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Gosh I didn't realise that quiz types would get wound up enough over military hardware that they would exit if they believed they had spotted an incorrect answer. Which stalwarts has Withquiz lost over this quibble and have they shuffled of their mortal coils or simply taken bat, ball, pen and paper home with them to sulk over the festive season?

At the Griffin we had far too many plane nerds who, armed with i-phones, soon discovered that Vickers did indeed make a Vulcan, with a very short production run, before Avro nicked the name for their rather more successful creation. No complaint there then but plenty of others. Let's see what Mr. Bath decides to publish. I imagine he's spent most of the day on the phone to Messrs. Sue, Grabbit and Runne checking on his position should the website be accused of libelling a member of Her Majesty's judiciary.


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