Free the Opsimath 3

I confess that it was only I (yarooh - the wise ‘Owl of the “Remove Him”) that was responsible for setting the questions on Wednesday. The remaining Opsimaths played no part in the setting … what I did think strange that Opsimaths did so well on subjects that I was interested in where all other teams did not. This leads me to believe that week after week there is an anti-Opsimath popish plot to come up with questions that they know we’ll be bad on.

So, in the spirit of Celtic brotherhood, I promise never to set another question on Wales until someone else sets one on either Scotland or Ireland (especially all that debagging on those feckin’ Munros) … though I did like the BIFFO question a lot. Woe betide the first person to fall foul of this challenge – they should fear the chinking of the Stadium of Murk chandeliers as they hear 'Ho! I crack skulls!' being howled by Chung in a terrible voice and Clicky Ba being wielded with aplomb.

Come to think of it, that’s one of the very few interesting questions I’ve ever heard about cricket (Fucking Hell it’s Fred Titmus was good). Maybe we should ban questions about that as well. And … well the list goes on …


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