Re(3): handicaps

Gerry, I think your idea would produce pretty much the same result as Mike's. I'd suggest if the handicap is going to be worked out on the basis of scores then only the points scored by each team are taken into account, since there's not much anyone can do about points scored against - leaping across the pub to throttle Ivor as he's about to score the winning two apart. On this basis the Pussycats would have an 18 pont start on us as it now stands, the Opsimaths 2 and the Meat Raffle 10. Their comparatively low scoring is at odds with their league position and belies their ability to win games.

Alternatively just do it as 1 to 11 based on final league positions so the Pussycats have an 11 point advantage and Ethel 8. How would that suit the Rodinistas James?


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