Re(2): Anyone for Tennis?

Dear Pleb,I confess I was a bit taken aback when you said you answered my question.Then I realised you did! That's because I'd actually thought of it as more rhetorical than direct.

Well,what can I say,Pleb? With attitudes like your's its no friggin wonder we haven't had a Wimbledon champ since Stockport's own Fred Perry did us proud (THREE TIMES on the trot) back in the days when pub quizzing was still an activity punishable by death.But what the hell do you care,I hear you shout!

Well,some of us do.Annual sell-out crowds at Wimbledon and at the O2 can't ALL be wrong and,as Mike himself commented,his team may not have got the theme but they still judged it "perfectly fair".

Wasn't it Confucius who said,"One man's tennis tosser is another man's wicket wanker' or am I getting him confused with some bloke who was thrown out of the Swan last week for daring to discuss philosophy (or maybe it was because he was wearing steel-tipped shoes).

In any event,Roisin and I promise to bite our lips when faced with yet another question about fcekin' legovers and fcekin' silly mid-ons if you can patiently endure the odd reference to Andy 'the Man' Murray and his attempts to hit a ball over the net enough times to lay dear old Fred's ghost finally to rest! (Although I am willing to concede that England winning the Ashes is still the more likely outcome).



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