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Related post: Kayden 8 This story involves gay fiction. I don't like writing `bout sex, so you won't find it here, I might suggest some of it, but no hardcore. In the past chapters this header said this story is the story of my life. Hehe, sorry to burst the bubble, but I kinda borrowed this header from another story of mine which hasn't been released yet. This story is not about my life, though certain people portrayed in the story may be real. There is no sex... blah, blah, blah. You know the rest. If you've gone this far, I can't stop you anymore.*IMPORTANT NOTE* I feel really bad about not being able to reply to some people because the message is bounced back. So I decided to post who didn't receive a reply from me although I did have one prepared, if sext preteens they can send me another e-mail, perhaps a different one, I could try againFollowing E-mails not replied to:MAILER-DAEMONyahoo.comKayden - By Ryan KeithChapter 8 - A Tutor"Study?""Yeah, I was hopingwe could, like get together to study for preteen sex cock the upcoming religion test," the overly excited girl said.I sat back and wondered what she was talking about. I didn't remember hearing anything about a test. Now that I think about it, though, we have covered a lot and it would be a perfect time to be tested on the material we've learned. Not that I didn't preteen porn blowjobs trust this girl's word for it, I just didn't pay any attention. I don't know how I got involved with this girl in the first place. She comes out of nowhere and asks me if I can be her study preteen porn free partner. I was eating lunch by myself; Maya and Scott weren't around. Scott was probably still angry with me about what I had said to him. It had been like that all week. A rumor flying around said that Scott and I had a huge fight over Maya and we were no longer friends. What a load of bullshit. I didn't care; let all those idiots think what they want. preteen supermodel tgp It's between Scott and me anyways. I guess I did over-react a bit, but it was his fault as much preteen modeling underwear as it was mine. If I know Maya as well as I think I do, I'd say she's sensed his foul mood and tried to lift his spirits."Ah, I'll preteen models boys have to get little preteen nymphet back to you on that. I'm not smart at all. I mean, I hardly listen in class. Why would you want to study with someone who's crap in Religion?"She looked like she was caught off guard with the question. It took her longer to answer it than illegal preteen erotica it should have."It's just that, like, I usually study with a friend of mine, and, like, she's going to be away for a tournament," she paused to take a sip of her water. "I, like, always do much better on tests when I explain the material to, like, someone else. Kinda like I'm tutoring them. I sort of saw that you were having some trouble in the class, and, like, I think you'd be perfect to study with."I guess it did make sense. The best way to study is to teach the material to someone else, like you're teaching the lesson. Knowing the material well enough to help someone else almost guarantees that you understand everything."Well, if you put it that way, sure, why not? It would be cool if you studied with me. How does Saturday sound to you?" I said to her.Her eyes looked like they were going to start glowing, by the way her face bloomed into an excited state."OH MY GOD! You are such, like, a lifesaver. I promise you, Zac, I won't let you down," she shouted too loudly. She took out a piece of paper and scribbled her number onto it. "I should thank you Melissa, you're really doing me the favor." I told her. I felt like punching myself, seeing the way sexy japanese preteen her mouth twitched. "Actually, Zac, preteen age model my name is Alicia.""I... I'm really, really, sorry," I gravely apologized. "I'm really bad with names. Please don't be angry. I seriously get everyone's name mixed up. I really didn't mean to forget your name." Her finger on my mouth silenced me as she looked me straight in the eye and smiled. "I really like that preteen pictuers about you. You're, like, so innocent. It makes me want to, like, pinch your cheeks. Don't worry about it hon, you'll get it right." With that, she left. I sat there stunned. No one had ever touched pre teens stripping these lips besides Kayden. I almost felt like I had betrayed him. models sexy preteens I didn't kiss her or anything, but I still felt bad. How the hell did I miss such a thing like a test? I didn't even know that this Alicia girl was in my class. And what the hell is with her sentences. She was saying "like" so many times the word lost all meaning, I thought to myself.I felt my cheeks blaze when I realized more than the usual eyes were staring at me. I decided my lunch was over and tossed the rest out. I needed some fresh air. Class was going to hot preteen photos start in the next five minutes. Our teacher was usually late, but it didn't bother me. As usual, I was the first one there. Slowly, other students began walking in, quite a few walking to me to say "Hi."I really didn't expect him to show up, but once every blue moon, Scott surprises me. It didn't really look like he wanted to be usenet preteen bin here anyways. He'd missed almost a week of history. I guess he took his chances mini petites preteen skipping, rather than having to deal with me. Still, it was good to see him, and I guess I was glad he was back. "Hey," Scott whispered silently.I turned to him. preteen boys fuckign His eyes were cast down, staring at the desk in front of him. "Hey, man," I replied. We sat there for a couple of minutes just staring at our desks. "You know..." we both began at the same time. We stopped dead in mid sentence. I turned a bit to look at Scott. Sure enough, he was looking back with his lop-sided grin. I couldn't help but grin a bit myself. "Things kinda got out of hand, didn't they?" I asked."Yeah. Kinda fucked up huh. Shit, if I knew you would get that pissed, I would have kept my mouth shut. You know how hard it is for me to admit I'm wrong, but I really did go overboard," Scott said carefully. I could tell he was choosing his words slowly. Scott has trouble with saying what he feels in his heart. The only way for him to get it out is to say it slowly. I guess he took it too seriously when his mother lectured him about thinking before you speak. "I was outta line there, buddy. I didn't mean to get that mad. I just couldn't stand to see you being so mean to a friend. I mean, Kade didn't do anything to offend you, did he?" I asked. Scott let out a deep breath. "No, not really. I guess I was scared that, you know, you found someone better to replace me."Scott's reply was unexpected. Replace him?I looked at Scott with what must have been the weirdest expression in the world. Judging by his face, I must have looked really angry. I wanted to yell at him for even considering the notion. I quickly glanced around and noticed there were preteen cp bss too many eyes and ears for me to say what I wanted to say. "We need to talk. Outside," I commanded in an expressionless voice. I got up and made my way to the door. A few whispers echoed around the room as Scott followed me. I didn't care; let them speculate. Other students don't bother me, usually, except when they stare like I'm some sort of exhibit. Once in a while though, some people surprise me. "Shit. Kendal's fucked now. Hunter is gonna wreck him."I paused at the door and turned my head. Sure enough, the entire class went silent. I could see the boy who opened his big mouth. A little kid, Mark Johnson, who often tried to make witty preteen youngest nude comments swedish preteen pics or little jokes; anything to be seen as funny. preteen girl chat Sometimes they were just mean; sometimes they were guestbook preteen sexy funny. Scott had his share of tasteful bantering, but he knew where to end it. This kid simply said shit out of his mouth for the attention. Everyone could see Mark was just trying to imitate Scott, and he did a shit job of it, too. Scott doesn't need to try to be funny, he just naturally is. I guess his looks often give people the impression that he's up to something. He usually is, and it's usually worth watching. I stared at the kid like he had stolen my favorite pair of shoes. He began to sink in his chair as I made it back into the room."Buddy, why don't you shut the fuck up before I tear you a new one?" I said angerily. My voice was not loud, but seducing a preteen it was loud enough for everyone to hear. I saw expressions ranging from impressed to shocked. I never let my anger get the best of me, not in front of so many people, but under the circumstances, I had to let loose. Before I could fully see the extent of the damage my words did to the kid, I turned to leave, with Scott slowly following behind. The closest exit was a few meters from bright girl preteen the class. When we got out, I just stared at the trees that surround the school.I took a deep breath before I turned to Scott. "What the hell do you mean 'replace you'? I couldn't do it if I tried. What the fuck made you think something like that?" I yelled.Scott just looked around worriedly. I had never seen him so scared, but then again, I never had been this angry with Scott."Shit, man. I don't know. I mean, Kayden looks like the kind of person who everyone would notice. The only way people notice bi sexual preteens me is if I nudist family preteen do something. Kayden doesn't even try and everyone notices him. The preteenz video bbs fact that you quickly became friends with him is proof. I mean... shit. Within the first day you were talking about him non-stop." Scott coloured furiously. He was acting like his mom was lecturing him. Dammit, Scott, I love him, that's why! I wanted to scream. I knew too well that that was impossible. The shock would have been too big, and I didn't want to complicate things further. It was because I felt a strong connection with him that I wanted to get to know him better. It wasn't because I noticed him like everyone else does, I fell in love with him, I thought to myself."Listen, buddy, no one can replace you. We've known each other for what... nine years?" I asked furiously.I clearly remember the first day the teacher introduced him in grade 2. Jett, Shin, and I were all friends and we snickered at the new kid like he nudism preteenz had three eyes. During the first week, the entire class looked down at Scott as the 'new kid'. I guess we did give him a hard time, and Scott had chosen the three of us to be his targets. After a few weeks of his childish pranks, shy models preteen we grew to like Scott. He was nothing like the other kids. Shin was more attached to him than Jett and I were, though. Scott would blaze at him for no reason, insulting him to no end, and Shin would just take it all in stride, never letting the words hurt him. Scott clearly depended on Shin at times, but always seemed to want to impress me. This was a good time to stop that. "Who are you trying to impress? Nothing would be the same without you," I sensed discomfort in his idlness, so I decided to lighten up a bit, "Who would Jett hit for making those small preteen comments about his girls? Who would abuse Shin about the things he does and preteen blog hot his laugh?" I smiled a bit at what I had said. "I mean, who could I find to make me laugh the way you do? You're a part of me. You don't need to impress me, or anyone. You do things by instinct, you say what's on your mind, and you don't preteen cunt panties take anyone's crap. Those things are what make you man, it's why little preteen pussy I like you. Do I need to go on?" Scott was staring at the floor. No doubt thinking about what I said."Scott, I like Kayden because he's kinda like me. He's no Jett, not anything like you, and we're fucked if he comes anywhere close to Shin. All I ask is that you give him a chance. You'll see. Maybe I'll be the one who's replaced." I knew that was impossible, but I wanted Scott to react to something."Fuck that. No way. If you're replaced, our little group is finished," Scott said firmly."I never really preteen limp dick thought about our friends as a tight group. help pre teen I had thought it extended to anyone who just wanted to be friends. I mean, in your mind, are Maya and Mai in our group?" I asked."Of course they are%2
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