In defence of Compilers

Those of us who have put together a quiz know how hard it can be. The standard of quiz is getting better each year.The raising of the standard puts the compiler under more pressure to come up with an imaginitive, interesting and entertaing paper.
Each team has their own ideas as to what makes a good quiz and should be encouraged to set as they see fit.
A paper should be judged in the whole rather than round by round or question by question.
If you get the wrong end of a pair then so what? You will get your chance somewhere else.

I try to balance a quiz player by player. Meaning that I try to set any one player 8 different types of question. For example I will try not to set any one player 2 sports questions within the quiz. The idea being that everyone should go home thinking they have had a fair go. (Bingo rounds blow that theory out of the water but they are usually only two rounds - Liz from the CMR set the brilliant academic timetable round which I thought was inspired)

The quiz should be judged by the quality of questions and not the quality of the themes and we have some excellent question setters.
Ed on our team plays in the Tameside league and they were given this
"What is the rate of minimum wage in Euros in France?"
We should think ourselves lucky we don't get served up dross like that each week!

For what it's worth I thought the Pigs paper was a good effort with a high aggregate and close games


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