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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 23:27:37 -0800 (PST) From: JKBlackhouse Subject: Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 32: This Is A Hiking Trip?This is a work of fiction. The characters are invented. It is intended solely for the fantasy entertainment of persons, age 18 or older, who want to read about gay sex and male slavery. If you are not at japanese lolita free gallery least 18 years old and/or this is not what you want, read no further.Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by the author. JKBlackhouseBrothers & Slaves: Characters so far:Danny 17, currently the narrator, high school junior, on preteen little lolita magic soccer & track teams; Ken 18, Danny's older brother, athletic body, high school senior, plays football, shy lolita nude galerry baseball junior teens lolita sites & wrestles; Gary 15, Danny's younger brother, young stud, high school freshman, footballer; Tuck 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Don, soccer & track; Don 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Tuck, backup quarterback. Joey, 16, teammate of Danny and leader of team's turning him into their shaved cocksucker; Tim, 17, personal house slave of Ken, Danny and Gary; Mr. Howard, owner, a slave training facility. James: head slave of the family household. Ron, 18, classmate littles lolitas nudes pics and now Master of Ken Brothers & Slaves Chapt. 31: On The Home Front Gary & DannyIt took no more than a couple of minutes for Danny to rear back, his body arching, his child nude lolly edition toes curled against the freedom lolita bbs tgp floor as he felt the rigidity of his orgasm and the flow of his sperm into his brother's mouth. Gary did not need to be told to swallow, he knew that was part of the blowjob and he did his part. The cum was creamy, thick, plentious, and slightly sweet. Hmmm, he thought, this might not be so bad after all, that is, if they let me cum too. He knew that wasn't likely to happen for a minimum of a few days, probably longer. And he knew he would have to get on his knees before either his russian preteen lolita sites father or James to beg for the chastity key. How completely degrading, he thought. He decided James' disdain would lolita kiddie cp bbs be more bearable than kneeling before his own father.Meanwhile, now sated, Danny had slave thoughts of his own. He wanted to get back to Mr. Howard's slave training center and he thought he might know a way to do it. He'd need to talk with loli girls licking guys his father about a vacation, soon coming, a hiking trip. kds lolita love videos And he'd need James or one of his own friends to drive him out to the center. I can do this he said to himself, much excited by seeing his brother naked, in chastity and shaved. He wanted that for himself and he aimed to get it. Chapt. 32: This Is A Hiking Trip?DannyIt was several weeks later that we finally had our school break. I had talked with Dad about the notion of using the time for a hiking trip and he had readily consented. In fact, he asked if I wished to take Gary with me as sort of my slave to haul my pack and stuff. I gave that a lot of thought. It would be fun to have Gary along and Dad said he'd let me have the key to Gary's chastity pouch so Gary would know I was in control. That would sure be fun.On the other hand, the whole idea was for me to get back to Mr. Howard's training center where I could be treated as the slave I thought I might want to eventually be long term. What to do? I decided to consult James, our top house slave. I knew he often advised my parents little sexy lolita model and when we were young, he'd had a lot of control over us (as he still did when Dad wanted to punish us, as he was now doing with Gary).In the end, lolitas many top sites I decided that Gary would just get in the way. James had said it was free lolita pictures galleries completely up to me. When I told him of my decision, he said he thought I was probably right and not to worry, he would keep Gary well in hand while I was gone. So much for that. I'd already made my arrangements with Mr. Howard. Now all I needed was a ride out to the training center. I thought it best to keep James otherwise out of things, so I asked my friend Andy to drive easter lola bunny hentai me and to then pick me up when I was done. He agreed to do it for two blowjobs pretty young girls lolitas beforehand and two more afterward. That was no problem, Andy was a cutie pie and the truth is, I lusted after him and no part of him more than his dick. So that was a lolitas 12 years supermodels perfect arrangement.I'd already done the two suckoffs. I'd made him be naked and lying down on his back so I'd preteen lolita model video have access to his entire body. I started each time by licking his chest and kissing him hard - and deep. Andy was no stranger to boy sex, though he had a girl friend, he never missed a chance when it was offered to him to get off with another guy. From his chest I went right to his thickly haired armpits. Umm, what a sexy boy smell and taste. At the same time I was pinching and then twisting his nipples. I knew teen young lolita bbs how much he liked that.In no time at lolitas with sexy butts all, I had him moaning and begging me to go down on him. I said, "with pleasure" and soon had his cock bbs lolita underage porn fully down my throat with my nose nestled delightfully in his pubic hair. Sucking and tit twisting, in no time at all I had him gasping for breath and then begging little preteen lolitas sex me to finish him off. With a final plunge of his cock down my throat and a vicious twist of his tits, he spurted stream after stream of thick cream into me and just as eagerly and quickly, I swallowed it. Then we lay entwined, two naked boys hot for eachother and one now rid of his cum after a screaming climax - and I mean screaming. Lucky nobody was home at his house to hear it.The second time was much like the first except we did it in the woods, both of us naked, lying on the ground, and while I petit milk lolita magazine sucked, I slowly finger fucked his ass which immediately set him squirming with pleasure, so I added a second finger, his cock in my mouth the whole time, and that set him off like a fire hose, squirt, squirt, squirt. It was beautiful lolita nude porn pictures to see and to feel and to taste.I'd done my part. Now it was his turn to give me a lift out to the center. He asked if he could come in with me and watch. Well, that was a problem. It would be really hot for me to have Andy see me turned into a slave, but I had not gotten permission ahead of time from Mr. Howard so I had to tell him I was sorry, but not this time. Maybe next time, if he still wanted to see it (I x darling nude loli hoped he would). lolita naked preview sites We agreed free lola bunny porn on free russian lolita movies the arrangements for him to pick me up. When we arrived at the center, I stripped and left everything I was wearing, T shirt, shorts, jock, sock and sneaks loli hentai 3d hot plus my backpack with him. That's what Mr. Howard had said to do. He'd said I must arrive absolutely naked, with my pubes and pits shaved smooth when I presented myself at the gate. It was scary to pubescent little small lolita watch Andy drive off, leaving me there literally with nothing. But that was the deal.I picked up the phone at the gate little lolitastop 100 nude to tell the gate slave I'd arrived bestlolita and cp sites and he was soon there to let me in and lead me to the preparation barn. Of course, I'd been through this before, so I thought I knew what to expect. I wasn't entirely wrong. First all my remaining body hair was removed, the little that was left since I'd preshaved my pits and bush as ordered - I was told the goo they'd free gallery tpg lolitas used would leave me hairless for 6 months (6 months!) except for my head, where the sides would be hairless only 3 months and meanwhile I'd be sporting a 2 inch wide almost buzz cut slave mohawk. I was now in the system so I had absolutely no say about what was being done to me. Thank god they left me with my eyebrows at least. Some of the slaves I'd seen there before had those removed as well and young lolits rape porn it made preteen lolita model photography them look damned strange.The metal wrist and ankle restraint bands were locked on me and then an extremely tight metal collar, tighter than I'd remembered from before. The hobble chain was locked between my ankles, just 7 inches of leeway. My smaller nipple and PA rings were replaced by the heavier and wider ones worn routinely by slaves. The one inch free child lolita sex diameter rings of a slave were placed through best lolita bbs links my earlier earlobe piercings. But then came the shocker: instead of just writing my slave name (ie, number) on my back as before, it was now tattooed on me. I tried to protest but when gagged, and with hands cuffed behind the back, that's hard to do and certainly not very effective. For life, I would now wear my slave young non naked lols name, 415. At first I felt devastated, but as I calmed down, I realized this was confirmation of who I really was and that I should wear the tattoo with pride. Of course, I already have "slave" tattooed across russian lolitas video clips my smooth pubes.A leash was clipped to lolita free xxx hard my 10 forward lolita bbs collar and I was led to a post right in front of the processing barn. I was placed in a a tight leather hood, no eyes, no mouth, just pinpricks for my nostrils to breathe through. My wrists were cuffed behind the post, a chain locked my ankles to the rear of the post and another one went round my russia yong lolitta teen belly and one round my chest, ensuring my back was russian lolita kim 10yo flat against the post. Another chain locked my collar to a ring on the post. My nipples were nude lolita boy gallery clamped then a chain connected the clamps across my chest lolita fuck pic gallery and another connecting them ran round the rear of the post. Finally, a weight was hung ukrainian lolita models pictures from lolita pic free online my permanent metal ball harness that my brothers had long ago preteen lolitas in panties had installed on me and another weight hung from the PA. Then I was left. Of course, I was given no explanation. I was a slave, there was no need of one.I was not directly in the sun but it was still plenty warm and inside the thick leather of the hood, I was sweating like crazy. It was driving me nuts but I knew lola bbs tgp info that I must keep calm, it would do absolutely no good to panic, just make it worse. And no one would even know if I panicked. There would free naked lolita nymphet be no rescue in any case, so I just stood there with one fantasy after another going through my mind as to what was in store for me. I'll say this, developing lolita vagina pics what actually was awaiting me, not that day but soon, I would never, ever, have guessed nor fantasied, not quite.After standing for hours, my dick, pulled down by the weight, was underage lolitas naked pics trying to harden nonetheless. Mr. Howard had ordered that I not cum for the 10 days before returning to the center. Believe me, it had not image gallery hentai loli been easy to keep my hands off my dick, I'd even considered asking James nude lolita japanese preteens to lock up my cock but I decided I must do it on my own and, despite morning woodies (and the blow jobs for Andy), I made it. My nipples teen angels lola models were burning from the heavy, tight clamps weighing them down and pinching them. I grew weary just from standing there young preteen lolita kinder naked and barefoot.At last I could hear someone's footsteps, even through the hood. I figured he must be wearing boots to make lolita russian incest cloud that much bbs lolita cp sites noise. I was released from the post though not from the tit clamps nor the penis and ball weights, and not from the hood. It was a relief just to be able to swing my arms and move my feet. I reminded myself that this was just lolitas nude 456 pedoPost a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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