could go skinny dipping. And now... now, he and all three sons were swimming, playing, having the time little girl bras of their lives, all naked, in the pool! Would he do all these things every day for the next year? Well, one could certainly hope. And petite little pussies it was still only 10 AM!It was approaching noon before David finally got the boys out of the pool. Even then he wasn't at all sure he wanted to get them out... the pure unashamed raw beauty of three carefree boys as they romped and played... was almost more than David could stand! And it was all really close to being more than he could stand to interrupt. But he had more to think of than watching his naked sons play in the water. This was New Years Day! The twins still didn't have that much of a wardrobe, but there were lots of sales today. David wanted to decorate these two just as he'd done with Adam the week before; and then he wanted to take them all out to eat, at the most luxurious place he could find! So finally he called them all out of the water, instructed them to get showered, that they were all going shopping.Jody and Eric scampered inside and up the stairs to their own shower, leaving Adam and David on the pool deck. David took Adam in his arms little girl imageboard and kissed him deeply, their naked bodies, including their most intimate parts, rubbing together. "Somehow we've got to keep what we're doing from the twins," he whispered. "They already know, Dad," Adam answered. "Adam, you didn't tell them, did you?" "No, Dad. They figured it out. Eric woke up this morning and went into your room looking for you. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where you were." "But... they're so young! Damn!" "It's ok, Dad. Remember, they're foster kids. They've seen a lot and heard a lot. They were kinda upset at first, thinking that little girl tetas they were gonna have to do it with you too, but I told them it's ok, that you weren't forcing anything on me, that we're lovers." "And they're ok with that?" "They are now. They just needed to hear that you weren't gonna try and involve them. I promised them it's just between us. They're cool."David was nervous now. Could two nine year old's possibly keep a secret like that? It had to free little tgp be traumatic for them to discover that the closest thing they'd ever had to a big brother was involved sexually with the man who they hoped would be their father. It would have been so much easier for them if they'd simply not known! Now they had to be on their guard. Could they do it? Adam had no doubt that they could. "They love you, Dad," he had assured him. "They'll do anything to stay with us. And I think the fact that they wanted to swim naked today little boys toplist proves that they trust you. I told them you wouldn't mess with them, and they believed me! little asian fuck And you proved me right! They'll be fine!"The fact that those two little guys knew what was going on, and still were as trusting as any two little naked boys kids he'd ever seen, was little pixies mind boggling to David. But Adam assured him that in "the system," kids learned at a very early age to read people. Jody and Eric had been in the system most of their lives, had been shuffled from one foster home to another several times, and Jody had even been adopted once. The adoption hadn't worked out, mainly because Jody hadn't wanted it to. Given a choice little mermaid porn between homeless with his brother and in a home without, Jody had no trouble choosing. They had been around, these two, and they could see through a phoney as if they could read his mind. "You're no phoney," Adam told him. "I knew it long before I ever came home with you, and the twins little uoung know it too. You said you wanted to make a home for them, and they've taken that at face value. They want to be your sons, nothing more. I think they'd submit to almost anything you want, but they don't think you'll ask them to. I don't either." "I won't," David assured him. "I do what I do with you out of love, not just because you're the most little russian maids beautiful kid on the planet. I hope you know that. And I'll also NOT do it with the twins because of my love for them."The rest of the weekend flew by. David little bunny foo drug his new charges to store after store on Saturday, buying more clothes than they could possibly wear in two lifetimes. The twins, oddly enough, wanted to dress the same as much as possible, which was fine with David. So everything he bought in a size nine or eight, had to be bought in pairs. They were identical twins now in every way, including their clothes right down to their underwear! They delighted in fooling everyone and did it quite successfully; everyone that is except David, and usually Adam. Even Adam sometimes slipped, but for some uncanny reason, David could not be fooled. He didn't even know himself how he knew, but he could tell them apart with no difficulty, naked or clothed, asleep or awake, together or apart.Before any of the new family was ready, it was Monday morning, ukrainian little nudists and David found himself seated in the office of Mr. Cedric Milner, Headmaster of Rivercrest Academy. Arnie had called him last week and told him the situation, to which Mr. Milner had replied that he sucking little girl wasn't so sure, under the circumstances, that he could accept these three new students. little fuck pics Arnie had then done what he wasn't really happy about doing, but felt that he had no choice: he had reminded the headmaster that his own two were straight-A students, a credit to the school, and that David and PowerNet were staunch supporters and contributors to the school. Mr. Milner conceded that they did indeed deserve special consideration, so he had instructed Arnie to have David and the boys in his office at nine Monday morning."As I understand it, you don't have little childrens porno the boys' school records yet, is that right?" the headmaster questioned. "That's right," David answered. "Things have been happening pretty quickly for those boys. I realize that this isn't your normal way of doing business, but I was hoping under the circumstances, that you could get them in and at least start them in their orientation. I'll tell you now, none of them has a terribly impressive school history, but I'm confident that you..." "And what circumstances do you mean?" he interrupted.David cleared his throat and began relating the story. He knew he had this man where he wanted him. He knew from past experience, that nude little kids Mr. Milner had no love for Social Services bureaucracy; he also knew that he had a passion for taking under-achieving kids and demonstrating to the world what they could do. "I'll not bore you with all the details," David said. "Feel free to ask any questions you wish, little teen boy but suffice to say, these kids don't have a lot of options. Social Services are not really sure they want to place them, especially the younger ones, with me, a bachelor. At the same time, they haven't offered any viable fucked little teens alternatives either."Mr. Milner did ask a few questions; information he thought he would need in order to get the boys placed in the correct classes.
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