Re(3): handicaps

I agree with the concept of the handicaps. I have some sympathy (not much, but some!) with SPW's 'plight' regarding the 'law of averages' that may work against them here.

However, the system we adopt has to be evidence based, consistent and reproducible across the board.

There are maybe 2 alternatives. Firstly taking the average score of the 2 fixtures between the 2 teams might be more balanced for each tie.

I'm sure there's a way of using maths to devise something that borrows from both

Alternatively with the original method, a handicap cap (?!) of a certain number of points.


PS - Note to rest of Ethel Rodin. We're doing very badly in the league this year with little prospect of a top half finish. We're punching below our weight, so let's not try very hard in the last few games, so our handicap for the cup is brilliant, and we win something for a change!


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