Time limits

Last night at the Tiviot there was a strict '30 seconds to answer' rule imposed by the QM for the first (Stockport style) round which I alluded to on the website.

Interestingly one of our website readers from Cumbria has picked up on this and written in:
"I both run a local weekly Pub Quiz and play in the Penrith Pub Quiz League, so I find your website both thoroughly useful for ideas and most entertaining. I cannot believe however that in your matches there is no time limit to answering questions, the quizzes must ramble on interminably and without rhythm. We have a strict 30 seconds to answer or the question is passed over to the other team, who only then have 10 seconds to answer. We all appreciate that discipline and we can comfortably finish our matches by 10pm leaving plenty of time to eat drink and socialise."

What do you think? Should be more disciplined about time limits?



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