Re(1): Opsimath Quizsetters Released On Bail.

Not often that I use this page to post anything serious, nor to disagree with someone who has at least as much experience of the variable standard of Withquiz papers of twenty plus years, but!

Two games out of five in which twenty six out of sixty four questions went unanswered suggests that whatever the setters were aiming for they missed their target by some distance, unless the target was to make most people feel a bit thick. An average score of 52 (boosted by your own 58 point match, by some way the highest aggregate of the evening, maybe that's why you have a slightly differing view) breaches Mike's own guidelines from a few years ago on what constitutes a good paper. You're quite right though, a quiz full of old chestnuts with an average score of 84 would also breach those guidelines.

Mike edited my comments rather severely on Wednesday evening. I wasn't being abusive, but I suspect the unfavourable overall opinion coupled with not feeling well anyway rather wore him down. "Boring" was the least of what I said and some of the rest of it seemed quite funny at the time, well to me it did at least.

It wasn't a bad quiz in that there was no unfairness or obviously wrong answers. Nor was there much argument over how questions were phrased, though one or two could have done with a bit of rewording we felt.

The unanswerables fell perfectly fairly, 13 each so no advantage going first or second as far as we could tell.

So not unfair, controversial or just plain wrong. Maybe that was the problem with it. It was just, in teenage street argot, a bit



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