Re(7): A Sad Bast**d Writes

Bejasus Harry,there's no flies on you,well not many anyway.As children in the Reeks we were never allowed to hear the first line of this song as the mammy had a fierce dislike of swearing on the wireless.As soon as the song would come on she'd say "that's the auld fceker that takes the name of the Lord in vain, wouldn't ye wonder how he ever got a job with Radio Eireann" and then she'd stand on the dog's paw so that his howlin' would drown out the sound of the blasphemin'.
I'm pretty sure the Little Donkey is the one that used to live down at the foot of our lane. I remember my dear father,God rest his soul,used to throw stones at him on the way to confession.Mind you,there were a lot of donkeys in the Reeks in them days before they all moved up to Dublin and got jobs in the Bank of Ireland.


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