Apologia pro vita sewer


If I caused upset to you or any other Rodinista I apologise. My post quiz comments to Mike are always intended to be light hearted and if I'm really hacked off about a question I tend to flag it up in the email as not for publication. Mike sometimes has to edit me quite strictly when I feel I've had a bad evening and he does an excellent job of it so let's not entertain the idea that he lets offensive messages through due to tiredness. Indeed sometimes he edits my correspondence in a manner which I think is completely unnecessary but that's his privilege as webmaster.

The Grimsby thing just struck me as funny since the question fell to the one player whom I had assumed, until Bard Jim came out, was the only paid up Grimberian in our circle. It gave me an idea for something I could post on the message board to provoke a conversation which I like doing from time to time as you may have noticed.

I think I gave Ethel's paper a thumbs up overall and we certainly enjoyed our evening trying to answer it.

We at SPW know, after twenty years or more, the pitfalls of trying to set a quiz paper for what may well be the most discerning audience in the rather odd world of pub quizzes. We've fallen foul of it many times and I'm always mortified when we get something wrong.

My message about your paper was for the craic and allowed me to have a little fun on here in the guise of a North Sea fish. It's a hard task setting papers for this critical audience and I think in the last few years all teams in our league have discharged this task brilliantly.

So pace Roddy. It was a fine paper and we enjoyed playing it. I'll continue to be a bit bonkers on here if that's ok with everyone - I think Megson needs some sort of foil.

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