Re(1): A Cautionary Tale

Well some of us might say that simply sitting in the front room of the White Swan and drinking the beer probably constitutes a supernatural experience in itself! But maybe I quibble.

I have long wondered about the ghostly musicians who wander in to the pub from time to time with what look like musical instruments under their arms and disappear upstairs.Does anyone ever see them enter or leave? And the strange,haunting noises that seem to come from the room above and the spine-tingling thumping that accompanies it.What,in the name of all that is holy,is going on up there??

Also,I have always been struck by Sean's warning not to attempt to enter the premises wearing metal-tipped footwear.This and the ghostly musicians reminds me of nothing else but that wonderful,mind-bending programme of the early 80's,Sapphire and Steel.Now some of us naively supposed that to be just another kitsch,low-budget Sci-Fi offering from a cash-strapped BBC.Other more discerning folk like Yours Truly always felt it was really a visionary programme with much to tell us about the future and the strange nature of Time and Space.And I ask you,could there ever be a stranger experience of Time and in a stranger Space than in the Stadium of Murk?? Plus I have long felt that Sean's warning against the wearing of metal footwear has much to do with S & S 's famous caution against the 'use of trans-uranic elements'.

Although I have to admit that if Sean really is Steel and the barmaid Sapphire,they haven't half let themselves go a bit!!

What does anyone else think?


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