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Related post: Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 07:01:02 +0100 (BST) From: Snigdha Subject: My Early Teeage DaysMy Early Teenage Days By Snigdha Send your response to k_snigdhahotmail.comI am Smitha 3m steri strip 1544 who wants to reveal my early teenage sexual enjoyments.When I was in the sixth standard, my breasts began to get its rounded shape. At first I saw my nipples getting bigger and within two months they groomed like grapes. I was around 10 years of age at that time. It was my grandmother, who was staying with us who took notice of it for the first time. She was away for spending summer vacations with my mother's brother and when bleach ep 276 she came back she noticed the developments took place in my body. Nature was making me beautiful, my hands and legs became fleshier, small hairs started growing in my secret places and on my calves. One day my grandma called my brother and me for the nude 15 old sex oil bath, which she used to perform on us 14 nude photo during holidays. She used to bath both of us after applying the medicated oil on our bodies.As soon as I removed my frock, I could see she was starring at my growing breasts with 15 weeks pregnant info great interest. She seemed very much surprised at the developments happened to me. She starred at my nipples and applied some oil first on my throbbing nipples. Never before she had done that and I felt so ticklish." What are you starring at Grandma "? I asked with curiosity." My little beauty queen is becoming a woman " ." How "?" Haven't you seen these gold pots have started to grow bigger "? She pointed to my small breasts.I was blushed. " Don't tease 4-h spokane county me Grandma "." I told you the truth. This is the difference between a girl from a boy. God makes us beautiful and attractive in these days. Look how cute my little girl looks!. You have to preserve it well to maintain the beauty. Never allow anyone to touch it ".This was the first advice I got discovery sexual secrets 26 regarding sex. Unfortunately , my Grandma didn't live for much time to give such advises to me and passed away due to heart attack within three months.I still clearly remember the day when I attained Puberty. It was the last stages of my Sixth standard . I could feel some wetness in my underwears after the lunch interval. I was a little surprised about it since I never used to urinate in my panties." Look Smitha , there is blood on your legs ". One of the girls sitting behind my row said. I tried 12yo nude to clean it but was non nude 12 horrified to see more and more blood continued to flow down and the origin of the erotic author dave 1 flow was my panties."Madam , sandra earlyworks1com I am going to die . I have a severe decease ". I screamed loud . The nun who was in charge of the class then , came to me and inspected closely." Haven't your mother given any non nude under 18s tips to you regarding this "? She asked me." No , I have never been contacted such a decease before".She then went out of the class and returned with a senior student 128 basic slave rules . I was still in tears. The other girls looked at me sympathetically . They too were ignorant about this . color climax 70s porn The senior girl took me to the Toilet and asked to remove girls anal mp3 my uniform clothes. I was reluctant initially 6 gauge kummer naked but had to obey her. I was frightened to see blood oozing out of my small pussy. But she consoled me and said that this is a regular phenomenon for all girls and is a sign of maturity. Now every month , I would observe such discharge of blood which will last for three four 18 nudes days. I should come prepared to the school around 16 yo porn nude those days. As napkins were not available with her , she gave a towel to be kept under my panties to check the flow of blood . The class teacher then allowed me to go home but instructed to come the next free 3some porn videos day well prepared.My mother was surprised to know about my earlier than expected adulthood . 20 minute workout babes She gave me some napkins and showed how to use them. Then she told me that in earlier days , there used to be many customs which would last upto seven days. When a girl attained puberty, relatives will be informed and astrologer may be consulted. He would predict the sexual and married life of the teenager depending on time of first menstrual flow. The girls would be washed with turmeric water by the senior women and then would beseated in separate isolated rooms . But I was allowed to attend the school from next day onwards wearing napkins. I used to carry napkins in my school bags when my period was around the corner in future.I was getting wondered on the after effects of my puberty. My breasts became bigger and bigger day by day . My buttocks also became large and pubic hairs began to grow at my arm non-nude 14 yo pits and around the pussy region . After the summer vacations , 57 bathroom vanity when the school reopened , my breasts were more prominent over my uniform shirt which swung up and down while walking.I followed with great 13yo nude blogs interest the development of my breasts and noticed that those who came across me on the way, were converging their looks on them. sweet 16 free movies The swinging of my breasts like water in an earthern pot made life miserable for me. Besides , 14s having sex I felt that my nipples were getting hardened often and bulged over my uniform shirt as if to 14yo almost nude pierce it which could easily be 12 and under diaper noticed by any one coming across me. I tried to cover them by holding some books vertically free xxx mp4 movie in front of them 12 yrs old porn . But I had to confront with the comments of some hooligans who used to tease girls at the school gate . When I had to pass infront of them , I used to walk with quick steps which resulted in more movement of the hemispheres inside the dresses." Oh ! how I long to become a book which is tightly hold to her chest! "." Don't give such punishment to them . 2x pantyhose Give freedom to those lovely Doves and let them come free porn-3-d incest porn out in the open air to enjoy the happiness of free world ".I was really frustrated to hear such comments. To add to my misery , my breasts continued their growth attracting even a dead corpse's attention. I became a feast to the oogling eyes of roadside beggar to rich men travelling in cars. Sometimes I felt even my father's looks were fixed on my breasts. I had to do something about it, but I don't know how to suppress their free movement.Then a new girl Annie joined in our school and she was sitting next to me, soon we became friends. She was born and brought up in North India as her mother was serving as a nurse there. Her father had deserted them and there after , her mother had gone abroad to do service there. Annie was staying with her maternal Grandmother and was also in the same size as me and both of us formed a great friendship. She too had attained puberty then and had breasts bigger than me and bulged well out of her uniforms. But I could notice one difference. Her breasts never swung while walking . Also it never came out of her shirt while she bend. In my case , I was afraid to bend down because , my breasts always bulged out and came out of my uniforms.One day , while going to toilet , I 8ball chicks asked her." Annie what 1930 buffalo gals you are doing to control your breast movements "?"Oh ! you don't know ? let us feel my back ".I ran my hands on her back and felt a horizontal strap inside her uniform." What is it "? I asked curiously."I will show you " . She took me to the toilet and icd-9 code injection lasix bolted from inside. 70s black nudes pics Then she unbuttoned her uniform shirt . I found petite levi 515 jeans that 3 inch strapon she was wearing a banyan like me under the shirt . But I cou ld feel some thing more under her banyan. Annie raised the hem of the banyan and I was surprised to see she was wearing a tight brassier under it." You have started wearing it now itself ? 13yo girl fuck Is n't it meant for grown 13 sex ilegal video up women "?" You stupid , Both grown ups and we young ones have the same organ and there is no agelimit 4 wheeler riding gear to start wearing it. It is meant to keep our breasts in good shape . Unless you start wearing it now itself , your breasts are going to hang boy nude under 15 1925 nude like papayas very shortly . The Headmistress had asked me to wear Ta 016 uniforms brassieres at the time of interview itself . She wouldn't have noticed you , otherwise you too would have to wear one 8th streeet latin since your breasts seems to be bigger than mine ".I remembered the advice given by my Grandma to preserve my gifts. But I felt ashamed to demand for brassieres . How can a 12 year old girl ask her parents for brassieres ? More over , I was more close to my Daddy than Mummy and it was to him I used to ask for anything. So I was really puzzled how to get boy nude 12yo out of this problem.The next day , while having a refreshing cold bath , my attention turned to a corner where the clothes to be washed were piled in a plastic Tub . I carefully inspected them and took out a bra used by my mother. Though it was smelling sweat , I was thrilled to put my breasts in its cups. The bra cups seemed insufficient to contain them . But I hooked it with some difficulty 12yo fotos pics and enjoyed a great thrill celebrities 4free . I felt all of a sudden , I grew too big 12yo sister torrent and felt great pride . It was nice to run the fingers over the bra covered tits . I could feel an unknown pleasure too while doing it. I even wanted to give a soft kiss on my bra covered mounts due to the pleasure I felt.I found that my cleavage was too narrow while wearing the bra. I wore my banyan as usual over it and then put mp3 porn on my uniforms. It was very comfortable while going to school that day. My breasts didn't swing at all . I didn't have to hear any comments and walked confidently in front of the Romeos. It was 2 guys blow job Annie who noticed the change in my body since my breasts bulged more than her. She passed her hands through my back and when she felt the belt of bra on my back , she gave a small pinch there. She requested me to show my bra covered tits to her at least once. I was ashamed and said that I would do it later 20105 seal tight on. Then she said that later she would like to see my naked breasts itself . I could notice even some teachers too watched my breasts with interest secretly.From that day onwards , I continued to wear my mother's smelling brassieres under the uniforms. Though it was difficult to wear those smelling ones , I had no other way to walk with confidence in public. More over , I found that my breasts were getting into the fine shape of two half cut big oranges with the usage of brassieres .Often I had the temptation to try my mother's blouses while at the bath room. As my breasts were bigger than her , the blouses seemed very tight and I struggled to hook them. I admired my sexy body 8tube pinky ass in the bath room mirror wearing my mother's low cut blouses, through various angles . The hooks were unable to hold my soft melons which were struggling to get out. The blouse could not cover my breasts fully and one third of it bulged above the low cut neck. The excess soft flesh and my tight cleavage presented the sight of a hairless pussy just above the blouse. The big bulgings appeared like bleach episode 140 two hemispherical hills. I proudly enjoyed the thrill of admiring my sexy image in the mirror, wearing my mother's blouses whenever I was alone at my house.One day , when I returned from the school 1910 vintage reproduction , I was surprised to see my mother at home. She had taken 14 yo hardcore pics half day leave due to some personal work. I couldn't change my dresses in front of her hot amateur lesbians 01 as I had worn her bra . Mummy insisted me to change my uniforms as she was going to wash them . But I remained hesitant." Mummy , you please leave me. I feel turk porn 15yr ashamed ". I said." I am your mother and more over a woman like you too . You have nothing more than what I have and need not feel ashamed " Mummy said . I had
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