Re(3): Spirit on Enquiry

Well I shall not be standing on Eric's back either unshod or with White Swan steel-tipped loafers!

As an Ulster presbyterian my knowledge of the paraphilias was rather limited- indeed I was an innocent amongst sophisticates, the kind of lad who always sent more Valentine cards than he received and never a chance of getting one with CHIP on the envelope. Perhaps Father Megson had a more comprehensive education at his seminary on the strange things that folk get up to (one hopes only a theoretical knowledge of homoerotic hebophilia) if only to prepare him for the foibles of his future flock and occasional fellow prelates. My own education on strange things was enhanced by a 6 week student attachment to a Genitourinary Medicine Clinic (or VD clinic as it was known in those politically incorrect times). On the first day it was explained to me why someone with amoebic dysentery had turned up to the clinic. "He does what with his tongue?" I said. It was the end of innocence.


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