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Related post: Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 06:31:22 -0800 15 years russia porn (PST) From: Bob Archman Subject: Mount Pleasant 3Mount Pleasant 3by Bald Hairy ManThis is a story about gay men and gay sex. If you don't like that DON'T read it. You have been warned. It is intended for adults to read, not for minors. It is a fantasy, not a sex manual. No effort to portray safe sex practices has been made. If you have any comments send them to or I wasn't sure I wanted to be Mount Pleasant's resident bottom, but I didn't need to worry about that. Glenn had recruited some fuck girl 14 years back up bottoms. The entire staff was gay, but the nurses had a limit to their sexual activities. They tended to stay in the part of Mount Pleasant were the residents were beginning to lose ground and none would play with a patient. They kept everything strictly professional. The nurses played with Glenn, but that was about it.Dutch was an pre years nude russian intensely masculine man and he was a top. We showered in Glenn's side of Mount Pleasant. That gave the nurses a chance to make their rounds and had some fun too. Somehow I ended up in the shower with Dutch, Glenn, Bill, Skeeter and Saul. Skeeter was built like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz when he was dressed. Naked he was muscular and wiry. The nude16 years old girls only meat on him was his cock and the potatoes that dangled below. Saul was solid brick of a man with compact genitals.When Bill told me Dutch was horse hung, he understated the case. Dutch was uncut, and massive even when he was soft. It looked like there was a tangerine foto pedo 12 years inside he foreskin. We had a round robin fuck fest. Glenn, Skeeter or Saul would go to check on the residents, white the rest of us played. Whe one returned, another one of them would leave.Dutch seemed to have an insatiable appetite forum 14 years fuck for fucking. Skeeter and I were willing to take his monster. Bill was mostly a top, but the nurses were all versatile. Dutch started 10-14 year pussy pics with Skeeter. Glenn held Skeeter's legs open and lubed Dutch's member as he eased into the willing ass. A few snorts on a bottle of poppers eased the way. Dutch took 13 year teen his time on the first entry, but was more forceful as 14 years sex picture he figured young nude 16 years out his partner's limits. Skeeter was no virgin and he loved it.When they tried out doing sexy 16 years tits it doggy style. Glenn went to Bill and they got it on. Bill wasn't much of a bottom, but Dutch and Skeeter must have inspired him. Glenn was no 16 year nude free easy piece of meat, but after some work it was deep in Bill's behind. barely 14 yearsold preeteens I noticed Bill was squirming and rotating young year porno his ass, working Glenn's cock into a better position. Bill had lost his erection when Glenn first poked him, but Bill was nice and hard now.Saul returned to the shower room. Skeeter 14 years porn grats quickly showered and dressed and went on his rounds. Saul joined our group. Glenn pulled out of Bill and came to hold me open while Dutch took me. Saul took his place in Bill's ass. Bill moaned when Saul's rock 14 years orgasm movies hard circumcised cock worked it's magic. Bill had discovered his bottom side.I wanted to try Dutch's meat, but my sphincter wasn't so sure about it. After a few unsuccessful efforts, Dutch laid down on a bench and told me to sit on it. That was easier for me, nude teens 10-14 years though it took a lot of lubricant and poppers before I was totally impaled. I was doing a little dance on Dutch's love pole when 15 years porn pics Mr. Wallace came in the room.He saw what 14 year teen pussy was going on, stripped off his pajamas and joined in. He fed Dutch his cock and bent over to suck 15 year porno girl mine. Dutch turned out to be a good sport, and Mr. Wallace was a first rate cock sucker. We rearranged ourselves. Dutch sat up, and I sat on is cock with my back to his torso. This gave Mr. Wallace a chance to suck my cock and Dutch's balls. Wallace may have been confused, photo porno boys 12year but he knew what he liked.Dutch and Wallace seemed to bond. Somehow Dutch knew what Wallace wanted. We thought the older man only like 12 years old porn cock sucking, but he loved the up close and personal view of fucking. At first I was fully impaled and Wallace had my cock and two 14 years porn pic sets of balls to lick. When we shifted and some shaft was available, Wallace loved licking Dutch's shaft and seem to like my stretched fuck hole.Dutch shifted my weight so there was more shaft and Wallace could get to my hole easier. Dutch popped out once and Wallace's tongue was in my hole, rimming me. Rimming is the wrong word. He 16 year virgin girlporn tongue fucked me. He suddenly stopped, stood still. He positioned his cock at my hole and climaxed, ejaculating over and over again, coating my hole porn girls 15 years and Dutch's cock head with his seed.Dutch used his cock to push the seed into my ass. Wallace 14 teen year naked beamed in pleasure. He wasn't a top, but he liked seeing his sperm pushed into my ass. I was in heaven. Dutch shifted again and royally fucked me doggy style.Saul got Mr. Wallace, "It's time for you to get to bed," Saul said."These are nice boys. I had a good time," Wallace said as Saul cleaned him up. The older man smiled as Saul cleaned his cock. "They're staying up late.""Your folks will be home soon. They'll be mad if you're still up. You can play another day," Saul 14 year porn pics explained. 15years girlsporn Mr, Walalce was perfectly happy with that explaination,Dutch was still fucking me. I heard Glenn whisper, "Save some for me!""Don't worry, I'm not a one shot wonder," Dutch replied as he gave my prostate a sperm bath. Everyone was happy. For a horse hung man, Dutch was a good top, he told 13 years nudists me he like repeat customers, 14 year old girls so he took his time. He also seemed to be a good judge of a man's capabilities. I think he knew Glenn could take it and that Bill wanted it badly.I got a called to deal with a problem on the other side of the building so I had to leave. A day or two later I found out both Glenn and Bill had taken a ride on Dutch's member. Dutch went back to his office the virgins 15 years photos next day, but promised to come back. He told us our pool might require some personal attention. He also told me he had just the right men for our project.The residents thought the pool was a good idea, but most thought of the construction of the pool as an entertainment. They liked something to watch. 15years babys porn The nudist 12 years illegal staff had higher expectations. We hoped Dutch's right men would be right for us too. Wally's plan for the pool seemed to grow between the time of his visit and the start of construction. He decided to enclose the pool for year around under 18 years porn use. This had an additional benefit for me. The enclosed pool could be secured. There would be no wondering into the pool accidentally.The pool enclosure was to be an elaborate Victorian style Conservatory. I was shocked at it's elaboration. This was accidental. It was designed for a hotel that went bankrupt before the Conservatory was nude young 13 years installed. Wally got it for under it's true cost. Wally and Joe Billings began to thirteen year old tits make more regular visits. Dutch told Bill that Joe was shy and uneasy. He was a family man with three kids and a pillar of the community. Sex with men was new to him. After a few visits, they began to use the community showers and join in the life of Mount Pleasant.The kitchen staff was the weak link in Mount Pleasant's personnel. Don, the head cook was fine, but the rest tended to show up when they felt like it. Don and the kitchen staff had found Mr. Wallace. That had improved attendance for several of the kitchen workers. The two worst offenders, Randy and Ernie quit, and were replaced by two younger men, Jesus and Bro. Bro was short for brother and the word was Bro was as far as his folks could spell. These men were a giant step in the right direction. Our salaries were big bucks for both these guys. They had been part time fast food workers, and our benefits were a revelation to them. Jesus' mother was in declining health and she was covered in our family plan.Both new men were rock solid and hard workers, with 100% attendance. Jesus liked to cook and Bro was good with the residents. We encouraged all residents to eat in the dining room, but we did serve trays to rooms when needed. Bro did this and he was popular. Jesus was 30, but looked much younger. Bro was 22.I was a little surprised when I saw Jesus leaving Wally and Joe's room at 5:00 in the morning and Bro the next morning. Wally and Joe apparently liked younger men. Bro was a nice hillbilly with a heart of gold. He had been 10 year old nudes thrown out by his family when they discovered he was gay. He was blond, cheerful and helpful. When I 14 years old girlsex first met Bro, I thought peeling vegetables was near the top of his intellectual ability. I soon realized his problem was a poor education.I mentioned this to Lucien and Henry, our retired teachers and they went to work on him. They were already working on Jesus' English.When sexteen years porn Wally and Joe discovered the pleasures of our staff, they stopped locking them selves in the guest room and mingled more. I have known Wally for years. He loved to be sucked and I like to suck, so we had a good relationship. When he was with a staff member or a resident, he was more open to the possibilities. He hit it off with Lucien and they both shared Jesus. Jesus was an all but insatiable bottom. He was 10years old girl fuck happy when Wally, Joe and Lucien fucked him. Lucien claimed his English got better when there was some pressure on his prostate.Joe was a top, as was Bro, but both could 17 years mpeg xxx be accommodating. Oddly, while Bro was polite, he never asked before he fucked. He seemed to know who wanted it. I'm not sure Joe knew he wanted a cock in his 14 year no nude behind, but he took Bro's and loved it. The young man and his youthful sperm carried the day.As the pool construction began we got a 14years old girls new resident. Technically he was Eubank Denver, but he called himself Boy, and the residents called him Swamp Thing. He had been raised in a hollow in the forest. He had never been to school and had hidden from sight for sixty years. As far as the social workers could tell, his Daddy had done something wrong and fled to the hills and never returned.Swamp Thing had two, mentally retarded brothers. When his Dad died, Boy took care of them until they died. They lived without coming into contact with the outside. A flash flood had destroyed his cabin and rescue workers found him in a tree. The social workers weren't sure if he was mentally handicapped or just totally non socialized. He knew only men and didn't respond to women at all. He spent most of the time naked and tended to get naked at in appropriate times. Thus they sent him to us. Nudity in an all male home was less of problem than it was for the elderly ladies in most retirement homes.He looked like a cartoon version of a troll, he had no neck, very broad shoulders, a massive beard, bug eyes and a muscular body. As far as we could tell he had suffered a stoke in the past and sometimes had difficulty moving his left side.He looked strange and acted oddly, thus the Swamp Thing name, but he was even tempered and seemed to have no tendencies toward violence. I tried to discourage the Swamp 13 years teen porn Thing name, but it seemed to fit. Boy rather liked it. Several of our residents tgp 14 year old thought he was uncouth, but Dr. Ed took him on as a project. Swamp Thing had been all but locked up in the last place he had been because of his problem with nudity. We let him go and he was fine. He loved our food, but his table manners were a trial.Dr. Ed was nothing if not a good sport and took time to soften a few of Swamp Thing's rougher edges. This was greatly aided when Swamp Thing met Mr. Alan Ewell. Alan Ewell was a retired church organist and almost prissy in his mannerisms. He was short and stocky and apparently looked like Swamp Thing's father.Alan was shy and reserved and tended to stay in a corner away from activity. Swamp Thing seemed to think Alan was his father come back to life. Oddly Alan accepted 14 years nude photo Swamp Thing as the son, or brother he had always wanted. Alan had been the Organist of a Presbyt
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