Opsimath Quizsetters Released On Bail.

The world must have seemed a very cold and lonely place for Opsimath setters waking up on Thursday morning to an almost universal panning of their previous night's offering. It ran the whole gauntlet of criticism from "boring" to "lacking empathy".
I was one of those who moaned about the protracted nature of our contest against the Bards but with hindsight that was a tribute to many of the questions rather than a criticism. They were thought provoking and not easy to answer without being drawn into a long discussion.Dare I now say that they were actually very interesting questions. Yes many of them verged on the esoteric but the setters often tempered this by adding an extra clue eg we would never have arrived at Strata Florida without the US state prompt.
Nothing wrong with the format either. No overly convoluted themes and a wide spectrum of topics covered.
So all in all I would certainly dismiss the "boring" charge and call it a well thought out labour of love that perhaps lost out on popular appeal (empathy?) by concentrating overmuch on interesting but not widely known snippets of knowledge. Bad quizzes rely on "old chestnuts". This was not a bad quiz.


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