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Related post: Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 22:05:14 +1300 (NZDT) From: David French Subject: Jessie junior models & Katie Pt. 01This story is a work of fiction and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18. teen model cheyenne It features two twin sisters involved in an Incest relationship. Whether or not you think that Incest naked pretee models is bad teen russian models is modeling teen thumb entirely up to you, but please note that I have never model airplane plans experimented models amateur teen with either of my sisters, and don't plan to start. This story is copyright of the original author, and may not be reproduced in any form without the prior consent of the author. Jessie and Katie were not only twin sisters, but also the best of friends. The two 18-year old girls lived outside the town of Alexandra in New Zealand with their Mother Amanda, who was 25. sweet model portal She had given birth to her daughters when panties little model she was only 17; their Father had married Amanda as soon as he found out about the pregnancy and asian ass models had worked full time at the local Supermarket. Unfortunately, their Father contracted Leukaemia and had died the day after their 16th Birthday. The night after his death, Jessie had climbed into Katie's bed in an effort to comfort her sister. Both sisters had enjoyed that night and soon after discovered that they were sexually attracted to each other. They had agreed not to inform models childs their Mother of their secret, in case she nn models tpg became upset, but little did they realize that they had nothing to worry about.It was the middle of Summer nashville bikini model 2004 and the temperature was 29 degrees Celsius. There were no clouds in the newsgroups sandra model sky and the sun was beating down fiercely. The two twins skinny models pictures were home ls models pre alone, as their Mother had gone off to the local High School where she was a teacher for an important staff meeting. The girls were sitting outside and were becoming restless. "I'm so bored." moaned Katie. "I wish there was something we could do this afternoon." Jessie nodded her head in santa maria model agreement and suddenly noticed the dunk tank that was sitting in the middle of the lawn. nicky model adolescente Their Mother, for an upcoming Town Carnival, had hired out the dunk tank; the girls had agreed to take turns in the animeresin models dunk tank as fit model porn the "victims" as they felt it would be great fun. "I've got an idea." stated Jessie. "We'll fill up the dunk tank with water and euro girls model then take turns trying to dunk each other teen modelle in our bikinis." Katie thought this was a brilliant idea and both girls rushed inside to their bedrooms and changed into their bikinis. Jessie wore a lime green bikini while littie girls models Katie wore her bright pink bikini. They both grabbed some towels and went back outside. Jessie began to fill the dunk tank with cold water from the garden hose, as Katie began to fill ugg teen model a bucket with softballs. After Jessie had filled the tank to the brim, she turned off the hose and said to her sister "Who's going first - you or me?""I'll go first." Katie replied, and young male model with that she climbed up onto isareli bikini models the perch of the modelos colombia teen Dunk Tank. childsupermodels net The soles of her feet touched the water and she realized that the water was very cold. Despite this, she began to antagonise her sister. "Come on! You throw like a little boy!" she pinay models yelled.Jessie gave an evil grin. model ayan "We'll see bbw nude modeling about amanda fashion model that!" she yelled back and threw a softball child boys model at the target - it was a direct hit. "Bullseye!" she yelled, while at the nude fashionmodels same time Katie gave a squeal of delight as 12yo hot model she went straight into the dunk tank. Katie re-surfaced with her long blond hair in her face. She swished it back with her hands and looked at her sister. "Let's see you do that again!" she taunted, and climbed back onto the perch. loita thong models Jessie did indeed do it again, as her preeteen models links second bdsm models daabase young models porn shot was another bullseye. Katie didn't object to another trip lia models nude into the tank, in fact she was enjoying it. She hopped back onto the perch and again was sent back into the tank. As she re-surfaced, Katie saw her sister rush modelwatch inside to the kitchen. Jessie came out a minute later with an unopened packet of blue Chux Superwipes. Jessie opened the packet, pulled out one of the cloths and handed it to her sister who free petite models was still in the tank. "Here you are." Said Jessie. "We'll use these to wipe the excess water off our faces each time we re-surface." Katie thought that this was a great teen model carmen idea and began to wipe swimsuit models armpits her face. She climbed back onto the perch, when suddenly she came up with a great idea. "Wait a child model 13yo minute, Jess!" she called out. "Let's see if I can't make it harder for you to dunk me!" and maxwel teen model with that, Katie undid her bikini top artesania latina models and threw it on to the lawn. Jessie was bemused a runway model by this action, but also excited. She had always thought that her sister had great looking breasts, but they looked even better now they were wet. Jessie was starting model little josephine to feel turned on by Katie's look, philipina model tgp and as a result failed to dunk Katie when sexy model movie she threw the ball. arena magazine supermodels "What's wrong? Are my boobs distracting you?" taunted Katie. Jessie naked model teen just laughed and replied "No more than young undreage models usual!" and threw again at the target; another miss. Jessie yelled out "Those were practice shots. This is the real thing!" and with that she again threw a ball at the target and hit photobucket sandra model it, sending her topless sister into the dunk tank. Katie re-surfaced, wiped her face and then climbed back on nacked ukrain models to the perch, only this time she began to taunt in a seductive manner. She held the bottom of her breasts and slowly began to massage them. This was making Jessie even hornier and as a result her next throw missed the target completely. Katie threw back her head and began laughing, but her laughter was cut ilegal models nudes short by Jessie's next throw, which sent Katie into the dunk tank. Katie came back up and shouted "Now let's really make it interesting!" and with that, she pulled off vladmodels video her bikini bottoms and threw them on to the lawn. Katie was now a naked dunk tank nylons model girl and Jessie was beside herself. She could russian pretten model feel teenie paradise models her pussy starting to get wet and she was keen to start masturbating herself. Katie's wet and naked body pattycake model teen glistened in the sun and Jessie's heart began pounding. She wanted to rush over to her sister and start making love to her, but she quickly put this alt models petite thought aside and began throwing another ball at the target, and again sent her sister into the cold water. This continued for another twenty minutes or so, until eventually Katie decided that she'd had enough and that it was time to get Jessie wet.Katie climbed out of the dunk tank, grabbed her Chux 11yr models nude cloth that she had draped over the side of the tank and began to dry herself off with her towel. At the same time Jessie went inside to the kitchen and came out with two bikin models FruJu Ice Blocks in her hand. She adult drink model handed the Pineapple flavoured FruJu to young ace models Katie, and then began to open up the Lemon & Lime flavoured FruJu for herself. Both girls loved FruJus just as much as each other; they were the best things to eat on hut, humid days such as kid international model today. After polishing off their FruJus and disposing of the wrappers and sticks, Jessie grabbed a Chux cloth for herself, asian xxx models draped it over the dunk tank and climbed up onto the perch. "Alright sexy!" yelled Jessie. "Dunk me with your best shot!" Katie threw a softball at the target and missed single teen sexymodel completely. "Is that your best shot?" asked Jessie incredulously."No, uk amateur model this is!" replied Katie, and at that she hurled the softball straight at the target. It was a direct hit and with a squeal, Jessie went straight into the dunk tank. She re-surfaced with nn masha model her long blond hair in her face. Unlike her sister, however, she simply flicked her hair teen hardcore models back, wiped her face with little nubiles model her Chux bikini galleries models cloth and then sat back on the perch. Katie's next three throws were all accurate and sent Jessie back into the dunk tank, much to the delight of both girls. Katie's heart was pounding each nude estonian models time her sister went into the water and then modelmania blue teen came back up. For some reason young virgins models that she couldn't really understand, it was making her asian model teenage horny. After about half-a-dozen dunks, Jessie took off her bikini top and threw it on the lawn. tiny models controversy She got back sandrateenmodel topless up on the perch and began to play with her breasts, when she suddenly stopped and said "Fuck this!" and took off her bikini bottoms. Katie dropped to her knees in excitement and statute bikini models suddenly began to feel her pussy. Like Jessie, Katie's pussy was completely hair free, as both girls used the swimwear model teen Australian product Nad's to get rid of unwanted hair. "Stop feeling yourself and get pretten sexy models on with it!" taunted Jessie. Secretly, she was thrilled that her sister was becoming horny at her nudity, as she herself was still very much infatuated with Katie's naked body. Katie stood up, picked up a sub teen models ball and threw at the target. "Bullseye!" she yelled as Jessie teen models inez again went into the dunk tank. model roman aqueduct Again, when she re-surfaced, Jessie was forced to flick her hair back before sitting back on the perch, only this time erotic junior models instead top stylish models of just wiping her face with her Chux cloth, Jessie also wiped her pussy. Instead of waiting for Jessie to finish, however, Katie threw another softball at the target and sent an unprepared Jessie into the dunk tank. models lia 13yo Jessie came up laughing her head off; she had enjoyed that marvellous surprise from her sister.Eventually, after another twenty prteen boy models minutes of dunking, Katie admitted that she was now slightly tired from dunking her sister. Jessie was still in the dunk tank wiping her face with her Chux cloth, when Katie dashed into the house. She came out a minute later and walked up to the dunk tank. "Here you go, Sis." she said, and handed a Lemon premodelsites & Lime FruJu to Jessie. "You deserve this." Jessie graciously took the FruJu and was about to climb out of the dunk tank when Katie said "And who said you could leave the dunk tank?""No one." replied Jessie meekly. She wondered what this was leading to."Good, because I'm comi
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