Re(1): Iberian Opsiphobia?

"Does anybody know why Mike and his team are so unpopular in Portugal?"

I've heard one or two rumours that they once got drunk in Fatima and ended up sticking a traffic cone on the head of the Blessed Virgin.Might that have something to do with it? What would be the Church's position Father,on placing unauthorised objects on the head of Jesus's Ma?

Mind you,are you sure he was Portuguese?
One of the Swan regulars told me the guy looked awfully like a member of SPW on his 10th pint of Snakebite and I have it on good authority that they DO tend to sound a bit Iberian when in a highly agitated and emotional state!

But whether you're a high-profile footballer or a high-profile quizzer,Jesus loves a loser.Isn't that right,Father?


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