Re(1): handicaps

Top team starts with penalty of -4 and bottom team gets +4, 2nd top -3 and second bottom +3 and so on with the four middle teams all on 0 (the middle teams are very likely to finish in a cluster). Thus if (say) SPW won league and Pussycats are bottom then a cup game would give them an 8 point start on SPW whereas if Pigs finish 4th and play CMR (say in 7th place) they would start a cup game one point in arrears to CMR. An alternative is to widen the handicap to +6 and -6. See tables:

1st -4 or -6
2nd -3 or -5
3rd -2 or -4
4th -1 or -3
5th 0 or -2
6th 0 or -1
7th 0 or +1
8th 0 or +2
9th +1 or +3
10th +2 or +4
11th +3 or +5
12th +4 or +6

Whatever we do this year we could compare "what might have been" with the rival systems (a bit like re-calculating old rugby internationals using the different points for a try)and see if anything better can be devised for next year.


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