Re: Tomorrow

Hi Mike,
Just a friendly reminder that we urgently need a reply to the Eve of Destruction email which we sent out earlier today. Could you please take a few minutes to fill in the pro-forma which we attached to the email and foward it to us as soon as possible, preferably before midnight.

We are not asking for any great detail as we probably won't have much time to read it. Simply supply the name of the team(s) that in your judgement would have gone on to win the League and Cup trophies had the season not been adversely affected by the forthcoming doomsday scenario (full details are available on our website) The Fairies would seem an obvious choice for the League since Tony's lot seem to have shot their bolt. I appreciate that supplying the name of the Cup winners may well be a bit more problematic. The easiest course of action would be just to stick down the name of your own team. If anybody at Head Office moans about it I'll just tell them you were too tired to think straight.

When you have fowarded your reply you will then have to contact the team(s) involved and advise them that the Presentation ceremony will take place in the Club at 7:30 sharp tomorrow morning.No need to worry about speeches or subsidiary quizzes as we will all be too busy frying to worry about crap like that.

God what a day! I didn't even get to the pub at lunchtime. I've sent a very strong email to Head Office about the idiots who decided to calendarise Doomsday slap bang in the middle of Christmas pressure. Mayan tosspots!


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