Re(4): handicaps

The following will appear on the website tomorrow evening:

"There's been a lively debate these past 7 days on the Message Board about how we should structure some sort of handicap system for the impending Cup Competitions. I think there's been general acceptance that handicapping teams for the Cup would add an extra frisson to affairs as we approach the last acts of the 2010/11 season - as well as heightening interest for the teams lower down the league. The question is how to do it.

My handicapping suggestions last week were based on the premise that the purpose of the handicap should be to equalise (as far as one could) all the teams, meaning that either some special effort, or, more likely, serendipity, would determine results. I think the overall tenor of the feedback was that the handicap system should reduce the implicit advantage enjoyed by the league's achievers but not not totally eliminate it. So I propose to adopt Ivor's middle of the road proposal (henceforth to be known as the Cartmill-Bath method). League winners would start each Cup game on -6, League runners up on -5, third place -4 etc. down to the twelfth placed team starting their matches on +6. Are you all OK with this? If SPW still win the bloody thing then next year we'll try the Shock & Awe method.

As for the actual schedule through to the end of the season we have 4 rounds of Cup matches, the WIST Final and the End of Season evening to come once the league programme concludes on April 27th. I propose we go for it without any breaks so that the end of season evening will be on June 8th at the Albert Club. I know this is pretty late in the year but it's because we've had 2 new (very welcome) teams with us this year but, nevertheless, didn't start our season any earlier than usual. I'm currently in negotiations with our friends from over the river to see when the WIST Final should be but it seems pretty sure that be on one of May 11th, 18th, 27th or June 1st. We'll fit the Cup schedule round the date we agree.

And finally I propose taking my balls to the Club this Wednesday for Rachael and the Meat Raffle to conduct the Val Draper Cup draw out of the traditional bag amidst the arclight of publicity that will doubtless accompany the whole affair. Watch the Fixtures page for the draw."



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