Re(7): handicaps

Oh nice James, nice. Gorgeous George could have used you today when he was running a bit low on the smoke and mirrors. Yes we have beaten "most" teams at least once by ten points or more, most in this case meaning 6 out of our 11 opponents.

I think CMR's progress can be seen in that before the end of the year they only won two games, admittedly one against the Opsimaths, but since January they've had almost unbroken success, albeit frequently by very narrow margins. They're clearly getting the hang of it and their anomalous net points deficit is a result of some heavy beatings early on which are unlikely to be repeated.

As for the Pigs we were unfortunate enough to play them on the two lowest scoring papers of the season and the two results hardly reflect the relative strengths of the teams, one look at the league table should tell you that.

I'm totally in favour of a handicapping system but I want to believe that we'll have at least a fighting chance - isn't that the purpose of such a system anyway?

There are lies, damned lies, statistics and Withquiz statistics it seems.

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