A Cautionary Tale

We'll come clean. Whilst the Opsimaths probably managed to pip SPW by sheer brute brainpower the Charabancs may have been aided by unseen supernatural powers....Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we will begin:

Entering the front room of the White Swan you will see nothing other than the Charabancs to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.But as your eyes grow accustomed to the gloom,you will become aware of a shrouded shape that stands sentinel in the far corner. The legends about what lies beneath the veil are legion,the most historically plausible being the one about it being the long lost head of the Golden Heiffer of Ba'al believed to have been pillaged from the Temple at Ugarit by Sir Oswald de Ladybarne while on a hearts and mind mission there during the Crusades. The truth is however that nobody knows what lies beneath simply because anyone who has ever read "The Monkey's Paw" knows that it is better not to know.

Until David from SPW comes along that is. Now we're sure that David was a very well behaved young boy albeit one with an annoying hunger for knowledge. One that "sought when it was within his power/ for information twice an hour". The kind of child who could never walk past an electric socket or dyke without sticking his finger in to see what would happen next. Well, it was the same last night. Despite numerous warnings he kept sniffing around the object of mystery,touching it up and eventually lifting the shroud and poking his head underneath....after a blood - curdling shriek he then went very quiet and sat muttering "the horror, the horror" into his beer. We will leave the reader to draw their own conclusions.

Has anybody else ever had a supernatural experience in the Stadium of Murk.Do write in and tell.


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