Re(1): Spirit on Enquiry

Mr Cameron should perhaps be asked to explain how the judiciary can come off the bench and immediately qualify for the lash on the "nash". Surely it is unfair that they benefit from capital punishment perks whilst working AND free corporal punishment in their moments of leisure.
I last walked past the Rifle Volunteer on New Year's day en route for Vernon Park. It looked sad,dilapidated and closed. I remember feeling nostalgic for the unpretentious but comfy little pub it used to be in the 80s when myself and Damian used to play in the Stockport quiz league. I think it was a "tied " house in those days but, perhaps naively, I assumed that this had more to do with its contract with the brewery than with its upstairs entertainment room.
Fr Megson thinks that if you cant beat 'em, join 'em. He is hoping soon to open up a "romper room" in the Stadium of Murk. These were extremely popular in Belfast during the 1970's and provided countless hours of harmless mirth for the unemployed. All you need is two or three psychopaths and a couple of dozen consenting adults of the wrong religious persuasion. Sean might have to relax his ban on metal tipped boots though......


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