Re(5): Postponements

In Dillon speak you are missing the point. There are no rules about this. It may be there should be in future. People have postponed games in the past, including the Smoke Fairies. People have also played with too few players to make a real game of it as we have done in the past. Your team conceded the points at the end of one season, having won the league, but to the prejudice of other teams competing for lower places. All of this can lead to recriminations. I repeat we are a friendly league who play for the pleasure of a real game each week. No one wants a walk-over if a short adjournment can lead to a real match. Emergencies arise and some people do have problems during school holidays, which ought to be avoided and which wasn't done this season. I may add we raised this problem with Mike several weeks before Christmas. I think there are two sides to this argument. I can see your side of it, even though it was James who started this one rolling, but there is another, equally valid argument.


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