Postponed fixtures

I wonder how many days people feel is a reasonable period of time to delay a match...?

I was a little surprised to find that last week's postponed fixture was delayed by nearly the whole week.

It does, perhaps unfairly, invite the thought that such postponements could be tactical rather than just practical; (ie to enable the strongest team members to play, rather than simply fulfilling the fixture list with a weakened team)

There are several teams who frequently turn out three or even two players on a Wednesday, (and some of them do rather well despite this)... Meat raffle would have been well within their rights to ask for a postponement of their fixtures that fell in the middle of the winter break for students, but Rachel turned up without any such thoughts - and indeed was prepared to play alone if need be!

I remember previous seasons producing walkover results in similar circumstances.... I know the league tries to avoid making specific rules on things like this, but maybe there should be a 48 hour rule?

What do people think?


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