Re(1): Re: Tomorrow

Dear Risk Assessor

As Mike is probably busy saying his prayers and confessing his sins right now (knowing Mike, I'm guessing he's probably got a lot to confess), I am quite willing to step forward and volunteer the Charabancs for one of the trophies. I'm not sure about the rest of my team, but I daresay I can probably make it to the club for 7.30 for one last pint of Timothy Taylors (providing it's on the house of course) and proudly accept one of the awards in our name (I don't mind which). As we had intended to come storming back in the next half of the season,we would probably have won one anyway!

Hope this will be of help to you?

PS. What's a Mayan tosspot? Will that be the prize? Will I have enough time to have my photo taken with it before the end comes?


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