Legs Akimbo?

I think Dear Mike perhaps over-egged the pudding a tad when he described me as having "opened my legs and showed my class" at the end of last night's quiz.As a good Catholic boy I was instructed never ever to open my legs and 'expose my class' without prior benefit of clergy,a maxim I have endeavoured to follow faithfully (if not always successfully) throughout my time on God's green Earth.As our reverend captain was not present to sanction any untoward movements of my lower limbs (he being currently on retreat in the Carpathian Mountains communing with the Undead),I had to settle for indicating my class by climbing on top of the table,punching the air and screaming "YEEEEESSSSS!!!" when clinching the winning point for the Charas.(Or maybe I just dreamt that I did).

Mind you I would probably have gone for a 2 on the Marion Jones question but couldn't for the life of me think of a racing driver connection.Even when conferring,we couldn't come up with anything.So I finally blurted out the answer more in hope than expectation.

Oh the perils and pitfalls of hidden themes.Sometimes they can gang up on you and almost make you throw a quiz! Give me a nice blockbuster any time!!

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