Re(1): Postponed fixtures

I tend to agree James. For our final fixture of 2012 we played only two handed against The Albert. David was at a gig - fair enough his choice, but Martin had to return to Grimsby due to a family bereavement, obviously short notice and equally nothing he could do about it. Barry and I took on the Albert and as luck would have it ran into a round of very technical questions about a particular Jewish feast when The Albert were aided by a guest player who just happened to be Jewish. Inevitably we lost - those are the breaks. By the way Evelyn & Co. I'm not assuming we would have beaten you if we'd had a full team, we were at full strength when you beat us convincingly in The Griffin last season. It might have been a closer result if Martin or David or both had been available though.

James, i think we've irritated you in the past by asking to postpone games for 24 hours to accommodate football fixtures. Whilst I think this can be a reasonable request if made sparingly it didn't find much favour with the rest of the league and so now, and possibly come February / March when the Champions League starts up again (for Barry only!) we take it on the chin and play with who is available. Last season we lost our WIST semi final to Chunky by two points when playing without Barry - it's what happens when people have interests other than just pub quizzes.

Now The Bards beat The Pigs on Tuesday by 20 points so it would seem like an under strength Bards team would still have won that game. However I do think that postponing for nearly a week just because some team members are elsewhere is pushing the envelope somewhat.

This is all building up to special pleading come the United v Real game obviously.


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