Sachsen Coburg und Windsor?

I have just learned from my batman who's been googling your website that I have been made question of the week because of that little tiff I once had with you lot and my dear cousin Georgie back in 1917!

Gott in Himmel, you English have such long memories! Just because of that little Gotha incident? I mean, what's a few bombs between friends? And I made my famous quip about the Merry Wives, didn't I? Does this not prove that we Germans can be just as witty and funny as you English?

I wrote to dear Georgie to ask him why he would want to change his fine old German name in order to share one with a comedy actress who, my batman informed me, has been known to show her boobies and bottoms in many of your famous Carry On films. But I never got a reply from him. (Now please keep this to yourselves, but I was reliably informed that he never learned to read or write. He only liked to collect stamps. Collect stamps, I ask you!)

Anyways, it is nice that you English still like to remember me after all this time. I promise I will send one of my heavy airplanes to visit you all as a token of my appreciation. I will rename it 'Der Withquizzer V' in your honour!

Now you must excuse me while I get hold of my damn batman and stop him whistling that awful little tune he picked up while downloading some film soundtracks.

Frohliches weihnachten!

Kaiser Bill

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