Re(1): rosers store

For those of you that remember the Rosers they lived in the two story building on the corner across from Feskos store. I don't remember the store but it must have been on one side of the building and they lived upstairs or on the other side. I believe Fern use to have a beauty shop on one side also. Floyd and Fern were good friends of my parents as Howard Sweet can attest to. They were good friends of my brothers and myself also. Floyd was our mailman and Scout Master. I grew up with his youngest son Larry. He had two other brothers Mark and Denny. Floyd was quite character, but much of what I learned as a camper, fisherman, and pitch player came from Floyd. My Mom bought the house in the mid seventies and made it the "Wise Stop" ice cream store. When Mom sold it in the eighties the place fell into hands that didn't take care of it and it was condemed, and torn down. I'm sure there are pictures around. I don't remember if my parents had any from their era. I belive there might be some at the town hall. Floyd passed seveal years ago. I don't know what Ferns status is but it sounds like from Howards info on Denny's wife that she is still with us. If so I hope she is well. Those of you with any info on this speak. It was a great part of town's history hopefully no one will forget.


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