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Related post: Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2006 11:17:51 +0100 From: Expat Stud Subject: Kathy's Boyfriend IIMy best friend Kathy's boyfriend Simon had just shot naughty preteens tgp a huge load in my mouth and I had shot my own load all over my chest. Simon had fed that to me as well, scooping it up and rubbing it along his cock, then sliding it into my mouth. His cock did not deflate slowly, and I was over the top in the scene of it all. Simon was a hot guy, really masculine and just oozed sex appeal. He had a great cock-long enough to make sucking on it a challenge, and REALLY fat. There was no way that I would be able to drive him back home-the roads were getting bad from the snow, and my little Tercel would not have managed it. And besides, the night was still young nn preteens tgp and I had a horned-up man in my room.As I had preteen porn webcam mentioned before, preteen sch Simon was really interested in exploring my ass with his hog of a cock. It was sandra preteen videos not the type of cock that became more narrow as it got to preteen searsh the shaft; rather, it started out fat and just continued that way up to his bloated head, which was long with a slight mushroom to it.-it had free stories preteen an acorn look to it And it wasn't perfectly round-it was more flattened along the top and the bottom (cannot think of the right word for it.) It wasn't particularly veiny, I recall, and he had plenty of skin to spare. I didn't know how I would accommodate it-I had been fucked many times before this by secret preteen portal a professor of mine in university whose dick was longer, but his cock was not nearly as wide as this one.We went into the kitchen to get something to drink, with Simon not able to keep his hands off of me-rubbing my ass, my chest, kissing me. He kept saying how he had wanted this for a long time, that he had wanted to play around with me but he had never found the right moment, how he wanted to take me to a club called The Dock down on the waterfront and show me off to people. How much of this was the weed and alcohol talking I will never know, but my body responded in kind to all of the flattery (hey, we all have egos.) He sure ru girls preteen was a sweet talker, because in no time I was horned up again, eager for some more play. Simon of course was as hard as ever (did his cock ever preteens cuties angels really go down???) and he kept rubbing his cock on mine, rapidshare preteen fuck rubbing it against my thighs, sticking it under my preteens video underground balls and slowly gliding back and forth. He was leaking everywhere, and we were both getting really turned on. He was a kisser, and his tongue kept exploring my mouth. What can I say, horny preteen nymphettes it was hot.He asked how long I had had the hots for him. In hindsight I think it was a bit of an arrogant question to be asking me-he's photo50 preteen pics the one who initiated all of this, after all-but then Simon always had an arrogant attitude. I mean, he was a gorgeous man with a nice piece of meat hanging between preteen angel art his legs tgp nn preteens (not hanging anymore, but still pumping between my thighs.) I told him that I had not necessarily thought of him in that way-he was Kathy's boyfriend after all, and she was my friend. He laughed, grabbing his cock and gently tapping it against mine, saying that everyone wanted a bit of what he had and that he was okay with it-he was an equal-opportunity lover, that he was just doing his bit for the betterment of society. Cocky, yes, but the guy did have a point.'I really want to fuck that ass of yours, I could do a lot with something like that to preteen cheerleaders pictures play with.' Simon placed my hand on his cock and then started kneading my ass cheeks. He put his mouth to my neck, kissing softly, then put preteen in thongs his lips to my ear and mumbled, 'I promise you won't forget it.'I was hesitant, though. His cock was really wide and thick, and it would have been like riding one of those freakish dildos you see in sex shops. How that thing would feel good I had no idea, but I wondered if I would ever have the opportunity again. I hate to live my life with regrets, and I wondered if I would have regretted not giving it a try.I suggested we go back to the bedroom and just see where things went, that I needed to think about it some more. We got into my bed and he asked me to suck on his cock a bit while I thought it over, that he was really horny and needed to feel my mouth do what it was obviously born to do (and now it is my chance to be arrogant-I've always been told that I give great head!) He sat up on my chest and let me lap at his leaky knob-he was like a leaky faucet (a tired cliche, I know, but I do not know mm preteen models how else to describe it.) Soon he was feeding me his pipe, telling me how great I was, how glad he was that I was hot for his cock, that we obviously needed to become better friends, that he seriously liked me. It was just this steady russian naked preteenz stream of dialogue coming out of him, and it really encouraged me-I was greedily sucking away as he pumped my mouth, preteen 12 sexy grabbing his cheeks trying petite preteen pussy to get him to fuck my face faster, but he just kept up a nice slow rhythm, telling me not to worry, that he incest pedo preteen had plenty of jizz stored up, that I would get it soon, and for preteen story incest all he was concerned I could have as much of it as I wanted moving forward.To my surprise Simon switched preteens free video around and we underage preteen free were now in preteen ftp a 69 position. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to eat his ass, to really rim him good. I love rimming guys, so I happily obliged. And to my delight I suddenly felt Simon take my dick into his preteen modelling mouth. Damn, but it felt good-I love getting blown, and he was pretty good at it-obviously not his first time. He would go down to the root, then slowly pull back up, all the while varying the suction. His saliva was dripping down horny masturbating preteens onto my balls, and it felt like I was just bathed in lube down there. I was in heaven. A gorgeous ass in my face, balls rubbing against my chin, a fat leaky cock tapping steadily just below hairy preteens my neck-what was there not to like?With Simon's spit lathering up my balls, it inevitably made its way down towards my ass (probably his intention all along.) Soon one of his big fingers began to rub around, gently applying pressure to my hole. In no time it made its preteen 10 nude way through and he child preteen nudist slowly started to pump it in and out of my chute-not all the way, I don't preteen nudity film think, but just up to maybe his second knuckle-all the while keeping rhythm to his sucking. Soon he had worked his finger up all the way and he gently massaged it back and forth. His fingers weren't terribly nake preteen boy long, I don't think, but they were long enough to find preteen ls paysites my prostate. Damn, but he knew what he was doing! He kept it up for a bit, poking at nnude preteen pics my prostate, until I got incredibly close to cumming-he must have recognized the signs, as he gently pulled his finger out, pulled off of my cock, and then gripped my prick really hard-the same effect tori preteens as a good cock ring.I kept lapping at his ass, moaning, writhing on the bed. He would back up on occasion and tell me to lick his big nuts for usa preteen model him, occasionally lifting up to stick his cock in my mouth, telling me to 'suck my fat dick.' I happily obliged.Simon lifted himself off of me, telling me he wanted to eat my ass before fucking me (a bit presumptuous, I thought, but we both fre pics preteens knew that this was going to happen.) He moved down the bed and pulled me forward until my ass was hanging off the edge, then he lifted sexy preteen pictues me up, bending me over so that my rear was completely exposed and in position for him. My god, he was ravenous-he licked and slurped and lapped and poked and prodded until new preteens naked I was delirious, tingling all over. I couldn't help myself, I just had to jack my cock. I was moaning away, letting him know that I loved what he was doing. I was totally lubed up, my hole opening and closing, opening and closing for him. I was at his mercy at this point.'Simon, will you fuck me?' I had crossed that line again.'Tell me what you want, buddy, tell me what you want me to do and where you want it.*'I want you to fuck me,' I pleaded as a finger speared me.'Where do you want me to fuck you?' Simon was teasing me at this point. God, he was good.'Simon, if you don't stick your cock in my ass now I am going to spray all over the place.' I was desperate at this point-I was about to blow and Simon was making me beg for it. He would alternate between fucking me with his finger (and sometimes fingers) preteen nude modes and rubbing his cock on my hole. He seemed to like rubbing the underside of his dick just against the opening that was gaping in and out.'Did Kath preteen asian gallerie ever tell you how she wouldn't let me fuck her in the ass because my cock was too fat preteen pussy japanese for her?' He kept rocking his cock nude preteen wrestling against me, teasing me. 'You know I will split you open, don't you?'I didn't care at this point, I needed his log up my preteens bikini nude ass so I preteen barefeet could get off. I was so close as it was, I was ready to cum, and his cock was what I required. I was pushing myself back on his dick, hoping to suck it into me.'My god, I had no idea you were such a slut for my fat cock. I warned you, buddy.' And with that he hoisted my legs up onto his shoulders and plunged his dick into me.Dear lord, I thought I was ready for what greeted me. With all of the fingering and rimming, with all of the fucks I had received from my professor Dr. Paul, nothing prepared me for what just popped into my ass. I honestly felt like I had entered another world, one with indescribable pain. Women talk about how preteen porn 3d much childbirth hurts, and that men cannot relate. Well, I free preteen link felt like I had a baby arm shoved into my ass all at once and trust me ladies, I think I was able to relate at that point.Simon just shoved his cock all the way up my ass until he couldn't shove any more. I couldn't help it-I started preteen nudity sites to cum all over the place-all over my chest, my face, my hair, the bed. My ass was on fire and spasming like crazy, milking his cock as though it were a teat or something. My body was heaving nude mpegspreteen like mad. Simon just held his romanian preteens pics cock in place, telling me that I really knew how to welcome a cock like his into my ass, that it felt like my ass was kissing him. He was the cock of the walk at this moment, totally preening in his masculinity. I was the one speared on his cock, and I just happened to cum the moment he shoved leg preteen spread his dick into me.'Fuck man, you really get off on my cock in your ass, don't you?' Boy, Simon was really getting off on my unabashed display of his overwhelming sexuality-it just oozed out of every pore of his body. He kept rocking me back and forth so that I could not forget what was lodged in my preteen boy girl butt. At this point I was almost convulsing, my body was shaking so much. The air felt cold, my skin felt cold. I had shivers pulsing through my body.I readily admit that once I cum I completely lose interest in sex, at least for a brief spell, and this time was no different. I really needed time to recover my senses and deal with what I had just allowed to happen-my best friend's boyfriend had his cock in my ass. I told Simon that I needed a break, that I needed to recoup, but he didn't porn gallerys preteen see the situation the same as I did; he preteen glamour sites was just getting preteen clevage started.'I warned you, man. And you asked for it. It's time to fuck.'And with that Simon started to pull his cock out, slowly, rocking me all the way, shaking me up and down so that my swollen rectum could squeeze him from every angle. You know how it feels when you put on a pair of jeans that are too tight, how at first it seems like it fit
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