Re(5): Wikileaks

With Eric's interest in round 8 and Evelyn's obvious relish one has to ask "is something going on here?" and what does Father Megson know that the rest of us don't? His broad hints and attempts sabotage our team's morale almost paid off. Sarah has spent sevral days scurrying around the Caribean researching the legacy of the visit made to those waters by HMS Veryan Bay (Eric's little war canoe), Jim spent days trying to get hold of a copy of Fly Fishing by that chap Hartley and Bob immersed himself in the Admiralty Signals handbook. Well it all paid off and we had several rounds where our question spotting paid dividends. So a big thank you to Megson. I was feeling a bit week myself after 7 days of De Sade read to me by Eric who thinks the way to pronounce the French language is to imitate Inspector Cluseau.


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