Anyone for Tennis?

I couldn't help but note that among the chorus of praise for the Charas's collective efforts this evening,dear old Mike couldn't help but home in yet again on the one round that I set this evening ie.the first names of the top 8 tennis players.(Note: they were all playing last week at the O2 Arena in London in the ATP World Tour Tennis finals which was televised on both BBC2 and on the Sky Sports channel so,no,I didn't just dredge them up from the top of my head just for the sake of it!). Having had to endure endless questions over the years on football,cricket and rugby,I thought there must be somebody out there who follows the tennis circuit as I do.I'm sure I can't be the only one.Can I?

Now I accept it's perfectly legitimate to hate and/or be indifferent to whatever may be happening in the tennis world,but I just ask you to remenber that not all of us could give a rat's tie-break about who or what cricketer scored what century in what decade in what country or who might have scored the winning try in some international rugby final back in 1932!

But I don't complain (well,only on odd days once every six months at most) because I know there are a lot of folk out there who love these type of questions.I simply ask for the same courtesy when other sports are invoked in quiz rounds.And I humbly suggest that tennis is still a little less obscure than the national tiddlywinks finals or international granny throwing.

Fifteen All?


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