Re(3): Time limits

Hello again Mike, having conferred now for nigh on 24 hours we feel ready to commit ourselves to an answer. Which and yes. A big NO to the anally retentive concept of bringing stopwatches into pubs. But a definite need for all teams to be a bit more self- policing and considerate.If the answer is not coming after a minute or so - confer. If the team doesn't know after another minute or so - guess or pass it over. If it is passed over, have an answer ready; 'Owl is spot on - you've already had time to confer when the question was on the other table.
The QM has an important role to play. We shouldn't expect them to have to referee too much but a polite yet firm "can I have a fcekin answer please" early on in the quiz will set the standard for the rest of the evening.
So, NO to stopwatches and YES to a bit of common sense.


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