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Related post: Meta.1.Boner MetamorphosisBonerBy John YagerWell, now folks, for something a little different. I know, many of child model pics lolitas you are saying, "Get on with Montgomery Hall!," and I really appreciate your loyalty. I am still too new to the Wonderful World of NIFTY not to be surprised and very flattered by the e-mail I've received from, quite literally, all over the world. I am also still a little surprised by how seriously many of you have taken the Montgomery Hall stories and identified with its characters. I've had messages addressed to Martin, to Tim, and to Ben, who, by the way, has quiet a fan club. There have been many suggestions and a few flames, mainly for failing to move lolli girls nude pic the stories along a little faster. Oh, well! All I can say is thank you for your interest and support.But having just finished "Montgomery Hall: Magnolias" (I mention this realizing that it will make little sense to those of you who stumbled on this little epic with no knowledge of the elweb dark lolita bs on-going Montgomery Hall saga), I think I need a little break before Martin and Tim really get it on. I can tell you all, those two guys can really be exhausting.So what follows is a little light entertainment, a kind of "Eine kleine Nachtgeschichte" with Faustian apologies to Marlowe, Goerthe, and, yes, even Berlioz. Please don't take it too seriously, but this is a cautionary tale. Well, sort of.I should also add, that while it was not my intention to make life especially difficult for the NIFTY Archivist, this story may present something of a challenge as it could fit nicely, by my count, into six of the usual NIFTY Gay categories. Good luck, David, and many thanks.The usual disclaimers apply. This is a work of gay erotic fiction and should not be read by those who don't like such stuff or are prohibited from reading such material due to age or legal restrictions.This work is copyrighted by the author and my not be reproduced in any form without specific written permission of the author. It is assigned to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission agreement but it may not be copied or archived on any other site without the written permission of the* * *Boner sat at his desk trying to get his thoughts together. He really wanted to tell his story. The events of the last few days had been too amazing to keep to himself.Boner suffered from the fear most men have of communicating their most private thoughts. The thoughts were bad enough, but to really tell his story, Boner had to reveal much more about himself than he had ever considered revealing to top lolita bbs pic anyone before. Not even his ex-wife knew some of this stuff.He thought about the stories he had read, accounts of other men's experiences. One thing which had always irritated him were the personal accounts which began with some statement like, "Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm just an ordinary 23 year blond guy with a nine inch dick, the body of an Olympic gymnast and a face right out of a Caravaggio painting."Well, come on! First of all, the narrator was probably an eighteen year old, lolita innocent sun bbs pimple faced shrimp with mouse brown hair, and, when he's really lucky, a five inch dick and a face nude preteen lolitas net out of the "unimproved" photo in an acne cream ad. But even if the description of the first guy was true, what can the reader do with such information? So you are about to read of the sexual acrobatics of a blond stud god and all you can think is, "Wow, next to him, I come off just a little lower on the evolutionary ladder than the spotted brown slugs." There is no way the average guy can relate with such a person. All you can do is wade through his adventures, experiencing the plotted cycles of sex, narcissism legal russian lolita bbs and more sex. Everybody is beautiful in such stories. Everybody gets the person they want and who most wants them. But of course, it's all fantasy. And ten bucks says the blond god doesn't even know who the hell Caravaggio was anyway.So Boner sat there thinking. Despite his loathing for such stories, he saw no way to get started but to begin the same way. "So, anyway," Boner keyed into his computer, "before I begin my story, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a 28 year old, slightly out of shape guy with sort of light brown hair which is beginning to get a little thin on top. I'm five feet, nine inches tall and weigh 158 pounds. I used to try to get to the gym about twice a week. I haven't gone at all for the last year. Well, okay, eighteen months. I know I really need to start working out again because I've begun to develop a bit of a gut. I was married for three years to the girl I dated all through college, but we were divorced two years ago. Kim remarried a year ago and just had a baby girl. She and I didn't have any kids, which she always blamed on me, and I guess maybe she was right. Since our divorce I have teen bikini lolita ametuer dated a little. Well, actually, I dated for about six months, never found a girl I was attracted to, and just kind of lost interest. Oh, yeah, I've got a cut dick which is a little on the short side of average."Boner looked at the screen and sighed. "What a shitty beginning," he thought, and headed toward the kitchen for a beer.Boner's real name was Bill, well, actually William Hudson Bogner. But since the fifth grade when a classmate either misunderstood it, couldn't pronounce it, or was just loli pics and videos trying to be funny, Boner had been Boner. It served as first, last, and nick name and he had come to be rather fond of it. Of course he was addressed as Mr. Bogner at the bank, even thought he was rather low in the pecking order and showed no signs of moving up. But still, banks, even mid sized ones of no particular distinction, were somewhat formal places and everyone got a minimal ration of respect.Away from the bank, everyone called him Boner. He had noticed in the last two years, even his mother has stopped calling him William, or even Bill, and had taken up Boner as well. Perhaps, he thought, her adoption of the nick name had something to do with Kim leaving. He was fairly sure she did not know its somewhat rude meaning, at least as it was used in some circles.But for Boner the name seemed to be a sort of crystallization of his life. It could mean, boner, as in a really dumb mistake, or, boner, an embarrassing erection. But for him, in addition to all the subtexts, it was just his name, more profoundly than William Hudson Bogner could ever be.So there you have it: That is Boner. Or, more precisely, that was Boner. Fate had other plans for him. The man he had been last Friday afternoon when he left the bank for a weekend free nude lolita guestbook trip to Chicago was effectively dead! The man who now sat before his computer on Sunday evening was a time bomb, a Faustian dynamo, a veritable one man sexual revolution in the making.But to tell the whole story, we must go back to the proper beginning. And that would not have been last Friday night, but rather his freshman year at university.Boner had moved into the little single room at the end of the third floor. It was move-in day in the freshman men's dorm and the noise level was a little higher than your average rock concert. Most of the guys on his floor, Boner quickly realized, had asked to be assigned to a room with a high school friend. As a result, there were the jock rooms, the scholar rooms, the musician rooms, and so on. He also realized that he had been given a single room, one of only four on the floor, because he had not asked for a specific room mate and the university staff people making more arbitrary matching from the information on admission forms, could tell so little about Boner, that they had taken the safe route and given him one the four corner rooms. Those rooms were a little smaller in order to accommodate the stairwells at either end of the halls. It was great to have a private room, but Boner quickly began to think of them as the Losers' Rooms, the rooms for the guys nobody wanted to have a room mates.Well, that wasn't anything new to Boner. He had never been good at sports and by the time he'd reached third grade, he had been identified by his classmates as the inevitable last kid chosen for any team. In high school it had been worse. Boner just didn't fit into any of the established groups. He wasn't a jock, he wasn't a scholar. He didn't play a musical instrument and he certainly didn't sing. In fact, Boner was so far out of the loop that he didn't even fit into the more structured groups of nerds. He was a loner, both by choice and by default.Then he arrived at the university preteen lolita pics model and made his observation about the nature of the corner rooms and the guys who were assigned them and he had a kind of insight. The dorm had six floors and there were four corners on each floor. That meant that there was a total of twenty-four such rooms. Given the statistical possibility that a few of those guys had been put into corner rooms because of some administrative quirk, there was still the strong likelihood that there were at least a dozen or more guys with whom he had at least something in common; call it "looserhood."It was easy enough. Boner knew where these other candidates for uniqueness were. It was the start of a new school year and everyone in the dorm was room hopping anyway, meeting new neighbors, checking up on old high school friends who has been assigned to the same dorm, and just generally roaming the halls, getting acclimated to their new home. Boner joined the parade, little naked nymphet lolitas but he didn't roam aimlessly. No, he was a man with a mission. Within a few hours he had met all but two of the other "corner guys," as he had begun to think of them. russian lolita models website And he was pleased to find that his first insight had proved to be true. In fact, as he made his rounds, he tended to feel that the administrative quirk quotient was very small, perhaps nonexistent. The other corner guys were, like himself, loners. Several were so strange that he knew he would not pursue any sort of friendship with them. But half a dozen of them turned out to be quite interesting and one in particular, was down-right fascinating. That was Star.Danny Star was really thin. He looked a lot like the kid Charles Atlas had missed. His whole demeanor seemed to dare you to kick sand in his face. But there was a certain undeniable quality in his personality which attracted Boner. Over the next few weeks they became close friends. In fact, Boner later realized, Star was his first real friend, ever.The first day of classes, as Boner was dressing after the required and much dreaded Freshman Gym class, he looked across the huge locker room and saw Star. It turned out that they were not in the same class, but the classes they were in met at the same time. Boner had resolved to head back to his dorm as soon as the class was over, and shower and change there with some degree of privacy, rather than suffer the discomfort of the huge open shower rooms at the gym. But when he saw Star toss his gym clothes into his locker, wrap a towel around his thin hips and head for the shower, Boner, on a whim, did the same. He managed to find a shower head across from the one Star was using. >From that position, he guardedly checked out his new friend's naked body. Boner was amazed and somewhat relieved to see that Star was as meagerly equipped as himself. In fact, Star's whole body seemed to scream inadequacy. He had virtually no physique at all, if by that you meant visible muscle. He was so skinny it was almost painful to look at him. Boner's first impression was of photos he'd seem on emaciated POWs or refugees or concentration camp survivors. Star had little or no body hair apart from a sparse, pale patch above his puny dick. Boner was very pleased. In fact, he was ecstatic. Here was a guy with whom he could feel equal, even superior. Star, in Boner's eyes, was a really cool guy.Over the next few months Boner and Star became good friends. Star was a bright guy, not a commonly recognized fact, given his rather incommunicative nature. Through Star, Boner met Kim, the girl he later married. That meeting occurred because Kim's roommate, Patty, was from the same town as Star and an old high school friend of his. The four of them double dated.Just before the Christmas holidays the four of them went to a big party together. They left it early, parked and made out, Boner and Kim in the font seat of Boner's old Chevy, Star and Patty in the rear. It was okay, Boner thought. He liked Kim, topless nude 16yo lolita enjoyed holding and kis
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