Re(2): Quiz..21/11/2012

Throughout the ages one of life's great philosophical questions has centred around the conundrum of what constitutes the exact opposite of pleasure. Is it boredom, misery or pain? Thankfully there were no such quibbles tonight as all three alternatives were amply and equally catered for. "I particularly enjoyed the final question of the evening," opined an overwrought Fr. Megson, "the last time I experienced such pleasure was when I succeeded in passing a very large kidney stone".

Sorry to be so negative and not a whiff of sour grapes or even bruised plums intended - TMTCH were worthy winners - but the Pigs have set excellent quizzes in the past and will do so in the future. In the meantime I think we are entitled to ask:

"Mais ou sont les quizsets des Couchons Electriques d'antan?"


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