Re(1): St Delia

We didn't get the points, we gave them to the Pussycats because we considered this to be a trick question. Barry and I have baked at least as many cakes as you have had hot dinners and we knew perfectly well that the answer given would be 225g.

We felt that that came under the heading "too clever by half". Anyone with a bit of knowledge of weights and measures would quite likely answer 228g and it seemed totally unfair to insist on the 225g used in recipes.

We understood the point of the question but we wouldn't have felt right about accepting a pass over from our opponents in those circumstances. If the question had been phrased "In baking, what metric equivalent is used as the standard conversion for 8oz?" then fair enough, though in those circumstances I'm sure the Pussycats would have given the 225g answer you were looking for. It's not fair to use legitimate knowledge of imperial/metric conversions to mislead a team into the wrong answer.


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